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Further Information On Targeted Individual Mark Rich -- A TI Whose Harassment Has Increased Significantly As Of Late

As I mentioned a few posts back, *Mark Rich is a TI from New England who since 1999 has experienced cause stalking and electronic harassment; the result of having a disagreement with a former employer. In all likelihood, this "arguement" was the result of an external manipulation beyond that of his employer. Quite possibly the FEDS have been involved in watching him covertly for years without his having any idea that this was occurring.

*Mark, of the myriad triggers these perp's are using on you, I believe that the orange color of the Vodka sauce is used to depict the orange color of a prison uniform. The box theme should be obvious enough. The perp's use this trigger to let the TI know that they are boxed in and that there is no way to escape it. I mention these two because from what I can infer from your writings, you were unclear as to what these triggers meant. And while it is possible that the perp's have a completely different meaning for them as applies to your person, I believe that the meaning is the same as it is for myself and many other TI's who have reported these triggers.

If the FEDS are involved you can also conclude that they've been spying on you by way of satellite since long before 1999, since this is how they obtain their information. All privacy is lost to these satellites, both physical and the privacy of the mind. Orwell's Big Brother comes to the USA in the guise of the NSA and its spy satellite network.

The red vehicles are indicative of the Nazi ideology, as well as death, blood and other negative connotations. These are extremely sick and demented people who have an unquenched thirst for tormenting and murdering others, which is why they never seem to run out of different triggers such as the aforementioned. They also enjoy tapping into various parts of our brains in which to manipulate our behavior, as you've already experienced.

One can only imagine the power trip that these psychopaths must be on, given their ability to attack anyone of their choosing, with such formidable technology which is even capable of remotely murdering people, while leaving zero trace evidence that a crime has even been committed.

In regard to the "box" theme, in 2005 as I slowly approached the entrance of my neighborhood while returning from a ride on my Honda Silverwing (a motorcycle which the perps *crashed into as I waited at a traffic light in 2005, which began my journaling of this harassment over the Internet), the perp's had left a wooden box in the road, which I kicked off to the side the road and out of the way of passing vehicles which might have accidentally run over it, possibly forcing the drivers of these automobiles to lose control of them. In this case the wooden aspect of the box was also indicative of a casket, and of the perp's conspiracy to murder me. The perp's have used the box theme ever since this time.

* The perp's had actually left this wooden box in the middle of the road at the entrance to my neighborhood, hoping that I would ride over it and crash my motorcycle. They have also used synthetic telepathy (V2K) to cause animals to run out in front of me in order to initiate a crash -- deer and raccoons have been a common a problem here. However, I have been both skillful and lucky enough to avoid such a collision. This also proves that those operating this technology are not in the least concerned with killing other people or animals, as long as they serve their covert and demonic purposes. These perpetrators are EVIL.

I have been astounded as to how easily they can control virtually every type of animal; I've seen dogs and cats fall asleep within a matter of seconds; birds which fly in circles for minutes at a time, chipmunks and squirrels which will actually stand on their hind legs and chirp at me, while vibrating as if they have electricity running through them. I am no longer at all surprised by any of this, especially when I refer back to what they have subjected myself to by way of remote neural monitoring and electronic brain link for the past three decades.

The FEDS are scared to death of anyone who knows that this technology exists and that it is being covertly used to mind control most of this planet's population. Remember that the FBI was created to cover up these types of crimes, not expose them to the American people. Which is why we will never see the tapes which the FBI seized from around the Pentagon on 9-11, and why it deliberately obstructed justice in the attacks on the Murrah Building bombing in 1995, and the missile downing of TWA Flight 800 in 1996 -- which the FBI would have us believe was in reality a malfuction within the jetliner's fuel system.

This was a complete falsehood on the part of the FBI.

TWA Flight 800 was shot down by a missile and the FBI is well aware of this -- which is why it invited itself to take over the investigation from the NTSB, and ignored the accounts of roughly 270 Long Islanders who were eyewitnesses to the missile attack. Many had stated that they'd seen not one but two ground to air flares heading for Flight 800, having been launched from a boat situated just off Long Island's southern coast. According to these reports, the first missile fell short of its target, which necessitated the firing of the second missile, which destroyed the airliner.

