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Why We've Not Heard From Russell Tice

I had not found anything on the Internet posted by Russell Tice since he was subpoened by a Senate comittee to testify in regard to what he knew about improprieties being committed by the NSA. Now I know why.

Back in July Tice was confronted by two FBI agents and subpoened to testify before a grand jury in what appeared to be an effort to determine if he'd committed a crime by blowing the whistle on the NSA. This is a clear case of intimidation, where a whistle blower who reports criminal activity within a US Government agency is being made an example of to frighten other would be whistle blowers from coming forward to do the same. Fortunately, the National Security Whistleblowers Coalition, an organization founded by former FBI employee/whistle blower Sibel Edmonds has come forward to support Tice. Learn more by reading the press release below:


Wednesday, July 26, Russell Tice, former National Security Agency (NSA) intelligence analyst and a member of National Security Whistleblowers Coalition (NSWBC), was approached outside his home by two FBI agents who served him with a subpoena to testify in front of a federal grand jury. NSWBC has obtained a copy of the subpoena issued for Mr. Tice’s testimony and is releasing it to the public for the first time.

The subpoena directs Mr. Tice to appear before the jury on August 2, 2006 at 1:00 p.m. in the Eastern District of Virginia. Mr. Tice “will be asked to testify and answer questions concerning possible violations of federal criminal law." [To view the subpoena click here].

In response to the subpoena, Mr. Tice issued the following statement: “This latest action by the government is designed only for one purpose: to ensure that people who witness criminal action being committed by the government are intimidated into remaining silent.”

He continued: “To this date I have pursued all the appropriate channels to report unlawful and unconstitutional acts conducted [by the government] while I served as an intelligence officer with the NSA and DIA. It was with my oath as a US intelligence officer to protect and preserve the U.S. Constitution weighing heavy on my mind that I reported acts that I know to be unlawful and unconstitutional. The freedom of the American people cannot be protected when our constitutional liberties are ignored and our nation has decayed into a police state.”

On December 22, 2005, the National Security Whistleblowers Coalition made public a request by Tice to report to Congress probable unlawful and unconstitutional acts by the government while he was an intelligence officer with NSA and DIA. In a press release, NSWBC urged the congress to hold hearings and let Mr. Tice testify. Mr. Tice, a responsible veteran intelligence officer, tried to use the so-called appropriate channels, including the United States Congress, to responsibly and lawfully disclose government wrongdoing. [To read the release click here].

“What we are seeing here is a government desperate to cover up its criminal and unconstitutional conduct. They now are going beyond the usual retaliation against whistleblowers who courageously come forward to report cases of government fraud, waste, abuse, and in some cases such as this one, criminal actions.

Their old tactics of intimidation, gag orders, and firing, have not stopped an unprecedented number of whistleblowers from coming forward and doing the right thing. Desperate to prevent the public’s right to know, they now are getting engaged in a witch hunt targeting these patriotic truth tellers.” stated Sibel Edmonds, the Director of National Security Whistleblowers Coalition.

In addition, the timing of the subpoena appears to be more than a little suspect. On July 25, 2006, Judge Matthew Kennelly upheld the government’s assertion of the state secrets privilege in Terkel v. AT&T. The crucial issue in the case was whether or not the government’s program of surveillance had been publicly acknowledged, and Kennelly wrote "the focus should be on information that bears persuasive indication of reliability."

If there were reliable public reports of the program then the fact of the program’s existence could not be a state secret. Kennelly found that there were no reliable sources of public information about the contested program’s existence sufficient to thwart the government’s need for secrecy. In other words, the existence of the program had not been conclusively established, and the government therefore had a right to prevent probing into the matter. This stops a case that represented a serious threat to the Bush administration.

Professor William Weaver, NSWBC Senior Advisor, stated: “Russ Tice is the only publicly identified NSA employee connected to the New York Times in its December 2005 story publicizing warrantless Bush-ordered surveillance. Tice is also publicly perceived as someone who could authoritatively establish the existence of the program at issue in Terkel; Tice could remedy the defect in the plaintiff’s case cited by Kennelly that allowed the government’s assertion of the state secrets privilege to be successful.

