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Was John Iverson's Meeting With The FBI Fatal? The FBI May Well Know What Became Of Iverson, But They're Not Talking

Electron Kinetics' CEO John Iverson
Did The FBI Murder Him? And If So, Why?
Written By James F. Marino

Several years ago, this author had received an issue of a upscale audio magazine (The Absolute Sound) that I'd been subscribing to at the time, which contained an article regarding a well known audio electronics' designer who had one day mysteriously vanished.

His name was John Iverson, and his company, Electron Kinetics, was known at the time for producing some of the finest audio amplification systems in the hobby.

For years there's been much speculation in regard to what became of Iverson, yet no legitimate leads in regard to his whereabouts have ever been unearthed.

He is still being listed as a missing person by the Lake Havasu Police Department, in Lake Havasu, Nevada.

Along the way there have also been a number of rumors as well, including one which asserted that Iverson's company had been in debt at the time of his disappearance; yet this author is unaware if this rumor was ever substantiated.

Over the years, this author has also often wondered whatever became of John Iverson, as even to this very day it still seems quite implausible that he would have just upped and left his home one afternoon without leaving any explanation for having done so.

So while surfing E-bay some weeks back searching to see if any of John's amplifiers might be listed on the auction site, I decided to use the Internet to see if I could locate any further information about his disappearance.

Sure enough, I quickly found a forum in which a few people had commented in regard to his mysterious disappearance. However, one post immediately caught my attention as it contained information that I had not remembered reading about years earlier in The Absolute Sound article.

According to this post, there was mention of John having developed some type of an electronic tracking system which the FBI had gotten wind of and seized the plans for.

Iverson was furious about this, and had also reported that the Bureau had seized more than one of his inventions in the past, citing government privilege.

John also claimed to have spent several hundred thousand dollars of his own money in the development of these inventions, and threatened to sue the FBI for *"stealing" his intellectual property and refusing to compensate him for it.

Needless to say, there was no love lost between John Iverson and the FBI at the time that he conveniently disappeared. Nor can we safely say that the FBI had nothing to do with Iverson's going missing, since the Bureau has a very long and sordid history of using covert means in which to murder targets of its counter-intelligence programs (COINTELPRO for short).

* If the American people had any idea that by the midst of the 20Th Century, signals intelligence technology had evolved to the point of being able to remotely enter the mind of any person living on the face of this planet (Google: "Project: Soul Catcher" by Dr. Robert Duncan & John St. Clair Akwei VS The U.S. National Security Agency), while being used to remotely interface a computer with the neural pathways of a person's brain through a technology known as EEG heterodyning, they would begin to understand that many of the clandestine projects which the U.S. Federal Government has undertaken, have been developed from ideas stolen from the minds of brilliant men and women, who've been EEG heterodyned via signals intelligence satellites and HAARP over the horizon radar systems. Tracking systems like those which operate under the auspices of the NSA's ECHELON global spy system.

Moreover, Zionist Hollywood, regularly creates TV programs and movies for its film industry, which are based on the intellectual property stolen from the minds of government targets of MK-Ultra, whose brains are EEG heterodyned, just as this author's is.

One must wonder if the U.S. Military Intelligence complex was using EEG heterodyning technology on John Iverson, as a way of remotely monitoring his thoughts. And if the EEG heterodyning of Iverson's brain may have led to the FBI's learning of some of the projects which *Iverson had been secretly working on, at the time the FBI first raided his home.

* Iverson was an electronic's genius, who at the age 18, was alleged to have designed the guidance system for the NASA Lunar Module. Before he vanished in the early 1990s, John had also founded two audio companies: Electro Research and Electron Kinetics. At the time these companies were manufacturing some of the most sought after audio amplifiers in the hobby, and John had become an icon to many of the audiophiles who invested large sums of money in home audio systems.

According to the aforementioned post, John was quite adamant about being paid for his inventions, after the FBI raided his home and confiscated them.

Moreover, he'd mentioned this to a number of his acquaintances before suddenly vanishing into thin air, in what police have conveniently described as a self orchestrated kidnapping.

In regard to this situation, one must also wonder if the Lake Havasu police know more about Iverson's disappearance than they have publicly acknowledged?

Furthermore, if the Feds were involved in Iverson's disappearance, we may never know what really happened to him, since they are masters at perpetrating their crimes with plausible deniability; usually having several other lay persons who act as buffers for these crimes. In some instances even state and local police agencies act as accomplices for the Bureau. The Mafia has operated in much the same manner throughout its history.

As such, one must wonder if the FBI (or other government agency) may have orchestrated a plan to murder John Iverson in order to silence him, and included a number of organizations in this conspiracy, in addition to the local police and politicians in Iverson's home town?