This also means that the 230 passengers aboard TWA Flight 800 did not die by accident -- they were murdered. Given this, do you think that the FBI would actually acknowledge anything to do with the type of classified satellite based directed energy weaponry that many TI's are now reporting having been attacked by?

Of course not.

The FBI will deny this as well, because covering up the facts behind such attacks and hiding these facts under the cover of National Security is what the FBI gets paid to do. And they are excellent at this part of their job -- pathological and sociopathic deception of the American public.

As for TI's, not only do we know that such technology exists, we also know that we've been brain tapped by it and can recognize when others have also been. By exposing this technology to the public, we are screwing up the NWO's plans to covertly mind control the people of this planet, by way of satellite based supercomputer driven networks which have been weaponized by the US Intelligence community. This has effectively militarized agencies like the NSA, CIA and FBI.

This is why our harassment has been intensified and why those perpetrating these crimes against humanity want us dead. It is also why we are being spied upon within the privacy of our own domiciles by such Nazi criminals as those who operate within agencies like the NSA and FBI, as they decimate the 4TH Amendment. And it is why no matter what it takes, this information must be shared with the global population as quickly as possible. The future of the human mind, and consequently the human race, depend on the promulgation of such information.

There is also the issue of Tesla's HAARP technology in regard to its global use for mind control implementation, as well as altering weather patterns. Not only have I experienced this phenomenon, I am also quite sure that some of the trees around my family's home were all knocked down by way of directed energy weapons technology. I am referring to several different trees which have sustained branch damage, as well as three large healthy trees which were completely uprooted.

I also cite having thoughts about rain, only to have it begin raining soon afterwards. This has not occurred often, however, I was very surprised when it did -- especially since the weather report had called for clear skies. There is also the issue of recording a person's brainwaves and cloning them so that they can be implanted into another person's subconscious mind. One can only imagine how sophisticated this technology has become in the past thirty years, and how much psychological damage the controllers of this technology (NSA & CIA) have done to those being used for non consensual human experimentation.

TI Mark Rich Targeted For Orwellian Harassment

1999 was the time in which those keeping Mark Rich under covert surveillance decided to make themselves known to him, by manifesting their black operations against him through his former employer -- a situation in which Mark now experiences a ripple effect in his life, that encompasses virtually every aspect of it.

Mark is also yet another of myriad TI's who contacted the FBI to report the crimes he is being subjected to only to find that the FBI did nothing to help him. And that moreover, his harassment grew even worse after he contacted them! This is a common problem that many TI's who've contacted the FBI have reported about in the past, and PROOF that the FBI is not only endorsing this Hitlerian behavior, but also taking part in it.

I document many cases of TI's, however, focus on those whose experiences are closest to my own. Mark's experiences essentially mirror my own to such an extent that I have listed his information here, in efforts to document his accounts, should something happen to either Mark or any of his family members. I have done the same for other TI's, and specifically for my own family, who are also being covertly targeted.

I want to ensure that every aspect of what we are being subjected to (what is most certainly definitive proof of the complete subversion of the United States Constitutional Republic) is documented in detail on this Website, since there is no longer any rule of law in this country that remotely resembles that called for by the Constitution and its Bill of Rights.

Mark has written that his harassment's gotten much worse over the past year or so, and I suspect that those perpetrating these crimes against him will now attempt to demonize him with the TI community, to destroy any support system that he has. This is standard operating procedure for them, especially when US Intelligence agencies like the FBI and NSA are involved. Hopefully, the TI community will recognize what is happening here, and continue to support Mark and the meaningful work which he is doing to document mind control weapons and organized stalking crimes.

One need only read through Mark's Website to see that he has done more than enough of his own research to know that the entire US society as we once knew it, no longer exits. What we now have are communities being mobilized into textbook versions of Hitlerian "Brown Shirts groups" (only this time around this mobilization applies to adults a well as children), in which there is no longer any due process of law.

