Monday, February 11, 2008

If The NSA Can Access A Piece Of Hi-Fi Equipment By Way Of Satellite Imagine What They Can Do To Your Brain

NSA Remotely Triggers Blue LED

The photo listed above is of the type of amplifier that I use in my hi-fi system. I cite this photo as yet one in myriad examples of how the NSA uses its satellites and super computers to routinely access electronic components around my home as well as the homes of some of my neighbors. The readers will notice the blue light emitting diode (LED) on this amplifier.

During the recent holidays, as yet another part of their long-term psyops against my person, the NSA began to access one of these amplifiers (I own two) and by way of satellite turn this LED pilot lamp on and off. They did so in the same ways that they have been triggering the motion sensitive spotlights around my home for the past decade. In the evening and early morning hours these NSA operatives also do the same with the motion sensitive spotlights on the homes of certain neighbors when I either use the lavatory or sit out on the front porch.

I have also posted the image of a circuit board which was damaged a few years ago. Notice the precision with which this board was attacked. A small area was literally turned to ash from the intense heat.

This Area Was Hit With Intense Heat

Did the NSA target this board and fry this area of it with a satellite based microwave beam? The company which replaced the board referred to the damage as an anomally, since they could not explain how it occurred. Especially since the power was off at the time in which the damage was done. I know this because I had not used this piece of hi-fi gear in quite sometime. Yet, the very day in which I went to turn the component back on, the speakers failed to function. As it turned out, they did not function because this part of the circuit board had been damaged prior to my again using this piece of equipment after a hiatus.

What could cause such damage to a circuit board while the electronic component which it was installed in was turned off? A particle wave beam which could have focused intense heat in a very small area without destroying the surrounding areas. If the NSA can target a circuit board like the one in the photo above, or the circuit to an LED pilot lamp like the one in the first photo (or the circuit in a motion sensitive spotlight) from thousands of miles in space, imagine what the NSA's directed energy technology can do to the human brain.

With the dosiemetry handbook (a US Army document which has mapped out all of the frequencies to the human brain) your personality can be remotely affected, as can your sex drive, appetite, state of mind, physical health etc. I have experienced remote manipulation of all of these aspects of my person by people whom I consider to be the most abject criminals on this planet -- those operating within the US Intelligence community (and in particular, the NSA).

I have witnessed other electronic components being remotely turned on and off. My Bose Wave Radio has been turned on remotely; one of the TV's in my home has not only been turned on and off remotely, but also had its channels remotely switched. You can imagine my surprise when I left the room to get a soft drink and returned to find that the TV had been tuned into a completely different station.

For a time the boiler would be triggered everytime I passed by the boiler room, and the dehumidifier would also be remotely triggered in the same way.

The NSA has done quite a bit of "tinkering" with the electronic components in our home, including the complete usurpation of TV programming beginning in the summer of 2003. A situation which appears to have remedied itself since that time, as I no longer watch TV -- a very healthy choice that every person in this country might want to consider -- especially given the Intelligence community's use of the Television to send subliminal messaging into the minds of TV viewers.

Many TI's have reported experiencing a similar phenomenon with regard to motion sensitive spotlights being remotely turned on and off around their homes, as well as those of their surrounding neighbors, while assuming that their neighbors were simply waiting up for them all hours of the night. While this may be true in certain cases, I believe that many of these TI's are also being tracked by way of NSA satellites, and that this is why they see the motion sensitive lights around their homes and the homes of their neighbors being triggered on a regular basis.

Many TI's, myself included, have reported the spotlights on neighbors' homes which face our lavatories, being switched on when we relieve ourselves in the early morning hours. This also leaves no doubt that we are being spied upon within the privacy of our own homes by those within the NSA (and perhaps other government agencies), who are perpetrating the most egregious violations of the US Constitution's 4TH Amendment ever before recorded in United States History.

I also think that those who've reported witnessing street lights turning on or off as they pass underneath them, is also indicative of the NSA's (or someother government agencies) satellite tracking of their persons. When you are followed in such ways, it's clear that you are being tracked and watched by way of the sky. And this can only mean satellites or some form of government aircraft which is stalking you.

Not only have I witnessed street lamps being remotely turned on or off as I have driven under them, I have also seen traffic lights frozen when I was the only vehicle at the light. When my the FEDS' COINTELPRO against my person went from covert to overt mode in 2003, I witnessed this phenomenon constantly.

Whenever I was stopped at a traffic light by myself, it would be frozen until another vehicle would approach. At one point I was left sitting at a traffic light for nearly 12 minutes before another vehicle approached and the traffic signal turned green.

The situation became so problematic that if I was forced to wait for more than a few minutes and it was safe to proceed through the traffic light I did so. Once this occurred the FEDS realized that this particular illegal tactic was a waste of time and no longer bothered to remotely access the traffic lights. For a time they also had a nasty habit of quickly turning a traffic light from green to red, completely bypassing the yellow warning signal. This forced me to lock up my brakes on at least one occasion, which could have endangered my life, or more importantly, the lives of other motorists in the vicinity of these traffic lights.

What the NSA is perpetrating here is yet another adjunct to the psychological warfare which they continue to subject many of us to as government sanctioned targets of non consensual human experimentation (mind control victims). This is about imposing their will on us in the most outrageous ways ever documented. I am referring to modern day Hitlers who have better technology and are far more cunning than Hitler ever was. And unfortunately they reside in the United States, and hide their experimentation and Orwellian crimes against humanity under the cover of National Security.

Do you know why people like Phil Schneider, Dr. Karla Turner, William Cooper, Gary Webb, Steve Kangas and myriad others have been murdered? Because they knew what was really going on in this country and went public with their information. Which should tell the readers what this government ultimately has in store for them. These were all courageous people who were covertly murdered and died horrible deaths.

This situation has now gotten so far out of hand that within certain circles the words civil revolution continue to ring out over the Internet. And if the covert and vicious attacks which are being waged against TI's continue as they have been, a revolution is going to be the only logical solution to remedying this treasonous attack on our persons for once and for all.

Individuals targeted for these New World Order covert forms of torture are fighting for our lives under extremely dangerous conditions. As such, we have nothing to lose by exposing the Orwellian technologies which we are being subjected to. On the contrary, we have everything to gain and nothing to lose by exposing what we are being subjected to by these modern day Nazi's, and on a global scale.

Especially since we are confronting the treasonists within our own governments, who are hell bent on using sophisticated forms of computer driven technologies, to remotely access and influence the minds of this planet's proletariat. What is most horrifying is that this technology is global in scale and if not exposed and destroyed along with those treasonist criminals who are deploying against us, will ultimately be used by those behind the New World Order, to destroy the free thought of humankind, and with it the destruction of humanity itself.
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