Saturday, February 16, 2008

Many TI's Are Reporting An Intensified Aggression Against Themselves Over The Past Few Weeks As Their Communities Continue To Be Brainwashed

*FBI/NSA/DHS continue their demonization campaign of my person while completely violating the rule of Constitutional law in the myriad crimes which they perpetrate against me.

As is the case with a myriad of other TI's, I have experienced an increase in the FEDS' COINTELPRO campaign against myself over the past few weeks, as their Orwellianly oppressive behavior continues.

These agents are a firm illustration of the Nazi cabal which operates beneath the government that Americans are permitted to see. What I have witnessed in regard to the brainwashing of those whom I know (or at least once knew) is as horrific as it is astounding -- a complete usurpation of their personalities which now focus on a preoccupation with cruelty and the untruth -- doctrines of the Illuminati run US Federal Government.

Unfortunately, these Illuminati run agencies have the ability to brainwash and torture the goodness out of virtually anyone who capitulates to their domination, leaving these people both hateful and spiritually dead inside.

The darkest times for the citizens of this planet are fast approaching, with the mind raping/torturing/murdering NSA, FBI, CIA and DHS leading the way to their own collective doom. Demonic organizations and operatives that through their cruel and demented machinations and complete submission to Evil, have created a Hell here on Earth. Those who will one day reap many times over what they have sown.
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