This situation has only been made worse since George W. Bush's 2005 declaration that "vigilantism" should be endorsed by his administration and the US Federal Government. Bush claimed that this was going to be an experiment. If that does not prove that this Nazi is insane I don't know what will. Instead, Bush's decision has clearly turned out to be the criminalization of entire US communities, to the point where any person can be immediately targeted for these Orwellian crimes, having no idea why such targeting is occurring. The fact of the matter is that regardless of the rationale for this, it is being done ILLEGALLY.

No one has the right to deny any American citizen their right to due process of law. This in and of itself is an egregious federal crime. Yet more and more Americans are reporting that they are being subjected to outrageous violations of their right to due process, while communities are being mobilized in efforts to destroy them. There is no longer any doubt that there is a very large criminal conspiracy being perpetrated against many Americans.

Mark has also mentioned witnessing those around him (including his own family members) being brain tapped (meaning that their brain's are also being remotely accessed), while taking part in what is an obvious conspiracy being waged against himself and myriad other TI's by the "New World Order."

It is also clear that in spite of the painful attacks that he is being subjected to by family members, Mark loves his family, recognizes that they are being used as pawns against him, and is doing his best to protect them.

I understand this well, since I have done the best that I can (under under extremely adverse conditions) to expose the criminality which my family and I are being subjected to, while never allowing the filthy reprobates who have infiltrated our lives, to destroy my love for my own family. They will never succeed in doing so, and will be eternally damned for the pain and suffering they have caused us.

Moreover, from what I have read on his Website, Mark is also very well versed in the myriad issues of government criminality which exist in this country, and has arrived at the painful realization that the United States of America and the so called freedoms which it represents are a complete fraud.

Anyone who has gone to the trouble of doing their own research is already aware of this, and probably being subjected to illegal mind control research, as well as the criminal attacks on their person, being sanctioned by agencies like the FBI, NSA and DHS, while being implemented by what were once normal American communities.

However these communities are NOT NORMAL any longer! They have become a horrifying example of the disease which has swept through US society.

And they are now beginning to resemble the communities of Nazi Germany in the mid 1930's, which will give the readers an indication of where we will be heading in the near future. If Hitler could murder more than 8 million people, including 6 million Jews, while the German population stood by and did nothing, don't you think that the American population will stand by the same way, as long as individual families are left alone, while others are murdered?

Of course this can happen again -- it is already happening. However, this time we know the EVIL that we are dealing with since these Nazis were smuggled into this country after World War II, and today their progeny, along with the progeny of the Nazi sympathizers who smuggled them in (Prescott Bush -- George W. Bush's grandfather was one of these sympathizers -- Bush is one of his Nazi progeny) are looking to do what their ancestors failed to do in the early 1930's -- take over the US Federal Government and the United States of America while making it the hub of a global Totalitarian central government. Something which is currently taking place.

If there is any question about this at all, the readers should access *Charles August Schlund's lawsuit against George W. Bush, which documents the Rockefeller family's control over the United States, and its collusion with the Bush family and CIA, to undermine the US Constitution, by covertly undertaking a conspiracy in which to usurp the US Federal Government for their own criminal means.

Since coming into the possession of these documents, Schlund filed a lawsuit against the Bush Administration et. al. in regard to treasonous acts against the American people; a lawsuit which like John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA, has not been heard for obvious reasons, since their contents if ever acknowledged formally would be enough to bring down the shadow government presently operating within this country.

Schlund has also alleged that as punishment for attempting to expose these crimes, he was drugged by CIA operatives who then implanted him with RFID chips, which the CIA has since used to remotely torture him in a variety of ways. What he has described here has been described by myriad other targets of the US Federal Government, whose only crime is that they are guilty of blowing the whistle regarding conspiratorial and treasonous crimes by those who have been charged with protecting this country.

*See Schlund's lawsuit here: http://tinyurl.com/2o2l82

The fact that Mark has reached this stage of enlightenment, compounded by his strong will, have only made those targeting him more determined to drive him to a state of mental instability, so that they can either arrest him on criminal charges, incarcerate him in a psychiatric facility, or drive him to suicide. These were the three choices that the FEDS covertly gave me.

