Sunday, February 17, 2008

The NSA/FBI Conspiracy Against My Person Continues To Expand

In a desperate last ditch effort to prevent the inevitable, the NSA and FBI are continuing to further a demonization campaign against myself which began to snowball in 2003. However, their attempts to destroy me (as they do all of their victims) will only serve to expose their outrageous and precedent setting crimes against myself and myriad others, as well as the US Constitution and its Bill Of Rights.

What these agents have perpetrated against us is unpardonable.

A Nazi ideology which has become so pervasive within the United States that it has contaminated the entire country. In time Americans will realize that the information that I am promulgating on this Website is some of the most important that they will ever learn of; especially in regard to how it applies to an egregious loss of their own privacy. In fact, many American citizens as well as those from around this planet already have acknowledged that the NSA is capable of using its satellites to illegally track any person within the United States, while tapping into their braiwaves to know what they are thinking at any time.

When pushed to the wall the US Congress and Intel will be forced to admit to using this technology, and then claim that it was only being used against terrorists. This will be yet another of their egregious deceptions of the American public, since most of the people being targeted by this technology have no criminal record, and have been used for non consensual human experimentation.

The Congress and Intel community have crossed so far over the line of what is Constitutionally legal here, that they must now be held accountable. And regardless of how long it takes -- they will be. Along with the current standing ersatz president, they are guilty of treason.
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