John Iverson The Brilliant Electronic's Designer/Enigma

John Iverson was his own man and in many ways an innovator - a brilliant designer who'd chosen to go against the common wisdom regarding audio design, knowing that he could build a better "mouse trap" if given the opportunity to do so.

And that's exactly what he did.

Iverson's designs, which include the Electro Research 75 Class A bias amplifier, as well as the later Electron Kinetics Eagle 7A and Eagle 2A models, attracted many audiophiles from their inception; those hi-fi enthusiasts who felt that these amplifiers offered excellent value for their respective performance.

It was clear from this that John knew what he was doing as an audio engineer, and that the world of hi-end audio appreciated his efforts.

At the time, this tough talking, motorcycle riding maverick, seemed to have everything going for him.

Which makes his disappearance all the more bizarre.

Moreover, his vanishing into thin air and the FBI's having seized more than one of his inventions (claiming government privilege) leaves one wondering if John Iverson did not meet with foul play at the hands of the FBI, yet in a situation which may have been created to give the Bureau plausible deniability in engineering his disappearance and possible murder.

There is also the question of whether or not the Feds even had a legitimate search warrant at the times in which they were said to have raided Iverson's residence.

The FBI's invasion of Iverson's home happened more than a decade before the Patriot Act was passed, so the warrant issue in this instance would have been applicable. In the present day the FBI can raid your home without a warrant; they can even break in (black bag jobs) without your knowledge while you are not home and confiscate anything of interest to them.

*** Why is it that this does not bother more Americans given this outrageous violation to their 4Th Amendment right to be safe within the privacy of their own homes?

Perhaps most Americans are unaware of this aspect of the Patriot Act, since most are also clueless in regard to the Federal Reserve Bank and IRS frauds pertaining to their complete subversion of our economic system, as well as the House of Rothschilds' covert takeover of the United States federal government and economy.

Your average American is truly living in a matrix of deception.

An illusory world created by the House of Rothschild; a brainwashed society where the facts are kept from the public while disinformation is carefully fed to them by the government controlled media system in this country.

Of equal interest is whatever became of the projects which John Iverson had stolen from him by the FBI?

One must wonder if the FBI turned them over to the Department Of Justice or perhaps even the Department Of Defense?

And if so, exactly how is it that the FBI even knew about the projects which Iverson was working on in the first place?

Were they secretly spying on Iverson the entire time, looking to set him up in some type of entrapment scheme?

What this author finds most interesting in my research into the disappearance of John Iverson, is that within thirty minutes of my locating the aforementioned post regarding John Iverson on a Website, the post itself was removed.

I went back to quote the post so that I could add it to this Website, but the post had suddenly disappeared .

I should also note that this has happened to other Websites and posts that I have had an interest in researching as well; those which contain information in regard to the U.S. Military Intelligence complexes' use of directed energy weapons' technology are of particular concern to me (given this government's abuse of them) - especially when the owner of the Website has a history of working for the government, and a deeper knowledge of the subject matter.

Recently, a Website like this was taken down the second time I attempted to access it. There were numerous articles on this site relating to the aforesaid subject matter. In fact, I had even linked the Website to my blog so that I could access it whenever I decided to. And all of the sudden, like the post on John Iverson, it was also gone.

The NSA's Remote Neural Monitoring Of This Author's Brain
Through The Use Of EEG Heterodyning

Now the FBI and NSA's agent-cum-psychopaths do access this author's thoughts 24 hours a day, through their illegal use of *EEG heterodyning technology. This is perpetrated via the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, and as I have previously stated, the Agency's illegal use of EEG heterodyning to synchronize and interface their artificial intelligence (AI) computers with the neural pathways in my brain; since I have been a target of this second generation of MK-Ultra mind control experimentation since the 1970s.

*Google: Dr. Robert Duncan's "The Matrix Deciphered" and his book "PROJECT: SOUL CATCHER

So they certainly knew that I'd intended to research this information prior to attempting to locate it on the Internet. These Nazi idealized psycho's can even see what I am seeing through my own eyes by EEG heterodyning the visual cortex region of my brain, in order to capture images that are stored there.

This Orwellian non consensual human experimentation of this author also serves as further proof that the Nazi movement did not end at Nuremberg as the citizenry of this planet has been told for more than several decades, but instead quietly infiltrated the military intelligence complexes of several different countries, including the *United States.

*Google: The CIA's Project Paperclip

This author is also far from the only target of this MK-Ultra technology. There are millions of such subjects of government sanctioned non consensual human experimentation around the world, and thousands within the United States, alone.

