Tuesday, February 19, 2008

FEDS CONtinue To Utilize Bogus Organizations To Infiltrate The TI Community

The FEDS CONtinue to use others within the TI community (many of whom are themselves perpetrators who feign being targeted individuals for the express purpose of infiltrating and destroying this community) to perpetrate their COINTELPRO operations against my person, in what must now be considered the most precedent setting violations of the US Bill Of Rights in United States History.

This is being done in total secrecy in efforts to prevent me from filing federal charges against the FBI, NSA, DHS and others within US Intel who have conspired to violate my rights under the US Color of law statutes. These federal PIGS are outright criminals, who somehow believe that they can perpetrate such outrageous violations of the US Constitution (in particular the 4TH Amendment) without ever being held accountable for such crimes. These are agents who conduct open ended warrantless fishing expeditions for decades, while committing the most outrageous violations of the Bill Of Rights, as the Department Of Justice and US Congress look the other way.

However, those days are now over, as I plan on holding these agencies accountable for every aspect of the crimes which they have and continue to perpetrate against myself, regardless of the covert and illegal ways in which they are conducting themselves.

Moreover, the FEDS will find that their slithering around like the snakes they are to do their damage covertly, will also be exposed on a global scale, as they continue to ILLEGALLY utilize my person for non consensual human experimentation, while violating virtually every US law and civil rights legislation ever created.

These FEDS have demonstrated a propensity for perpetrating crimes which are on par with the Nazi's, since their own agencies' fundamental belief system is that of Nazism. Which explains both the physical and psychological torture they use to covertly murder their targets.

Moreover, the person who goes by the initials EA of the group OCW is a complete and utter fraud, who is taking part in many of the crimes that this person claims are being perpetrated against themselves. In doing so, they have now lost all credibility and shown themselves to be a federal asset, whose organization may well be covertly funded by a federal agency such as the FBI or DHS. EA, in having attacked a legitimate target (your mistake) it is now you who is going to be exposed globally for the fraud that you and your organization are. By attempting to infiltrate the TI community through your own evil machinations, you have shown yourself to be a perpetrator as well as a cowardly fool, who is deliberately aiding and abetting extensive criminal behavior by these federal agencies.

As for the FBI, NSA, DHS and other New World Order criminals, I am going to expose you and your FILTHY Nazi operations on a global scale, no matter how many dupes like this EA fool you continue to dump in my path (there have been many), the result of your own criminalty and complete desperation in attempting to cover up the technology which you are illegally deploying against the citizens of this planet.

You are mind raping Nazi FILTH, who may be able to continue to deceive a large percentage of the public for a while longer, but not those of us who've witnessed first hand the mind control technology which your New World Order masters are now deploying on a global scale. Your days of getting away with these outrageous crimes while raping our minds with this Satanic technology are now numbered. One way or another, we are going to shut you down for good.
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