And like so many of us, these are the only options that the perpetrators have left Mark with. As a Targeted Individual you have one of two choices -- sink or swim. Mark has chosen to swim. And I hope for his sake that he's able to keep on swimming until what is being done to him (and the rest of the TI community) is exposed globally.

Moreover, it is not likely that these perpetrators will attempt to overtly murder any TI who has gone public stating that the FEDS are looking to murder them, because this would place the blame for the TI's death squarely on the shoulders of those whom the TI's have named publicly. For example, I have already cited the FBI, NSA and DHS as being complicit in a criminal conspiracy in which to covertly murder me, so my death will immediately raise suspicion on the part of these agencies. As will the deaths of any other TI's who have cited the aforementioned agencies in their harassment.

The FBI in particular remains obsessed with its image as premier law enforcement agency in this country (even though its rampant history of criminality and violations of the US Constitution have always made it a joke as legitimate law enforcement), and doesn't want the bad publicity of being accused by someone of attempted murder, only to have that person turning up dead. This would damage the FBI's imprimatur as as a law abiding organization.

And given the Nazi mentality of these reprobates, they would far prefer to torture their victims slowly rather than quickly ending their lives and suffering by way of directed energy induced -- heart attack, stroke, aneuryism etc.

As it is we are being slowly microwaved to death by way of these directed energy weapons.

In all likelihood, we are dealing with those who believe that as long as we are driven to take our own lives, they are innocent of the crime of murder. However, this is completely delusional thinking on their part, since they are the ones perpetrating the crimes which are driving TI's to the commission of suicide.

These people are murderers who are operating with sociopathic and depraved indifference to what they are doing. And they are now controlling US communities which are being unwittingly brainwashed into becoming killing machines.

This delusion is also further evidence that those within our government and communities who are taking part in these conspiratorial crimes are suffering from mental illness, and are thus a danger to themselves and the rest of us.

This delusion also causes the perpetrators of these crimes to attack with extreme aggression anyone who refuses to capitulate to their attempts to impose their c0llective Hitlerian will on us.

What we are witnessing here is the total collapse of a civilized society, as it is replaced with a very dangerous one, in which any crimes are found to be acceptable as long as those sanctioning these crimes within the body politic, give their approval to targeting specific American citizens for said crimes.

George W. Bush's 2005 endorsement of US vigilantism could not be a better illustration of this, and most certainly the reason why a much greater number of people have taken to the Internet to describe how their targeting began in 2005.

Those of us who refuse to capitulate to their attempts to impose their will on us, are seen as a challenge, since we cannot be intimidated as many other TI's have been. Consequently, these predators relish the opportunity to break us down spiritually, mentally and physically. And while there are many TI's who are intimidated into keeping silent in regard to the crimes they are being subjected to, there are also many who are courageous and do stand up for their rights.

Unfortunately, these are also the same people who are attacked the most viciously.

The bottom line is that the perpetrators of these crimes want us dead, because we have documented their acts of treason, and refuse to allow them to get away with them.

Rest assured, they will not get away with what they are doing. They are only torturing and angering us to the point where we'll exact a serious and remarkable response to such outrageous violations of our rights.

It is also for this reason that those who are exposing the truth in regard to these Orwellian crimes are targeted the most aggressively, given that our information is most damaging to the catalysts behind these attacks -- The US Military Industrial Intelligence Media complex -- which looks to obfuscate the facts in their complicity in these crimes, by using communal groups of organized stalkers to do their dirty work for them; as they look to whitewash the entire situation, by labeling those of us who are being attacked as being either paranoid or mentally unstable.

I suggest that my readers (and there are now more of you than ever given your understanding of how vulnerable you are to this mind control technology -- in addition to the FEDS who monitor this Website 24 hours a day) peruse Mark's Website to see what he has written, since he is accurately describing what is turning out to be a government sanctioned national conspiracy, in which to attack myriad American citizens while completely violating their rights.

Mark, I wish you the best in your battle with these fiends and thank you for articulately documenting what has turned out to be the fall of our Constitutional Republic. If this situation is not reversed soon (I doubt that it will be), in the next few years we will be witnessing another civil revolution in this country -- this time between what is left of its people (those who have not been brainwashed) and the shadow cabal which has destroyed our Republic.


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