Friday, February 15, 2008

Are Humans The Children Of Star Gods?

"The archaeological synthesis of the Sumerian scholar, Zecharia Sitchin proves the 'gods' (Sumerian:Annunaki; Egyptian:Neter; Hebrew:Anakim, Nefilim, Elohim) the ancient civilizations insisted came here from space, created humans and gave us civilization, were flesh and blood humanoids from the last planet in our solar system (Nibiru, Planet X) who genetically engineered us as slave animals by splicing their genes with Homo Erectus genes and, eventually, accepted us as limited partners."

-- Author Neil Freer

The following is a very interesting article written by someone who has read researcher Zecharia Sitchin's "The 12TH Planet" and cited many passages within the Bible which parallel what Sitchen has discovered. Once reading "The 12TH Planet" one can have a much greater understanding of much of what has been written in the Old Testament, because of Dr. Sitchin's accuracy in translating the ancient Sumerian tablets which were written in the early Akkadian language. Texts which the Old Testament heavily relied on.

And while it has taken him decades to gain the credibility which he so richly deserves, once you read Dr. Sitchin's "The 12TH Planet" you begin to understand that every formal religion takes its foundation from the ancient civilization of Sumeria, whose myriad tablets when taken in an historical context, describe for us how the Earth was created, and by whom. And moreover, how the human race came to be.

In doing so, Dr. Sitchin's work has unearthed a veritable treasure trove of information in regard to how humanity began and evolved as the species we are today, while provoking us to think outside of our own religious indoctrination. In reading what he has merely translated from these ancient texts -- information which takes much of the mysticism out of religion -- while offering in its place historical facts (rather than suppositions), Dr. Sitchin has taken some extremely complex subject matter in regard to the most important question which has confounded the human race for millennia, and helped to greatly clarify it for the rest of us.

The only problem is that in doing so, his work is already beginning to disrupt the global religious status quo (and only a small fraction of the Earth's population has ever heard of him), and as such both he and his work are considered by many to be taboo, rather than the enlightenment which we need to further understand our very existence.

It is also unfortunate that as his message continues to be promulgated, it may ultimately polarize humanity, in that while many will use their intellect to understand the importance of Dr. Sitchin's work, others will desperately cling to flawed doctrines, a manifestation of their own understandable fear of the unknown.

Are Humans The Children Of Star Gods?

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