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When My Lyme Disease Activism Began In 1998 I Did Not Realize That It Had Been Created As A Biological Agent And Deliberately Used To Infect Americans

After having suffered for five consecutive years with Chronic Lyme Disease, in 1998 I decided to create a repository for the accounts of many Lyme patients (which I appropriately named the Lyme Disease Quilt Page -- in honor of all the people whose lives Lyme Disease has destroyed). I did so for two reasons: the first was to create an electronic site in which people could begin to learn about the devastation that Lyme Disease had caused to so many others. And the second was to create a place where Lyme patients could correspond with one another for moral support, and to compare notes in regard to their experiences with doctors, treatment protocols etc.

The response to the Website was overwhelming, with people like the patient below literally diagnosing themselves from reading about the accounts of so many other patients, when the medical community had failed to properly diagnose their Lyme Disease infections (that is when they were given any diagnosis at all).

In 2006, the FEDS *deleted the more elaborate Lyme Disease Quilt Page Website which I created in 2002 (with the help of someone who created some more sophisticated graphics), as punishment for documenting the COINTELPRO operations that they were (and continue) subjecting me to. However, the original Website (now 10 years old) still remains. And I am thankful that it continues to be of help to so many people who've been put through a hellish nightmare as a result of this biological weapon.

* I find the fact that FEDS deleted a Website which was of so much help to so many Lyme Disease patients, ironical, since it was the US Military which developed this bioweapon, and then quietly disseminated it into the US population by way of a myriad of vectors including the most common point of transmission: deer ticks; a bioweapon which in the United States alone has infected millions of American citizens, many of whom have lost not only their health, but also their jobs, homes, and relationships.

So the fact that the FEDS would also remove the updated Lyme Disease Quilt Page is just a further example of how they could not care less about the people in this country; especially those whom they've already caused irrevocable harm to.

And their witchhunt attacks on the Lyme Literate physicians in this country through the use of state agencies like the New York State Office Of Professional Medical Conduct, to deploy against these doctors with the express purpose of putting them out of business, is yet a further example of how the FEDS actually want Lyme Disease patients to die, by removing the only physicians who can offer them help.

There are also thousands of chronically ill children whose lives have been destroyed by chronic Lyme Disease, many of whom have already died. And myriad more who will perish within the next decade. Why don't the Centers For Disease Control or the National Institutes of Health tell the public about this? Because they are headed by the very types of government scientists who created Lyme Disease and other bioagents in the first place; those who serve to obfuscate key facts in regard to the true numbers of Americans who are afflicted with it, as well as its biological weapons' roots.

When I first learned that Lyme Disease was a bioweapon, I wondered why the government would deliberately create something which would kill so many of their own people. That was in 1999. On September 11TH, 2001 I realized that Lyme Disease, as terrible as it is, was just the tip of the iceberg with this government's treasonous

Learning that I was a target of COINTELPRO as well as an NSA target for mind control research was the final straw in my education. I now realize that the America that I thought existed has not existed in more than a Century, and that virtually every aspect of what I was taught about this country's greatness has been a complete lie.

This country's greatness ended when it was taken over by the Illuminati in the second half of the 19TH Century, and our Constitutional Republic was destroyed.

Now my goal is to simply stay alive long enough to circulate what I have personally experienced in regard to Lyme Disease, Mind Control, COINTELPRO and a host of other unpopular truths for as long as I can, knowing full well that like so many other TI's, my days are numbered, and the future of the proletariat in this country is going to be an extremely demoralizing and horrific one.

A situation in which each American citizen (if they are not already) will soon be tracked and remote neural monitored twenty four hours a day, by way of satellites for the rest of their lives, while their thoughts and actions are recorded and stored in the NSA's database for future reference.

The NSA's Signals Intelligence program was designed to spy on all American citizens through the use of Artificial Intelligence computers, and that's exactly what the NSA is doing in the present day through its Echelon system. As a result of this, any sense of privacy that Americans think they have is nothing but an illusion. Their privacy is gone.

We have all been betrayed by a Congress which long ago was bought and paid for by the fascist corporatists in this country. This is why 9-11 was allowed to happen; it is why the Constitution raping Patriot Act was passed; it is why the American people continue to be lied to about an invisible international terrorist threat which is a complete fraud, perpetrated by their own terrorist government; It is why we find the NSA spying us within the privacy of our own bedrooms and bathrooms.

We've all been brainwashed, and we have all been sold out. And the sooner the American people realize this, the better off they will be.

The Lyme Disease Quilt Page Inspires Others

The Lyme Disease Quilt Page has inspired thousands of Websites like it over the past decade, and encouraged Lyme Disease patients from around the world to document their own nightmarish experiences in suffering with its myriad symptoms, while attempting to obtain proper treatment.

To Tina J. Garcia, a fellow Chronic Lyme Disease patient (and the author of the following comment), I say from the heart, thank you. I am more pleased than you know that the Lyme Disease Quilt Page has been helpful to you and so many others, and wish you the very best in your battle with this insidious bioweapon.

"The Lyme Disease Quilt Page is a compilation of stories about Lyme disease patients. It was on this webpage that I read about so many of the symptoms that I was experiencing, too. These stories led me in the right direction to get the help I needed to combat the infection in my body. I cherish and appreciate this webpage and the people whose stories are posted there, for without them, I may not have found the help I needed." Thank you.

--Tina J. Garcia Chronic Lyme Disease Patient

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