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The Unintended Acceleration Issue In Automobiles Manufactured By Audi, Ford, Toyota And Hyundai - Are These Companies The Unwitting Targets Of Signals Intelligence Satellite Predation?

The FBI's History Of Deception Did Not Start With 9/11, However, One Of The Bureau's Most Notable Obstructions Of Justice Was Its Cover Up Of The Missile Attack On TWA Flight 800 In 1996

The NSA's Clandestine EMF Fingerprinting Of American Citizens And The Agency's Theft Of Our Bioelectric DNA Property In Which To Do So (Which Is Then Used As Part Of An Illegal Domestic Signals Intelligence Spy Program) Will Turn Out To Be The Greatest Scandal In American History

1913 Conversation Between Woodrow Wilson And Colonel Mandell House In Which Mandell House Confides In The 28Th U.S. President, In Regard To How The House Of Rothschild Will Use The Federal Reserve Act To Secretly Reduce The American Middle Class To A Nation Of Slaves - A Century Later The Rothschilds Have Realized Their Goal Of Destroying The United States And Her Middle Class Through The Greatest Series Of Deceptions Ever Perpetrated

As Part Of The Organized Stalking Harassment That Targets Of These Crimes Experience, When An Organized Stalker Damages Your Mailbox They Have Committed A Federal Crime - This Also Means That If A Person Taking Part Is This Vigilante Hate Crime Is Told By A DOJ/DHS Controlled Fusion Center That They Can Do So - As Part Of The COINTELPRO Harassment Campaign Against A Targeted Individual - Then This May Be Used To Coerce These People Into Committing Further Crimes At A Later Time - This Also Proves That The DOJ (FBI) And DHS Are Encouraging The Destruction Of Personal As Well As Government Property As Part Of Their Organized Stalking Crimes

The 2007 Movie "The Signal" Is Another Example Of How Hollywood Is Used To Showcase Classified Technologies Used By The U.S. Military Intelligence Complex In A Fictional Venue - In This Case The Movie Alludes To The National Security Agency's Signals Intelligence Technology, And Its Ability To Enter The Neural Pathways Of The Human Brain, To Remotely Implant Artificially Created Thought In The Mind Of An Unsuspecting Victim Of This MKULTRA Technology

"The Signal" Trailer: "A horror film told in three parts, from three perspectives, in which a mysterious transmission that turns people into killers invades every cell phone, radio, and television."

Is It More Than A Coincidence That So Many Automakers Are Being Sued For The Unintended Acceleration Problems With Some Of The Vehicles They Manufacture?

Written By James F. Marino

First there was the situation with the Audi 5000 series of automobiles, suffering from unintended acceleration problems back in the 1980's. By the time the 5000 series had run its course, 700 accidents and six deaths had been caused by Audi 5000's, suddenly accelerating when they were placed into drive or reverse gear.

See:Wikipedia Source Regarding Audi Problems With Unintended Acceleration With The Audi 5000

Back then, this author had heard about the problems with the Audi 5000, and had even driven an acquaintance's without incident.

However, one day while stopped at a traffic light, a red Audi 5000 station wagon also stopped at the adjacent intersection, suddenly bolted out into the intersection under full throttle, with its driver desperately attempting to get the vehicle stopped.

In spite of this, her Audi 5000 lunged forward until it ran up on a center divider and stalled out with the woman - hands tightly gripped on the steering wheel - looking out the driver's side window in utter terror.

I was then certain that the Audi hype was for real. Since that time Audi is no longer the only car manufacturer with unintended acceleration issues either. There are several, including but not limited to Ford, Hyundai and Toyota.

Toyota has already paid out over a billion dollars in claims regarding vehicles its manufactured between 2009 - 2011, which have suffered from unintended acceleration issues.

Hyundai has also experienced such problems, and in 2013, Ford is the latest automotive company to be sued as the result of some of its models suffering from unintended acceleration problems.

You can learn more about this issue and some of the automotive companies involved with it at the following hyperlink.

Google: Car Companies Involved With Unintended Acceleration Issues

Are The Computers In These Vehicles Being Remotely Tampered With?

Had it not been for all this author has witnessed as a target of MKULTRA and non consensual human experimentation over the years, and how easily an Intel Agency like the NSA can access the circuitry in an electronic component, such as an automobile's computer, a home PC, TV, radio, refrigerator, motion sensitive spotlight, microwave oven, burglar alarm, elevator etc., perhaps I would not be so suspicious of the unintended acceleration issue in the cars of some automotive manufacturers.

However, I have witnessed more than I even care to remember in regard to such high-tech satellite predation, and I would be remiss if I did not broach this subject based on the dangers of automobiles which can suddenly lunge forward or backward without any warning.

There's no question that these issues can cost an automobile manufacturer a fortune to correct. However, if these issues are being caused by remote means, how can you correct them? Or for that matter the damage to the reputation of these companies?

