Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The American Constitution Is In Grave Danger

The following is yet another in a myriad of excellent articles describing why the American people are about to lose all of the freedoms that our forefathers fought to protect. Ironically enough, it is written by Illuminist Al Gore. The man who was America's popular choice for president in the 2000 election, yet had the election stolen from him by George W. Bush. The only thing more dangerous than this treasonous attack on American freedom is the apathetic American who will refuse to acknowledge this situation until it becomes impossible to remedy.

Another site listing many links to myriad forms of spy technology used by agencies like the NSA. To survive this covert government assault on your privacy you had better learn the US Intelligence lexicon. They are as effective at obtaining information as they are because they cut every corner they can in which to do so, cheat, lie and desecrate the US Constitution with every opportunity afforded to them.

And what's worse is that these agencies actually believe that they have the right to do so. They will use their covert tactics to destroy every aspect of your life, then blame you for the destruction that they cause to those around you. The damage to those around you can also be devastating, regardless of how much you attempt to diffuse the situation. The more you attempt to do so, the more aggressive the FEDS' inhumane campaign becomes to intimidate these people.

The end result is the destruction of the relationships with every person whom the targeted individual has ever had contact with -- including and especially family members. The FEDS attack on family members is particularly vicious and something they truly appear to derive pleasure from -- another indication of their psychopathic nature.

These agencies in particular, like to parasite off of your relationships as they gradually erode them, and establish a Stockholm Syndrome type of relationship with those whom you were once close, as the FEDS intimidate and if necessary blackmail these people into capitulating to their terms or attacking them with the same COINTELPRO tactics that they use in their illegal attacks against TI's. Given how much the families and friends of TI's have to lose if not bowing to this pressure, there is virtually no way for them to protect themselves, and they are forced to sever their relationships with the targeted persons, regardless of the emotional pain which all members experience as a result of this.

Something which the FEDS capitalize on.

Moreover, the NSA (oftentimes at the FBI's direction) will place an American citizen under illegal surveillance for years while violating that person's rights in precedent setting fashion. What's more, the NSA has the technology in which to not only physically watch a person within the privacy of their home, but also electronically help themselves to that person's thoughts, while propagating a protracted and illegal fishing expedition of said person.

In perpetrating these outrageous crimes against the American people and the US Constitution, the NSA and FBI have again demonstrated that they are the real terrorist threat in the United States, and will continue their covert assaults until the most effective way of controlling them or any criminal organization is implemented.

Cutting off their funding.

This would terrify these agencies which require billions of dollars each year to perpetrate these crimes, under the pretext of protecting the American people from terrorism. However, ironically enough, it is US Intel who's become the most horrifying terrorist of all. Such punitive action would cripple these agencies and result in their being forced to shut down -- something the American people have the power to force Congress to do -- and should force Congress to do.

What is also equally disturbing from the myriad accounts of other Americans now surfacing over the Internet, is that these government abuses have grown far worse under the Bush Administration (which has now also publicly endorsed the use of vigilantism in America -- another indication that Nazism is covertly driving this government), and since passage of the fascist Patriot Act, now appear to be standard operating procedure for the NSA, FBI and other US Intel agencies. These illegal policies have also adversely affected state and local police agencies as well, which have been told to stand down, while American communities are allowed to become crimininalized.

There is absolutely no rule of law in what this government has done here, as our 4TH Amendment right to privacy within our own homes has been egregiously and treasonously violated. The fact that so many Americans are now documenting this phenomenon illustrates that there has been a treasonist shift in US Government policy towards many of its own citizens - one which if not rectified will result in a 21ST Century American civil revolution; something which may well be necessary if we are to take back an inherent right to freedom which has been stolen from us.

Another disturbing aspect in these attacks on our freedoms is that any US citizen who has something left to lose will fall victim to these types of COINTELPRO operations, which is why they always cooperate with the FEDS, even when they realize that their Constitutional rights have been seriously violated. However, if you have been targeted aggressively and illegally by agencies like the FBI and NSA you end up with virtually nothing left to lose, since their goal is a single minded one -- to kill you. And there are many of us who are now being targeted by this government for covert forms of murder.

If more people had been speaking out against the clandestine operations of the US Intelligence community decades ago, it would have been completely restructured to operate with the checks and balances called for by the US Constitution, and administered through our branches of government.

Instead, what we now have are rogue agencies which operate completely outside the rule of law (and without Congressional oversight), while torturing and murdering American citizens. And still worse is that these agencies are now helping to crimininalize entire communities which are not policing themselves as we have been told, but instead used as pawns to serve a subverted government whose agenda is the spread of Nazism within the United States of America.

What TI's are witnessing here is in a sense the complete brainwashing of our society, in which hate mongering is being used to demonize many citizens, who are then being viciously attacked by others. What we are seeing here is an historic precedent as American society is covertly subverted into a modern day Nazi indoctrination.

The president of this country has endorsed vigilantism!

If this collective brain washing of Americans is not stopped, soon most of the citizens within this country will adopt such a horrifying belief system for their own doctrine, in which they will be used to torment and murder those whom this government sees as a threat to its policy of world domination.

For this reason it is of tremendous importance that this government's use of satellite based electronic warfare to illegally access and manipulate our minds, is exposed on a global scale. Once this is accomplished, it will eventually act as the catalyst which brings about the downfall of these treasonous organizations; agencies whose members believe that it is their right to invade not only the privacy of one's domicile, but also their mind. Agents whose intent is to create a modern day version of Hitler's Third Reich -- something which supports their anti-human rights ideology.

I can't help but think that the only way in which to teach these reprobates a lesson, is to subject them to the same blatant and inhumane human rights violations which they have subjected us to. They most certainly deserve to be, given their complete lawlessness and contempt for the US Constitution and American people.

If their funding is eventually cut (the result of an infuriated public who has learned of the outrageous ways in which their own privacy has been violated), these federal agencies will become financially crippled, and no longer able to perpetrate the treasonous crimes which they are presently taking part in.

A situation which has become so horrendous that agencies like the NSA have been illegally spying on many of us for decades, within the privacy of our own homes, yet never held accountable for such outrageous violations of the 4TH Amendment -- something that is unforgiveable and which these agencies in spite of their abject cruelty and arrogance, will eventually be made accountable for -- as will the US Congress. And this does not even take into consideration their use of many of us for non consensual human experimentation, as unwitting and unconsenting targets of mind control research.

Educate yourselves and you will find that the US Intelligence community is by far a much greater threat to the American people, than our international neighbors are. And US Intel is well aware of this. They just want to make certain that you never find out about it. For if you do, you will insist on pulling the plug on their operations for your own safety, as well as that of the rest of the American people.
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