Thursday, February 14, 2008

US Military To Shoot Down A Malfunctioning Satellite With A Missile

The US media has just announced this. The truth is that the military should shoot all of these satellites down. If they did, the people of this planet would get back much of the privacy that we lost when our respective governments began launching satellites in the mid part of the 20TH Century. Those of us who've been illegally targeted by these spy satellites for years via US Intel agencies, understand just how invasive and dangerous this illegal spying is. Unfortunately, your average American does not know how vulnerable they themselves are to these satellites, which have capabilities far beyond those of simply spying.

If they did, they would petition the US Congress to form an alliance with other countries in which to destroy every manmade satellite in orbit; something which would be of benefit to all of this planet's inhabitants.

Of course, the US Military Industrial Intelligence complex would immediately challenge this by claiming that it would compromise national security. However, when we find out that these agencies are using these satellites to illegally spy on the entire US population while utilizing many of us for non consensual mind control research, they have proven that they are the real threat to our national security.
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