Later, on the same day Kennelly’s opinion was filed, the Department of Justice sent out Tice’s subpoena. The date on the subpoena is July 20th, before Kennelly’s decision was filed, but the issue in the Terkel case was so pregnant that it would be easy for the government to anticipate the ruling and only issue the subpoena to Tice if necessary.

It has now become necessary, and the government seems to be moving to put pressure on Tice not to reveal information that would confirm the electronic surveillance program at issue in Terkel by threatening him with investigation and possible indictment.”

National Security Whistleblowers Coalition, founded in August 2004, is an independent and nonpartisan alliance of whistleblowers who have come forward to address our nation’s security weaknesses; to inform authorities of security vulnerabilities in our intelligence agencies, at nuclear power plants and weapon facilities, in airports, and at our nation’s borders and ports; to uncover government waste, fraud, abuse, and in some cases criminal conduct.

The NSWBC is dedicated to aiding national security whistleblowers through a variety of methods, including advocacy of governmental and legal reform, educating the public concerning whistleblowing activity, provision of comfort and fellowship to national security whistleblowers suffering retaliation and other harms, and working with other public interest organizations to affect goals defined in the NSWBC mission statement.

For more on NSWBC visit www.nswbc.org

© Copyright 2006, National Security Whistleblowers Coalition. Information in this release may be freely distributed and published provided that all such distributions make appropriate attribution to the National Security Whistleblowers Coalition.

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"It Would Be Better If This Was A Dictatorship So Long As I Am The Dictator"
(George W. Bush In Reference to America)

Whether you call it Nazism, Fascism or anyother ideology in which the Civil Liberties of a people are sacrificed in subserviance to a dictatorial government, it's clear that the Constitutional Republic that the United States once was has DECAYED into one of the aforementioned classifications.
The following article is applicable :

Friday, October 27, 2006

Another Covert Message From Federal Unintelligence

I received a post today from someone under the heading of coffinman (notice the hint of my impending death), and an invitation to take time out of my day to put together a video of Extraterrestrial evidence which proves that they are experimenting on humans. Of course this is just more FBI garbage to waste my time and mess with my mind as they have been doing for years, through the use of satellite induced mind control technology as well as psychological warfare.

This "person's" Website had also just been freshly created ( a common characteristic of those persons whose e-mails I get since they are mostly bogus), and had only ONE post with the word CRASH prominently displayed.

Now from this am I to infer that the FEDS or their organized goon squad of stalking predators are now letting me know that they are going to CRASH my computer system? I know that they can do so remotely, since they are already messing with my computer programs (some of which open by themselves while others freeze up as I am using them). I have cable access to the Internet but you'd never know it from the sluggish way that the FEDS have it performing, by either getting the programs to load more slowly or affecting the performance of my computer's processer, which actually works quite well when they are not screwing with it.

Of course they would love to get rid of my Website since it is documenting some of the worst crimes ever perpetrated by federal agencies, and they are well aware that my reports are truthful and detail much of the covert technology that they depend on to keep the American people in a state of blissful ignorance.

As for this Coffinman whomever he, she, or it may be, I would urge you to head for Google and research Dulce, New Mexico and UFO's. You will find a plethora of information in regard to the aforementioned. There is also the Dulce book which can be accessed in the same way.

As for wasting my time, the FEDS and their provocateurs spend quite a bit of their time figuring out ways in which to do so, all the while piddling away your hard earned tax dollars, rather then doing any constructive work which actually contributes to the benefit of society.

For example working towards the dissolution of the FBI , NSA and CIA -- three more horrible agencies have never existed. And if you don't believe me go to Google and type in COINTELPRO, MKULTRA, MONARCH, BLUE BEAM, PAPERCLIP. That should be enough to get you started.

If they really wanted to benefit society they could start by arresting the entire Bush Adminstration for treason, as well as the PNAC, and then work their way on up through the corruption in Congress.

