Monday, February 18, 2008

Electronic Mind Control -- More Proof That This Technology Exists

Electronic Mind Control - The Facts, The Proof

From American Patriot Friends Network

Warning: Reading this material might induce significant anxiety or depression. Individuals with a history of heart problems, or who are being treated for depression, may find it advisable not to read this report.

See further information on the US Federal Government's covert use of satellite based mind control systems at the following Website. There is no question that millions of Americans have already been unwittingly subjugated to the NSA's satellite tracking system while being remote neural monitored and used for non consensual human experimentation.

The only question is if all Americans are not being tracked in such ways in the present day, how much longer before each is monitored in the same way that millions of us already are? What the NSA is doing is engaging in a covert act of war against the citizens in this country, while violating the US Constitution, Geneva Convention, and Nuremberg Code. Given US Intel's long criminal history it is safe to conclude that as long as they are operating, they are doing so with criminal intent -- their violations of the 4TH Amendment alone, have set a new precedent regarding their history of raping the US Constitution and American people.

*For the past week the NSA has had the spell check feature in this software made inactive; one in myriad ways in which they (and the other miscreants) attempt to deny myself and many others our rights as Americans. This might not sound like much of a problem -- however multiply this by 10 other problems a day, everyday, and you will begin to understand how these forms of psywarfare can cause serious mental duress on those being targeted.

These attacks have become an ongoing war between those Nazi's with US Intel who perpetrate these Orwellian crimes against us, and ourselves, as we fight to expose them, while looking for every opportunity in which to reclaim the freedoms that have been stolen from us. The FEDS are eventually going to have to accept the fact that most TI's are willing to die to take our freedoms back, and that given their abject violations of the US Constitution, these agencies are no longer acknowledged as anything but criminal organizations.

Add to this the remote electronic attack on our thoughts 24 hours a day and you can begin to understand the adversity that government sanctioned mind control targets are facing. There is no longer any legitimate law enforcement within the United States; especially when one considers the corruption within the US Congress, which still refuses to acknowledge that 9-11 was an inside job, and that the privately held Federal Reserve Bank and IRS are both operating illegally and unconstitutionally, while having stolen trillions of dollars from the American taxpayers in the past Century. This government is finished. It is just a matter of time before the American people realize how badly they have been damaged by it, and take the appropriate measures in which to restore their constitutional republic.

This is not a question of a situation which must be debated. This is a question of freedom or slavery and slow torturous death.

As someone whose been attacked by way of the NSA and FBI for the past three decades through the use of their COINTELPRO tactics (the last several years of which have been absolutely vicious), I no longer live the American delusion. I just wait for the revolution which has been made necessary by the Illuminati's New World Order intrusion into our lives, to take root.

* As part of the broadcast manipulation that I experience regularly as a part of the FEDS' psychological warfare operation against my person, a song with the lyric "if you wanna showdown" is now playing on the radio. This happens constantly with my radio broadcasts, as the NSA looks to acknowledge that they know everything I am thinking by way of remote neural monitoring, and can see what I type as I type the words, by accessing the visual cortex portion of my brain.

Such is the life of a government sanctioned mind control target.
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