This is especially true if an automotive manufacturer spends millions of dollars in an effort to repair a *problem that was related to signals intelligence electronic sabotage. As opposed to there being a legitimate problem with these vehicles.

* As part of the electronic harassment of our persons, the NSA used a signals intelligence satellite to remotely tamper with an SUV that we had. At times it would run fine, however, at other times the timing was so erratic that the vehicle would stall out. No mechanic could explain this anomaly and we eventually traded the vehicle in during the Obama Administration's "cash for clunkers" program.

However, there is no question that this vehicle's engine timing problem was the result of signals intelligence electronic sabotage to the SUV's engine computer management system.

Given this, I must again ask if the unintended acceleration issue going back to the Audi 5000 and leading up to the present day is a coincidence? Or is there something more nefarious going on here that involves the U.S. Military Intelligence complex, its clandestine black operations, and its furtive experimentation on an unwitting American public?

- James F. Marino

Editor's Note: UPDATE: 6/13/13 - Tonight during some fairly heavy winds yet another tree in our backyard is knocked down, narrowly avoiding a shed and a sailboat, and destroying a Dyer Dhow row boat.

This tree was, like most of the other 25 or so trees which we have lost in less than a decade, torn out at its roots. It has gotten to the point where these FBI/NSA psychopaths never miss an opportunity to cause property damage when they believe they can do so, with plausible deniablity.

These trees are being knocked down with directed energy weapons that are deployed via weaponized satellites. And the anomalous storms we are seeing throughout the United States are being caused by the military intelligence complex in this country, using HAARP technology as a form of geophysical manipulation of the weather - HAARP is just another form of directed energy weapon.

These storms are being planned in advance, and once executed through the federal government's use of HAARP technology, can be remotely steered using electromagnetic fields, in any direction, to cause devastation to our communities. And in the United States, this is occurring on nationwide scale, without the public ever realizing that their suffering is being caused intentionally by these New World Order reprobates, and as part of a genocidal plan to wipeout the global middle class.

The damage to so many of our trees has also been very expensive. It cost nearly $11,000 to have more than a dozen of them cut up and removed after Hurricane Sandy (another HAARP created storm), and this tree will be expensive to have removed. These covert acts of terrorism are planned out in advance by these government psycho's, and they can use this clandestine technology to torture or murder anyone.

Moreover, as part of the continued organized stalking harassment, another Family member was subjected to being harassed by a single stalker when shopping the other day. And earlier today, yet another Family member reports that they experienced a shortness of breath after their next door neighbor had their property sprayed with a bug repellent.

These companies are supposed to contact the homes around the home whose property they are spraying before they do so, so that these people have time to close their windows.

Instead, this Family member was never contacted. This was not an oversight, even if the company claims that it was. This was done deliberately as part of an organized stalking campaign.

This is another example of the vigilantism that we see occurring in American communities throughout the United States, where neighbors and company employees are pressured into taking part in this Orwellian harassment, or risk being blacklisted and then subjected to this vigilante hate crime themselves.

These crimes are always perpetrated with plausible deniability, however, that does not make them any less criminal. We are a nation in denial of a government that is totally and irrevocably corrupted. And the sooner the American people work to abolish this Anglo-Zionist Communistic organized crime syndicate, the better off the citizenry in this country will be.


This author and other members of my Family are experiencing extreme fatigue from a microwave weapon attack whose frequency has been increased.

These types of attacks occur on a regular basis. This author's Father reports feeling very fatigued, lightheaded and nauseas. All typical symptoms of an ELF wave attack.

My Father also reports back pains as well as other muscle pains throughout much of his body. Directed energy weapons can be used to target any part of the body and cause such pains.

Was the street theater fire department visit to our next door neighbor early this past Friday morning a "warning" that this author's Father was going to be attacked again and in need of of an ambulance? I document this here because over the past decade this is exactly how these psycho's operate; oftentimes warning the TI in advance that they are going to be targeted for more intense harassment just to cause the TI further angst.

This isn't America anymore - it's an Anglo-Zionist dictatorship that operates under a matrix of total deception, with more secrets than every American citizen combined.

I will update if FBI/NSA psychopaths continue to attack him, since he has been feeling much better over the past several months because he has not been aggressively attacked; the direct result of this author publicly accusing FBI/NSA agents of perpetrating these covert attacks using directed energy weapons on his person. There are presently tens of thousands of targets of this satellite predation now on the Internet writing about these high tech Orwellian crimes.

In an article that this author posted on this blog regarding the NSA earlier this week, I had stated that the leak regarding a covert domestic spy program at the NSA code named PRISM, may have come from another NSA employee, who like former NSA whistleblower Russ Tice, could no longer tolerate the NSA's Orwellian attack on American freedoms; or the Agency's abuse of employees who do not agree with the NSA's anti-American activities.