There are many decent people working for some very corrupt government organizations, who would willingly blow the whistle on criminal activity committed by their peers, if they knew that they could do so without the fear of reprisals.

This is something which they cannot do at present, as has been evidenced by the harassment of several government whistle blowers, whom once having done so were seen as traitors and then targeted for abuse by the government agencies they'd worked for.

Former NSA employee Russell Tice and former FBI employee's Sibel Edmonds, Colleen Rowley and Robert Wright are perhaps the best known examples here. There are a myriad of other lesser known agents who have also been targeted in the same way and had their careers destroyed because of their attempts to report criminal activity within the hierarchy of their organizations.

We need to get America back to the point where this is possible. And we need to expose people like the Bush's and the Rockefellers for the criminals that they are. If we could get the Bush crime family singing, they'd likely bring down three quarters of this corrupted government, and reveal to Americans the Nazi presence which has been here since after World War 2, when the National Security Council was formed, and the CIA and its Nazi smuggling Operation Paperclip began.

So what say you? Jorge, Dubya, ready to RAT OUT your fellow criminal conspirators? Probably not, since they'd make certain that you never lived long enough to testify against them. Nobody who's come forward to do so ever has.

Voice Cloning & Video Holograms Can Give The Impression Of A Completely Cloned Person

While I am nearly certain that humans or human hybrids have been cloned by way of Extraterrestrial experimentation, I know for certain that it is possible to clone the human voice. I have also seen holograms of humans created from the use of gas plasma, which are so close to the real thing, that to the naked eye they are indistinguishable from us. Consequently, I must now wonder if the FEDS will find ways of exploiting this technology for their own criminal purposes.

A prime example of a criminal application of voice cloning were the voices of a few of the passengers on the alleged ill fated Flight 93, which was again alleged to have crashed in Pennsylvania. In this case, no technology existed at the time for a cell phone call to take place at 32,000 feet in the air, the altitude at which Flight 93 was alleged to have been flying when the calls were recorded.

It was the now famous documentary of film maker Dylan Avery known only as 911 Loosechange, which hypothesized that the calls from the ill fated flight could not have taken place as the FBI had told us, since there was no way for someone using a cellphone to communicate with a phone on the ground at that altitude. However, since 2001, equipment has been implemented on airliners to allow for cell phone calls at the 32,000 foot altitude -- but, this technology was not in use on airliners at the time of the 9-11 attacks, so the phone calls could not have taken place as we were told.

Dylan's conclusion was that the cell phone calls were faked by the US Intelligence community as part of the black operation that was 9-11. And many people -- worldwide -- now believe him. Avery also found documentation which showed Flight 93 landing at a Cleveland, Ohio airport not too long after it was reported to have crashed in PA.

What has become of United States Federal Government, when a 22 year old novice film maker can put together a documentary containing clear evidence of a government cover up, that a commission created to investigate the attacks on 9-11 clearly missed?

We would have to arrive at one of the following three conclusions here:

1. That Avery's deductive skills are postively brilliant

2. That the people chosen to investigate the attacks were complete morons

3. That Avery was finding some obvious information that was available on the Internet
which made good sense to all who saw it, and that the people chosen to investigate 9-11 were not morons at all, but rather, criminal conspirators in what would turn out to be the mother of all black operations.

One would have to surmize from the information gathered, that the most likely answer is three. However, Avery certainly did an excellent job of putting all of this information together in a fascinating documentary which is certain to become a part of American history, since it documents the biggest conspiracy by a government against its own people, ever recorded.

If you have not yet seen Avery's documentary you can access it at the following site. More than 2.5 million people have seen it since September 11th, 2006, the fifth anniversary of the 9-11 attacks. And more are seeing it every day as they learn about the treasonous acts that the Bush Adminstration and the Project For A New American Century perpetrated against the American people.

Dylan Avery's Documentary On The 9-11 Attacks:


My concern in regard to voice morphing technology is that given its sophistication, what is to prevent the FEDS from using it to frame innocent people whom they are looking to entrap in some Sting operation? Given the crimes that I know of in regard to the FBI and its COINTELPRO tactics, I would not put it past this organization to use this technology to do just that, especially in a court of law, when they have nothing else that they can use to prosecute someone they are targeting.

