Tuesday, February 12, 2008

FBI Again Obstructs Justice -- A Look Back To 2006/ The FBI's Rule Of Law Is That Everything It Does Is Legal As Long As Its Agents Don't Get Caught

APRIL 06 2006--Venice,FL.
by Daniel Hopsicker

"Confounding those who thought it impossible, the FBI’s already-tattered credibility was shredded still further last week with revelations of deliberately concealed evidence in the 9.11 investigation, as well as malfeasance in the probe of the execution-style slaying in Florida of SunCruz Casino Czar Gus Boulis, increasingly the focus of the investigation into disgraced Republican lobbyist-cum-bagman Jack Abramoff.

In a major development in the 9.11 investigation which passed almost-unnoticed, jurors in the death penalty trial of Zacharias Moussaoui heard testimony from aviation officials about a previously-undisclosed incident...

In February of 2001, almost two months after the *FBI says Mohamed Atta and Marwan Al-Shehhi left Huffman Aviation in Venice Florida for the bright lights of Miami, the two men were still flying a single-engine plane registered to Venice Florida flight school Huffman Aviation."

* The FBI should stick to what it does best -- videotaping Americans within the privacy of their own bathrooms and bedrooms -- something befitting of this corrupted government cesspool. Finding situations in which the FBI has operated illegally is not problematic. It has a history of doing so. Finding times in which the bureau has operated within the framework of the US Constitution is the challenge (if in fact it has ever done so).

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