Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Father Of Modern Day Television Philo Farnsworth In Regard To His Creation

"There's nothing on it worthwhile, and we're not going to watch it in this household, and I don't want it in your intellectual diet."

- Philo Farnsworth's feelings about watching television.

Perhaps Farnsworth knew of the CIA's use of his invention, to broadcast its own subliminal messaging into the minds of American TV viewers?

I never intended to boycott TV. In fact I used to watch hours of it each night, and looked forward to programs like the Sopranos, which at the time I considered to be acting at its finest. That was how little I knew. It was the NSA's introduction of its own programming into my home in 2003, which eventually motivated me to stop watching TV in November of 2005. For all intents and purposes (with the exception of watching a few sporting events or old movies from time to time) I no longer watch TV.

And to this extent, and in spite of what the NSA has subjected me to for the past three decades in the way of mind control research, I must say that had it not been for this agency and its criminal usurpation of my TV programming, I would still be watching Television.

However, thanks to the NSA (and the FBI whose collusion with the NSA decades ago eventually resulted in this usurpation of my TV programming) I have rediscovered reading, and learned of the illusory world which Americans have been unwittingly cast into; the result of our being heavily indoctrinated in untruths from an early age.

Moreover, the rediscovery of great literary works has made me understand just how awful TV programming has become, in which sex and violence largely dominate this medium's landscape, while urging Americans to spend money which they don't have, on products which they don't need.

For example, remember when your family would own an automobile for a decade or more, and it remained perfectly useful? Today, we have been led to believe that we should trade our automobiles in every few years.

What has changed here? Have automobiles become so much less reliable over the years that we need to have three of them within the same time span in which are parents only owned one?

Of course not. Today's automobiles are better than ever, and far more reliable than the ones which are ancestors drove.

It is our perception in regard to these vehicles which has been dramatically altered, as has virtually every other perception which our Illuminati driven society is responsible for bringing about.

However, if there is one area in which automobiles are not better, it is in the lack of imagination regarding their styling, which has taken on a muscular and intimidating sense of appearance, with the exception of the few remaining companies which build traditional types of motorcars such as the Morgan automobile company.

Even automotive journalists have noticed this, coining the phrase "melted down soap bar look" in regard to the styling of most of todays vehicles.

Gone are the days of the simple and clean of line motorcar, having been replaced by a computer driven form of mechanized transportation, complex enough to keep the average mechanic requiring constant updates in their training.

This death of simplicity, and emergence of a vastly more complex society are all the result of an out of control and Illuminati driven Industrial age, which has used the enticement of creature comforts to replace our common sense.

This "programming" is also being used to condition the human mind into accepting whatever we are told, with the understanding that we will be ostricized by society should we challenge this indoctrination.

However, we should all be challenging this dangerous and Orwellian indoctrination, since it is part of a larger Illuminati agenda in which to manipulate the American proletariat into becoming a race of unwittingly mind controlled slaves.

Consider this the next time that you're seated before your TV set, while thinking to yourself, is it me, or is this program that I'm watching less than intellectually stimulating?

And if this is the case, then why not do something about it by reading a book, or listening to a genre of music that you enjoy? (provided that this genre of music does not espouse violence.) Anything to get you thinking for yourselves, and not for your employer or anyone else who uses your mind for their own questionable purposes.

Especially the Illuminati's.
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