It would be very convenient for the FBI to clone someone's voice whom they are looking to target, and make it sound as though that person was involved in some type of illegal activity of the FBI's choosing, when in reality they were not.

Why would I say this?

Because when the FBI can't find legit reasons to arrest someone it resorts to the most despicable tactics imaginable, operating well outside the law, with its agents perjuring themselves in court in an effort to cover up what they have done. Voice cloning technology is just a little too tempting for this organization to pass up, especially when they have little or nothing to charge a target with.

Of course when the FBI has plenty of evidence to proceed with in an investigation, how they respond depends on who the person or persons are. In the case of the attacks on 9-11, and the missile downing of TWA Flight 800 in 1996, the FBI had an abundance of information with which to work. Why they chose to discard it raises the question of FBI complicity in a cover up.

When you have more than 200 eyewitnesses to a missile attack on a jetliner and you choose to ignore all of them, in favor of concocting your own explanation which is diametrically opposed to the evidence at hand, you raise serious questions about your own credibility. And the FBI has done just that, since it's been guilty of obstructing justice by helping to perpetrate disinformation to mislead the American people. This has had happened on numerous occasions, including the 9-11 attacks, where the FBI seized and refused to release three of the four black boxes of the aircraft that hit the World Trade Center Towers, as well as all of the video from the cameras surrounding the Pentagon and nearby businesses, which had tapes that captured the explosion after the alleged crash of Flight 77.

According to the FBI, the boxes were never found. However two workers at the site both claimed to have seen these boxes sitting in back of an all terrain vehicle, and were told by agents at the site never to mention having seen the boxes to anyone.

However, given the gravity of the attacks that took place, both Mike Bellone and Nick Dimassi refused to listen to the FBI and came forward with their information, realizing its importance to the public and that a conspiracy at the highest levels
of US Government was taking place.

Why would the FBI hold back such crucial evidence from the public more than 4 years after the investigation? Because the hierarchy within the FBI (including FBI director Robert Mueller) is guilty of aiding and abetting the Bush Adminstration in covering up the facts behind 9-11, and in creating an alternate explanation for the attacks, just like the FBI did in regard to TWA Flight 800, when it chose to ignore the evidence and concoct a multimillion dollar, 7 month waste of taxpayer money, in order to perpetrate a complete hoax on the American people.

(George W. Bush signed a secret document -- W-199 -- which threatened to have any intelligence agent who was working on terrorist ties to the Saudi Royal Family arrested as a threat to National Security.)

In both cases the FBI was guilty of obstructing justice by either aiding and abetting criminal activity, fabricating disinformation in order to legitimize the cover up, or perhaps even both.

So exactly why do we need the FBI?

See an article written on voice cloning technology at the following URL:


Thursday, October 26, 2006

A Reality That May Already Be Taking Place

Sherry Shriner's Comments Are Quite Accurate -- Especially Where They Concern Remote Neural Monitoring

Sherry Shriner is a well known psychic, speaker and author who not only acknowledges that remote neural monitoring exists, but also that it has many negative affects on those who are being targeted by it.

Her Website is well worth a visit. It can be accessed after the following excerpt:

"Implants and mind control technology are not simply the creation of paranoid conspiracy theorists, nor are they the stuff of science fiction based on imagination. In fact what is science fiction? It's the future foretold. Is there anything really fiction about most of the fiction we're seeing today? Truth is often masked under the term fiction so that you won't think it's real when often it indeed is.

Implants and mind control technology are real: an established, certifiable fact that the media won't tell you about. The technology exists, the hardware is in place, the patents are on record and the agencies to run and control it are in and have been in place. For more information on electronic warfare and mind control visit:


Often those who have been implanted with chips or under RNM (remote neural monitoring) attack suffer from symptoms such as depression, befuddled thinking, loss of memory, stress, not being able to cope, manic behaviour, schizophrenia, nervous breakdowns, physical collapse, brain and nervous system damage, heart attacks, cancer, dizziness, chest pains, dehydration, headaches, and migraines.