Now, The Guardian has released the name of an ex CIA employee working for the private contractor Booz Allen Hamilton, who claims to have leaked the NSA's PRISM operation.

The whistleblower's name is Edward Snowden, and as an employee of Booz Allen Hamilton, he has also done work for the NSA. Snowden has claimed that he came forward with his information because he can no longer tolerate the NSA's global spying on innocent people just to collect information on them.

What this author also finds interesting in regard to Snowden's situation, is that about a year ago, the 29 year old reported that he had suddenly developed seizures and has since been diagnosed with epilepsy.

Could Snowden's seizures have been caused by a directed energy microwave weapon targeted at his brain, which was deployed against him by NSA operatives, who may have suspected that Snowden was working to expose some of the activities occurring within the Agency?

Could Snowden have been attacked with this DEW technology the same way that this author's Father has been targeted in the past, resulting in two serious seizures over the past year?

Moreover, is it possible that PRISM may be a red herring used to conceal far worse covert operations which are presently taking place at the NSA? Like the Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network domestic spy operation that John St. Clair Akwei attempted to expose in 1992, and the Agency's covert use of directed energy microwave weapons on American citizens?

The British Newspaper, The Guardian, Releases The Name Of The NSA Whistleblower Who Exposed The NSA's PRISM Domestic Spy Operation In America - NSA Employee Edward Snowden Believes That He Did The Right Thing In Exposing The NSA's Orwellian Spy Operations

Targets Of Signals Intelligence Satellite Predation Should Be Able To File A Bivens' Suit Against The U.S. Federal Government, Since We Are Being Illegally Spied Upon And Experimented Upon Within Our Own Homes, Which Would At The Very Least Qualify As An Unreasonable Search: "Bivens v. Six Unknown Named Agents, 403 U.S. 388 (1971),[1] was a case in which the United States Supreme Court ruled that an implied cause of action existed for an individual whose Fourth Amendment freedom from unreasonable search and seizures had been violated by federal agents. The victim of such a deprivation could sue for the violation of the Amendment itself, despite the lack of any federal statute authorizing such a suit. The existence of a remedy for the violation was implied from the importance of the right violated."

Rothschild Zionism And Its Use Of Communist Central Banks To Subvert The Legitimate Governments Of Constitutional Republics - The Federal Reserve System Is Such A Communist Central Bank (In Reality A Counterfeiter And Launderer Of Counterfeited Currency) Which Has Been Used To Subvert The American People's Constitutional Government For The Past Century - Will The Federal Reserve's Charter Be Renewed In 2013 Or Finally Denied As It Should Be?

"How NSA Spies Ruin 1000s Of America's Greatest People" - An article describing the secret assassination squads used by the U.S. Intelligence Community to take part in the vigilante hate crime organized stalking - Many of the men and women who take part in Organized Stalking are private citizens who've been vetted by the FBI - This is proof that the FBI, DOJ and DHS are largely responsible for Organized Stalking and for turning American communities (And Corporate America - Google: INFRAGUARD) into cesspools of corruption - In Doing So, The FBI Has Now Privatized Some Of Its COINTELPRO Operations, While Turning America's Communities Into A Culture Of Snitches And Criminals

"Unusually Massive Line Of Storms Aim At Midwest" - Is this another example of the U.S. Military Intelligence complex using HAARP weapons in order to "create" what on the surface appear to be natural geological disasters?

The Depopulation Bomb by Jim Keith - The Depopulation Bomb Describes Rothschild Zionism's New World Order Policy On Eugenics To Create A "Superior" Race Beings, And An Agenda For The Mass Genocide Of Billions Of People, In Order To Conserve The Natural Resources On This Planet For The Vatican, House Of Rothschild, British Monarchy Triumvirate - Jim Keith Was Murdered For Having Written This As Well As Several Books Which Exposed The New World Order

Is The Collaboration Between Stony Brook University Hospital And Brookhaven Labs To Create A New Lyme Disease Vaccine Legitimate? Or Is It A Cover For Their Creation Of Another Biological Weapon?

Allopathic Medicine, The American Medical Association, The Rockefeller Foundation, And Their Nazi Background

The NSA's TANGRAM "Total Information Awareness" Program Is Indicative Of This Orwellian Organization's New World Order Roots, And Its Furtive Use In Electronically Enslaving Each American Citizen Through The Remote Neural Monitoring (EEG Heterodyning) Of Their Body's Own Unique Brainwave Print

Did The CIA Orchestrate The 1978 Murder Of Congressman Leo Ryan? And Did The CIA Do So In Order To Repeal Legislation Which Ryan Had Passed In Order To Place More Scrutiny On The U.S. Intelligence Community?

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Another Target Of COINTELPRO Describes Some Of The Psychological Warfare Tactics That The FBI And CIA Use In Their Attempt To Drive Someone Insane - These Federal Psychopaths Are Relentless, And The U.S. Courts And Congress Completely Ignore These Crimes

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