Friday, February 15, 2008

How Many Of The 1000 Lives Lost In The Bermuda Triangle Were The Result Of Alien Abduction?

In the past Century the Bermuda Triangle has claimed the lives of at least one thousand people. These mysterious disappearances were first promulgated widely through author Charles Berlitz' 1974 best seller, "The Bermuda Triangle." And while there have been a great many authors attempting to debunk the mystery behind the Devil's Triangle, none have ever been able to successfully do so.

Given the modern day where UFO sightings are becoming more common with each year, one must wonder how many of the people lost in the Bermuda Triangle were victims of alien abduction. And of those who were abducted; whatever became of them?

The Bermuda Triangle -- Stargate to the lost City of Atlantis?

"An American archaeological team has discovered definitive evidence of underwater ancient harbor remains at two separate locations at Bimini. A hoax begun in 1978 by skeptics has also been uncovered."

See the article here:

Another article questioning if the Bermuda Triangle is home to the lost City Of Atlantis:
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