However, while most targets of these crimes know nothing about them, this author learned of them through a serendipitous situation. As such, I just happen to be one of the few targets of such government conducted non consensual human experimentation who actually knows that it is happening to me (Google: John Akwei VS NSA to learn more about the NSA's satellite based remote neural monitoring technology).

And this is why I share this information with the both American public as well as the rest of the people on this planet, with the hope that they will understand the dangers that this technology represents to the human race.

*** Update -- Nearly a year after I wrote this article I was able to find information on the person who had the Website regarding electronic warfare technology which suddenly disappeared from the Internet, after I linked the Website to my blog.

The owner of the Website is John Alexander, a former U.S. Colonel, who was involved in the purchase of psychotronic weaponry from the late Dr. Igor Smirnov. Smirnov was consulting with the FBI during the WACO siege as the Bureau decided whether or not to use psychotronic weaponry in the attacks on the Branch Davidians.

He later sold the patent for this technology to Colonel Alexander's group and less than a year later died of a heart attack.

Was he murdered?

Dr. Smirnov was a fairly young man. And a directed energy weapon deployed from outer space can be used to cause strokes, aneurysms and heart attacks, as well as different types of cancers.

Smirnov was also known for his concern regarding the ethical use of this technology; something that neither John Alexander nor the U.S. Intelligence Community had an interest in debating.

The removal of Colonel Alexander's Website within a short time after this author had accessed it, also leaves me with the impression that Alexander's information was important enough for the FBI to be concerned about, which is why they had the Website deleted; especially given Alexander's past employment with the U.S. Military Intelligence complex.

The following is some disturbing information on Colonel John Alexander:

Colonel John Alexander

*** Back to the original post:

The "suddenly missing post" in regard to John Iverson appears to be the same type of situation as John Alexander's Website suddenly disappearing from the Internet.

There was considerably more information than I have mentioned here, as well as the screen name of the person who listed the info; someone who claimed to have spoken with Iverson in regard to an amplifier that he was looking to have some modifications done to.

He claimed to be one of the last people to have spoken with Iverson, a week or so before he vanished without a trace.

Now this author has no way of knowing if the FBI was involved in the disappearance of John Iverson or not.

Although I do find it quite strange that Iverson did vanish shortly after his run-in with the Bureau; especially given his threat to *sue the FBI for any loses he'd incurred from their seizure of the project he was working on.

* In the 1990s when the late Eco-Activist, Judi Bari, sued the FBI for their attempts to destroy the EarthFirst! movement, **Judi suddenly developed breast cancer, which would eventually end her life. Prior to this, the FBI had managed to pervert the judicial system in the United States in order to stonewall Judi's civil action against the FBI for nearly a decade.

**It is this author's opinion that Judi Bari was targeted by a directed energy weapon, which resulted in the cancer which would ultimately end her life.

However, Judi's family and friends were so outraged at the FBI's attempt to conceal the Bureau's own involvement in the 1990 bombing of Judi Bari's station wagon, that they vowed to pursue Judi's lawsuit against the FBI even after she had died.

This resulted in a precedent setting verdict against the FBI, which also involved a $4.4 million judgment against the Federal Bureau Of Investigation.

Judi finally beat the FBI, even if she had to do so posthumously.

However, one must wonder if her family was able to collect on her *half of the judgment, or if the FBI has still managed to subvert the courts in order to prevent the Bari Family from ever receiving their settlement?

* A man named Daryl Cherney was also in Judi Bari's station wagon on the day it was bombed, and he was also involved Judi's lawsuit against the FBI.

I cited this information in regard to Judi Bari to show the lengths to which the FBI will go to avoid a lawsuit. And to illustrate that the FBI may have covertly murdered John Iverson simply to prevent him from ever being able to sue the Bureau. Especially given that Iverson was not your typical plaintiff.

Iverson was by most accounts, brilliant.

He also had nothing but contempt for the FBI, accurately seeing them as Americanized version of Hitler's Gestapo, which routinely parasites off of the hard working American middle class.

In particular, Iverson hated the *IRS, whom he believed had no right to tax his hard earned wages.

* Based on the research done by men like Eustace Mullins, Bill Benson, and groups like the We The People Foundation, John Iverson was correct in concluding that the IRS is nothing but a parasite on the American middle class, that has been operating illegally since 1913. The fact that the IRS is not part of the U.S. Federal Government, and that it's chartered in Puerto Rico, only further supports the myriad claims that the IRS is part of the House Of Rothschilds' global organized crime syndicate, which the Rothschilds use as covert means in which to conduct class warfare against the American middle class.