Most attacks occur either when you're sitting in front of the computer or when you're in bed. And this doesn't preclude the daily bombardment you're getting from the Gwen and ELF control towers that condition our subconscious minds daily with subliminal messaging."

Read More Here:


Another Mind Control Victim Who Was Murdered In A Made To Appear Suicide

I am always on the lookout for other mind control victims who have experienced anomalies similar to my own. Cary Adcox was one of these victims and it is my opinion that he stumbled onto a government modern day version of the CIA's MKULTRA Mind Control program which cost him his life.

Cary was a well educated man whom, for whatever reason, one day learned that his mind was being "electronically" read by someone. What Cary learned probably applies to most if not all American people, except that Cary had the advantage of knowing that it was happening to him. Like Cary, I also know with absolute certainty that this is being done to myself at the present time as well as many other victims, most of whom have no idea that it is happening to them. And for this reason I have been demonized by the FEDS in efforts to both discredit and neutralize me.

Sadly enough, after going public with his information and documenting it on the Mind Control Forums Website, Cary was murdered in what was reported to be a suicide. It's clear that Cary had stumbled onto some very serious crimes being perpetrated against him, and in coming forward with his information, whomever these people were felt that he needed to be silenced.

On June 21st, 2001 they got their wish. The body of Adcox was found at the end of a desolate road; the apparent cause of death -- a fatal gunshot wound. At the time he was only 45 years old.

Given my knowledge of the FBI's history of criminality and aiding and abetting the crimes of many other government officials and organizations, it gives me little solace that the FBI reported that there was no foul play with regard to Adcox's death.

In my opinion, the FBI's investigation was another snowjob which conveniently hid the facts behind Cary's murder. It's not like the FBI has not done it before. TWA Flight 800, the 1995 Murrah Building bombing, and both the original terrorist attack on the WTC in 1993, as well as 9-11, smacks of the FBI's participation in a very well organized criminal conspiracy.

The following is an excerpt of a letter written by Cary Adcox shortly before his untimely death. It can be seen in its entirety on the Mind Control Forums Website which I have included the link to at the end of this post.

"No, I'm not having any effects that I know of from the testing they are currently doing. I'm not sure what you know about the testing involved in MKULTRA.

I am currently looking for a job and haven't been able to land a job in part I believe because they have stopped every attempt for employment I have had a lead on. These people don't want me to work because it would interfere with the testing they are doing on me.

I am a highly trained person in the computer and electronics arena and I have my resume posted on sites all over the internet. I believe they are somehow canceling every prospective employer who calls and is interested in hiring me.

These people are as far as I can tell federal employees who can see and hear every conversation I have with anyone. They know every detail of my life. There are currently three of them that are active in the testing.

I'm not sure what you know about it but what appears to be happening is they have implanted somehow a device that receives and transmits in me that allows them to tap into the brain stem and access everything my mind is assembling as a thought before I even have a chance to completely think it.

They are able to question your mind while you are sleeping and get just about any detail of your past experiences from you while you sleep. This basically opens your entire, what used to be private, life up to them like a book. What ever you see out of your eyes is transmitted to them. Your life has no privacy at all.

Initially they used a lot of terrorizing tactics to pretty much to try to drive me crazy and or break me. They are also hooked up to this equipment in their minds, so I can actually sense things they feel quite often. I know what they are going to say before they can get a complete thought together because my mind sees what they are about to say.

This is not quite often to their advantage. They can somehow for instance think about putting a hand on you and you will actually have the sensation that it actually occurred because your mind is actually tricked into thinking it is occurring because your mind actually is fed close to the same information that it would receive as if you had actually been touched by someone.

You would not believe the things that are possible if you had the ability to reach into someone's mind and send the same information that many parts of a human body can send to a brain and you could transmit that same information to someone else's brain stem directly without them ever receiving it from their own body nerves or body organs. This is the type of testing that is currently being done with me.

