Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Sociopathic Nature Of US Intel Agents/There Is Nothing Normal About These Predators In Spite Of Their Masquerade As Law Enforcement

While there are many different characteristics of the sociopath, the ability to willfully torture others for indefinite periods of time, while pathologically lying are perhaps the most common. Myriad agents of the FBI, NSA and CIA display these characteristics commonly. They are guilty of the most abject cruelty when it comes to those they target; they enjoy humiliating their targets while enforcing their will upon them; they see those they target as being less than human in order to rationalize the cruelty they subject them to; they pathologically lie.

In addition to these typical traits of the sociopathic personality, many federal agents go a step further by routinely breaking the law. This is even beyond the standard definition of the sociopath who rarely breaks laws. They can also rationalize their torture and murder of others, while routinely using such rationale to drive their victims to suicide.

Most agents of the CIA, NSA and FBI see sociopaths every day. In their bathroom mirrors each morning as they prepare for their days of predation. And ironically enough, the fact that they are actually attempting to psychologically profile others is like having Mr. Hyde passing judgements on the rest of the public.

Those who videotape people within the privacy of their own bathrooms and bedrooms are not just sociopaths, they are sexually deviant and voyeuristic filth. And that goes double for those federal agents who are using their authority to commit such outrageous crimes under the color and cover of law. These high-tech satellite predators; mind raping scoundrels that they are -- should be sentenced to an eternal life of damnation.

Moreover, only complete monsters would ever develop and implement a system of electronic brain link by way of supercomputers and satellites, in which to violate the privacy of another person's mind. And the fact that they are using this technology to also manipulate the minds of those they target is indicative of the sociopathology which defines these reprobates.

Since these feds are so intent on labeling others in order to justify their own abhorrent acts of cruelty, the following is a DSM description of the sociopathic personality -- one which a great number US Intel agents display. Interestingly enough, the DSM manual is the proverbial bible of the psychiatric profession, yet it finds its roots in the CIA -- a haven for sociopathic personalities as the history of this Nazi derived agency has shown us. The DSM was written to conform to the CIA's own standards, and the term schizophrenic was deliberately created to diagnose the CIA's mind control targets, in the event that they ever began to remember what they were subjected to by the CIA through its MKUltra program.

As a result of the DSM manual there are myriad mind control targets who have been deliberately misdiagnosed as paranoid schizophrenics and locked away in mental institutions -- yet another Orwellian crime US Intel has perpetrated against them.

In reality these people need to be deprogrammed while given compassion and understanding. Not locked away from the public where they will continue to be experimented on. Many of them were forced to do terrible things while being subjected to such torture. Mind control target Carolyn Rutz once described how she was manipulated by the monster Dr. Joseph Mengele, to tear the head off a baby bird when she was only a child. These types of situations leave a lasting and horrifying impact on the psyche of the TI. And for this reason alone, they must be given the chance to heal.

What is equally as frightening in the case of the psychiatry profession is that many psychiatrists have historically been used as CIA assets, to discredit mind control victims. There is no better example of this then a preeminent psychiatrist of the 1960's by the name of Ewen Cameron, who while in the employ of Mcgill University, was also being funded by the CIA for covert forms of mind control research.

Cameron destroyed the lives of many of his patients through the use of a protocol he referred to as depatterning -- a fancy name for the complete brainwashing of the targeted subject. The CIA's association with the global world of psychiatry has allowed it to utilize many of these so called men of medicine to aid and abet its criminal mind control operations. Those psychiatrists who do so are a disgrace to their so called profession.

Sociopathic Definition -- also a common characteristic of those agents trained by US Intel
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