Thursday, February 14, 2008

Remote Electronic Neuro-Communication -- The Perfect Crime/A Large Part Of The Earth's Population Is Being Unwittingly Subjected To Such Influence

The use of satellite based directed energy weapons systems is advancing at an alarming rate. Given their illicit use in controlling the minds of a myriad of unwitting citizens around this planet, greater means must be taken to educate the public in regard to these government sanctioned and utilized technologies.

What the US Federal Government has perpetrated here is a criminal and treasonous conspiracy to deny you your privacy and rights as an American citizen.




"This report is about how an obscure effect - 'radar hearing' - has turned into the world's first truly perfect crime, perpetrated on innocent citizens in their homes and communities, with disinformation and heavy legal cover provided by the governments we elect and pay to protect us. This is not fiction, and any wealthy person can avail him/herself of the technology without breaking any laws, from the commercial and unclassified arenas. 'Radar hearing', that is, the hearing of the buzz from a stream of radar pulses directly in the skull with no receiving equipment whatsoever was first noted in World War II.

This showed scientists, unfortunately including some highly unethical scientists, that if a radio signal were chopped into thin, sudden pulses, the human brain and nervous system could be directly accessed. Hypnosis and 'silent sound' technology have combined to make the effects undetectable by the target. When dealing with the subject matter of this report, there are some terms which have become colloquial as synonyms for experiments for purposes of reading from and transmitting to the human brain: 'Neuro-electromagnetic', 'NEM', 'electronic mind control.'

When dealing with this subject, the question 'WHY?' is one of the first. The 'WHY' is primarily military and intelligence psychological warfare equipment and tactics development, with revenge and sadism adding to the 'national security' excuse."

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