An organization which while furtively and criminally working to undermine the American middle class, is also used to protect the interests of the billionaire Anglo/Zionist investment class in the United States.

As to his disappearance, one must wonder if John Iverson may have learned about something in regard to the FBI that he was not supposed to know; something which could have placed one of their black operations in jeopardy?

It's been over seventeen years since Iverson's disappearance. And the real question which still remains in most people's minds is: was John Iverson's sudden vanishing act a coincidence or something far more sinister?

This author poses this question because anyone who's familiar with the covert ways in which the U.S. Intelligence community operates, is also well aware that when they are involved in illegally surveilling an American citizen, strange coincidences appear to be the rule, rather than the exception to it.

And when people who have been involved in a confrontational situation with the FBI turn up missing or dead (** See Raymond Ponzini's article on the late Margie Schoedinger, entitled "American Caligula -- use Google to find it), the media usually completely ignores this, while anyone who attempts to do their own independent investigative research, finds themselves being stonewalled by those who could and should be helpful to them in uncovering the truth.

What makes matters worse is that those who do attempt to dig deeper to find answers to questions that the Feds have intentionally buried, are accused of being conspiracy theory nuts - or even worse - just plain crazy.

However, if you look back into the dark recesses of the U.S. Intelligence community and such covert programs as COINTELPRO, MK-Ultra and numerous other classified operations - all used to harm American citizens - you will soon find that what has taken place over the course of the existence of these organizations, has indeed been conspiratorial; and in most instances includes their own treasonous criminal activity against the American people.

So this author against asks: Did the FBI murder John Iverson? Or did they disappear Iverson for their own questionable reasons, while giving him a new identity, so that they could force him to use his genius as an electrical engineer, to benefit the U.S. Federal Government?

The article that this author recalls reading about in regard to John Iverson, in the Absolute Sound Magazine, portrayed some very shady circumstances behind his disappearance.

And this is why I am again searching for this article so that I can further research it. I am doing so in order to determine if John Iverson met with foul play at the hands of the FBI or the Pentagon.

Of course, there is virtually nothing about this cold case on the Internet (except the article I have written here), and if some major interest was suddenly sparked, there's little doubt that the FBI would quickly either remove the inquiring posts regarding Iverson's disappearance (if they haven't already done so), or post their own disinformation as they are now doing with the likes of Michael Boren Williams.

Michael was an entertainer who when attempting to help resurrect Senator Gary Hart's presidential run against George H.W. Bush in the 1988 presidential election, dug up some very disturbing information in regard to the elder Bush's rampant history of treasonous crimes, while heading up the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency.

For his investigative work, Williams was quickly setup by Bush, who used the FBI to conduct an illegal STING operation which was ultimately used to destroy Williams' life. It never ceases to amaze this writer, how often U.S. presidents abuse their positions of authority under the color of law, in order to attack their competition, or anyone whom they perceive to be a threat to themselves.

Even Bill and Hillary Clinton used the Internal Revenue Service to conduct illegal audits on some of their most ardent critics, while living in the White House.

Yet we never hear about this in the United States, because the media refuses to cover such scandals.

Why is the U.S. media complicit in this treasonous cover up?

Because as I have said in the past, the media is nothing but a parrot of government disinformation which does not serve the interests of the American people. In truth, it has not done so since the CIA usurped the media system in the United States in 1948, under Operation Mockingbird, so that the media could be used to disseminate the CIA's Communist propaganda.

The readers can learn more about the FBI's attack on Michael Boren Williams here:

Michael Boren William's Website

As for John Iverson, this author will continue to see what I can find on him and his perhaps fatal meeting with the FBI, and post it as an addendum to this article.

The fact that the FBI appears to be covering its tracks in this case, proves that there should be an independent investigation into the FBI's association with Iverson, since there are simply too many unanswered questions here to ignore.

However, given the abject corruption within the U.S. Federal Government, there's little chance that such an investigation will ever take place. Especially if the FBI really did murder John Iverson. Something that this author believes is a real possibility.

- James F. Marino

See the article on John Iverson here:

** UPDATE: After several years of attempting to locate The Absolute Sound article which was written in regard to the bizarre disappearance of John Iverson, this afternoon I found that someone had posted it on the following Website.

So the readers can now read this article for themselves, and arrive at their own conclusions in regard to what may have happened to John. Was he "disappeared" by the FBI? And if so, why? You decide.

The story in The Absolute Sound is about as outlandish as it can be. Making one wonder if the account itself is nothing but a piece of FBI propaganda being used to white wash the entire situation, so that we never learn what really happened to John Iverson.

Audiokarma Forums Story Regarding The John Iverson Missing Person Case

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