Sunday, February 17, 2008

Are You Being Brain Tapped Without Your Knowledge? When The Human Brain Is Remotely Attached To A Super Computer Without The Target's Consent

Brain Tapped:

"Any person whose mind is being illegally and remotely accessed by electronic means. The NSA and its Electronic Brain Link technology are a prime culprit here, as NSA cryptologists use their super computers to target the brainwaves of American citizens. This is done for the express purpose of both extracting information and brainwave entrainment, in which external programming is routinely implanted into the subconscious mind of the targeted individual for the purpose of non consensual human experimentation. The NSA then monitors the person by means of spy satellite (sometimes for decades)in order to determine the efficacy of this technology, while turning the targeted person into an unwitting guinea pig.

What the NSA is perpetrating here is an illustration of textbook Orwellian behavior; the most outrageous violation of both civil and human rights ever documented in United States History, and in violation of the US Constitution, Geneva Convention and Nuremberg Code. Electronic Brain Link for the purpose of remote neural monitoring the human brain quite literally allows the NSA to become a part of the person being targeted, without that person's knowledge or consent."

As this technology and the NSA's use of it become more widely known, a precedent setting scandal will begin to take center stage in which the entire US Federal Government will find itself under public scrutiny. With many Americans now learning that we have been illegally targeted by this Orwellian technology, that day is now on the horizon. And we will be seeking redress for our grievances against those who've targeted us for this Nazi derived and Orwellian technology.

* It is also entirely possible that the persons around a target (including some family members) are also being brain tapped without their knowledge or consent. I cite the many accounts of other TI's who have remarked that when in their homes and alone in a room, they will hear another family member make some sort of sound virtually timed with something that the TI is doing. The fact that this has been reported by so many TI's is indicative of family members being brain tapped, and in many instances unaware that (for example) a sneeze, cough, or throat clearing is being remotely induced by those operating this technology, within the person whom the TI is in contact with.

This is not to be confused with those who utilize see through the wall microwave technology in which to illegally watch a target from within the privacy of their own domicile. There is a very definite difference between these two situations.

In the past I have also experienced such remote influencing by electronic means which includes but is not limited to the forced movement of my limbs, constriction of my airway, sneezing, coughing and choking. I have also experienced viral symptoms which were an anomaly since they lasted for all of an hour or so and completely resolved themselves within that time frame. This is atypical of even a normal 24 hour virus.

Like many other TI's I have also been sexually assaulted by this technology while having the portion of my brain which controls libido manipulated remotely. I have also experienced becoming enraged at times over a myriad of situations which should not result in such anger, yet often do.

It is quite evident from the accounts of many other TI's that the ability to control virtually every bodily function as well as every brainwave function by remote means, is being perpetrated by those with access to this sophisticated and classified technology.

Once again, the NSA is at the top of the list for such hi-tech Orwellian crimes, given their long history of having access to such technology (including the Military Dosimentry Handbook which contains all frequencies to the human brain), while operating completely outside the Constitutional rule of law. Also consider the NSA's extensive operating budget (billions of dollars each year -- this is what Congress will admit to -- the number may in fact be much higher when taking the NSA's black budget into consideration). As further evidence of this also consider that the IRS reported that the US Federal Government could not account for nearly $3.5 trillion dollars in the fiscal years 2003 and 2004.

What happened to all of this money? Was it siphoned off into US Intel black projects?

Given this, the NSA should be at the top of anyone's search list when attempting to determine who is responsible for the directed energy weaponry being deployed against them.

Moreover, in contrast to what the public has been told about the NSA, this agency is Militaristic in its operations -- the sophisticated and weaponized technology which it has access to and deploys against many of us should be evidence enough of this.
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