They can cause you to feel pain by actually sending the proper information via a receiver transmitter to your brain of previously recorded information. They can send the information to the sensual part of your brain to sexually arouse you or they can send information to cause you to cry as they are making you feel guilty at the same time about something you may have done as a child or any number of other things they can say to make you feel guilty about to get you to cry. I am 42 years old and have cried more in the last six months then since I was a child."

Read the rest of Cary Adcox story here. He paid with his life to make it known to all of us. And so it should be, as should the rest of the accounts of ALL mind control and organized stalking victims, who are proof that there is now a core group of Nazi's which presides over the United States Federal Government. A very frightening TRUTH.


Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Wall Street Journal Article About Satellite Weapons Used To Mislead The American Public

In a recent Wall Street Journal article entitled "Spy- Satellite Effort Is Stalled by Disputes," columnist Andy Pasztor writes the following:

"INTERNAL BUSH ADMINISTRATION DISPUTES over the design and control of future U.S. spy satellites have stalled a high-priority program to track terrorists and hostile forces overseas. U.S. Air Force brass and senior intelligence-agency officials disagree over a proposed $20 billion surveillance project - called Space Radar -- envisioned to be more powerful than any national-security satellite in orbit.

The system's handful of satellites would track individual ground targets and provide unmatched, high-definition images regardless of terrain or weather, according to industry officials and lawmakers. Unlike surveillance aircraft and the dozens of imaging satellites the U.S. uses today, the more sophisticated satellites in the proposed program would be able to cover larger areas and provide more detailed images, particularly at night, to military forces and intelligence officials.

Yet despite repeated pledges of cooperation from both sides, personnel shifts to better coordinate program management and congressional demands for compromise, friction threatens to derail plans for the next generation of spacecraft."

The above article is seriously flawed in that more advanced spy technology than that which is mentioned here already exists. Satellite technology which is capable of watching the entire planet and electronically accessing people's thoughts has existed for decades. Moreover, three spy satellites can cover the entire planet -- And the NSA has access to far more than just three.

Andy Pasztor has either been mislead or is aware of this and deliberately misleading the public by allowing his readers to believe that this so called "future" technology is beyond any capablilites that NSA spy satellites presently have, when in reality technology that is more sophisticated than what Pasztor mentions here, has been in existence in the United States since the 1950's and perhaps ever earlier. In all likelyhood, he's just been mislead.

To his credit, Pasztor does mention the government secrecy which surrounds the development of these satellite spy systems and that the public is for the most part left completely in the dark in regard to their covert operations.

Of course the main reason for the public's being left in the dark is that they are a primary focus of these spy satellites and much of their use is classified, since they are invading the privacy of the American people in ways that are beyond most of their comprehension.

My Website discusses many of the illegal functions that these satellite systems are being used for. And this would certainly cause a scandal if the public were ever to be made privy to it.

Nowhere in his article does Pasztor mention these advanced aspects of satellites or that through remote neural monitoring, they have the ability to track citizens by way of their body's own electrical waves (electro magnet flux), or the "electronic" mind reading capabilities that this technology offers. Neither does he mention that the ability to spy on all Americans simultaneously by way of a satellite network and super computers, has existed in the United States for more than two decades.

As a result of these omissions, Mr. Pasztor's article is seriously flawed, since he is leaving his readers with the impression that US Government spy technology which is less sophisticated than what the NSA has had access to since the 1950's, has yet to be created.

If Pasztor wants to be a legitimate journalist (something which America is seriously lacking in) he needs to concentrate on circulating the truth about the spy satellite technology that the NSA is using, and stop propagating government black propaganda which is replete with disinformation that the United States Government uses to deliberately mislead its people.

These types of propagandized articles are largely responsible for the ignorance that the American people have been saddled with, since most of them still take the news that they hear in the media as Gospel, and seldom if ever question it.

This "dumbing down" of the American people has been of real benefit to the US Government, since most are so woefully ignorant of what is going on behind the covert wall of national security, that they are incapable of even asking the right questions, much less obtaining truthful answers to them.

