Saturday, February 16, 2008

Some Good News For A Change -- Organized Stalking Victim Mark Rich Is Alive And With An Excellent New Website!

Sometime ago, organized stalking victim, Mark Rich, wrote one of the best monographs on the organized stalking phenomenon ever written. For a time he disappeared from the Internet and many TI's thought that he might have met with foul play. However, for a rare change, there is some good news here.

Mark is back on the Internet and with a new and better Website than ever. He has also chosen to work by himself to expose the crimes being perpetrated against himself and other TI's, because he recognizes how easily anti-organized stalking groups are infiltrated by perpetrators -- especially government agencies like the FBI and NSA, who also appear to be instrumental in their own COINTELPRO campaign against Mark.

Unfortunately, as a result of this, like many other TI's, members of Mark's family are now being used in the stalking/gaslighting crimes against him. And many are as he has put it "brain tapped" as well, so that they have virtually no control in taking part in these attacks. I have also found a remarkable resemblance in his accounts which parallel my own. Not the least of which was the perp's deliberately crashing their vehicles into his own. And in one instance Mark's car was even stolen, only to have the vehicle returned to the front of his home a short time later.

In 1983 I left a 1970 Buick Electra parked at the railroad station, only to find that when I returned from work, the car had been stolen. Strangely enough, it turned up a few weeks later only a few blocks from where it was stolen - and in fairly decent condition. Of course by that time we had purchased a new station wagon, which
made getting the car back an inconvenience. The people who orchestrated the theft of this car obviously knew this.

Of interest here is that my Father and I had been having a discussion in regard to purchasing a more fuel efficient station car, and actually crunched numbers to decide if it would be less expensive in the long run to purchase a new car. My Father decided that it would not be. A short time after this, the Buick was stolen and we purchased a new Honda station wagon.

Looking back at the situation now, it is clear the NSA was listening in on this conversation and responsible for orchestrating the theft of the Buick. One cannot imagine the sense of violation that one experiences having learned that you have been illegally spied upon within your own home for decades. This violation only becomes worse when you realize that your mind has also been violated in a similar way, and that you have been utilized by this Nazi filth, as an unwitting target for non consensual human experimentation (for decades without your knowledge or consent). Those who have perpetrated this egregious crime against myself and myriad others should be executed.

I have also been crashed into on four separate occasions since 1986, and nearly run off the road several times. I have also been setup by under cover honey trappers (females used to set TI's up on sexual harassment charges) on several occasions in efforts to get me to commit a crime against them -- something which never happened. This was long before I realized that I was being covertly stalked and spied upon from within my home by way of NSA satellite.

Virtually every aspect of the harassment which Mark Rich has mentioned I have experienced, beginning in the early 1980's -- a time when the NSA first began tracking me by way of satellite and subjecting me to non consensual human experimentation in the way of mind control research.

What Mark has also experienced is that the easiest way for a TI to end their own harrassment is to throw in with these organized stalking miscreants (when invited to do so) by joining in their attacks on others. And as difficult as this is to believe, family members will attack other family members simply to end their own harrassment. A myriad of TI's have reported this same phenomenon, which is clear evidence of the Illuminati's desire to destroy the family unit.

Moreover, his updated information describes how the organized stalking phenomenon is getting worse; spreading like a wildfire, and encompassing entire communities from grandparents to their own grandchildren. To see children being brainwashed into behaving so viciously, as their own parents endorse this Evil, bespeaks the Brown Shirt youth groups which Hitler propagated in the 1930's during his reign of terror.

Children whose only loyalty was to Hitler and his Nazi police state -- such intense brainwashing that these children would even turn in their own parents if they dared to question Hitler's authority.

These groups are back en masse in the 21ST Century.

What we are witnessing in the modern day is the emergence of such Nazism within the United States, under an oligarchy run by an Illuminati puppet equally as Evil as the late Adolph Hitler -- George W. Bush.

And this rise of a Nazi police state is not limited to the United States. It is taking place all around this planet, as the lives of TI's are being torn apart, by psychopathic criminals whose diseased minds are intent on world domination and genocide. Not only are their minds diseased; they want to spread this disease to our minds by way of satellite based brainwave entrainment protocols used to implant their own perverse thinking into our subconscious minds.

There is nothing normal about having your brain electronically hooked up to an NSA supercomputer by way of satellite, in which your thoughts are tapped into and manipulated by the controllers of this technology. Something which I have been illegally subjected to since 1980, when the NSA first began to deploy its radiation intelligence program on a very large scale.

We cannot allow them to get away with this.

The next war will not be fought between countries. It will instead be fought by the citizens of these countries against their own Orwellianly oppressive governments, which are utilizing advanced forms of technology to illegally access and manipulate our thoughts. These agents of Satan are the hidden EVIL. And they reside within the US Military/Industrial/Intelligence complex. Moreover, they are responsible for the complete destruction of our Constitutional rule of law and if allowed to continue as they are, will destroy the free will of the human mind.

See Mark's Website here:
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