To prove my point, the next time you are seated at the dinner table or out with some friends, bring up the subject of the NSA's Echelon spy system and see how many of your aquaintences even know what it is. If you ask 10 people the chances are extremely good that all 10 will have no idea what you are even talking about. You may even want to ask them what they know about the Federal Reserve Bank. Once again, it's more than likely that all 10 of these people will tell you that it is government owned and operated, rather than the privately held and government sanctioned organization that it really is.

To be an American citizen is to be ignorant of the true nature of your government and its criminal history. If there truly is a God, and given the impending disaster that the criminal Bush Adminstration has us headed for, one may well surmise that "God" has cursed America rather than blessing her.

The US Government uses fear tactics and disinformation to keep the American people ignorant. So it's up to individuals to educate themselves as to what is really happening in this country in the present day. Once you have done so, you'll have freed yourself from the bonds of ignorance and indoctrination that this government uses to blind you to its criminality. And then you'll experience an enlightenment you never knew existed, in which it will never be able to deceive you again.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Q&A On FBI & NSA Mind Control & The FBI's Role In Organized Stalking Crimes

The following is a list that I have put together in regard to certain questions which should be, yet rarely if ever get asked in regard to these crimes, since they concern the federal intelligence community. And it seems that most organized stalking victims would prefer to think that it is just some criminal thugs who are taking part in their harassment, rather than law enforcement itself. But it's become painfully clear to a number of us that law enforcement is in myriad instances sanctioning this abuse, and in worst cases actually taking part in it.

I have noticed that within the anti-organized stalking/mind control community there are few TI's who inject their own personal experiences when it comes to the "taboo" aspects of the crimes being committed against them. In particular I am referring to a number of instances where they've chosen to hold back their belief that law enforcement may be behind the attacks being perpetrated against them. And this keeps them from speaking out against law enforcement (especially the FBI) since they are fearful that if they can't get any help from the FBI, that they'll have no hope whatsoever of obtaining assistance from law enforcement.

While I can understand this, I do believe that omitting certain information is unhelpful to the overall exposure of these crimes in order to demonstrate just how terrible they are. Moreover, I do not know of one single person who has gotten help from the FBI or anyother law enforcement group, in regard to the organized stalking that they are being subjected to. I also find it of interest that a number of TI's who actually went to the FBI for help not only received none, but experienced an increase in the stalking tactics being used against them after contacting this agency.

For this reason, it's my intention to cover as much information in regard to the criminal role that the FBI assumes against TI's as is possible, within the following Q&A.

The attacks that I report in regard to myself are of an extreme nature given that they are being done to protect an FBI agent by the name of Raymond Migliore, who has committed numerous crimes against me under US color of law statutes, and could well face life in prison since the crimes are ongoing, so no statute of limitiations would apply.

Those perpetrating these crimes against me are within the FBI, NSA, & Homeland Security agencies, as well as their goonsquads, and anyone who they can either coerce or * black prop into taking part in these crimes.

*black prop - The government's use of black propaganda (slander and other forms of character defamation to dehumanize and assassinate the character of someone they target in order to destroy their reputation).

These crimes include:

Conspiring to deny me my Civil Rights including my right to due process of law.

In doing so, sabotaging my relationships with my Family, friends and community while denying me my right to hold a job, by causing a very uncomfortable situation within my work place.

Either vandalizing or orchestrating the vandalization or theft of my personal property.

Using psychological warfare tactics, including gaslighting in an effort to drive me insane.

Illegally spying on my Family and me for decades, within the privacy of our own home.

Tracking me by way of the NSA's remote neural monitoring technology to spy on me by way of audio/visual satellite, 24/7/365 for at least 25 years.

Subjecting me to synthetic telepathy and directed energy weapons in what constitutes non consensual human experimentation. This is in violation of the US Constitution, The Geneva Convention, and the Neuremburg code, all of which prohibit such deplorable crimes against humanity.

Subjecting me to organized stalking harassment and all that this hate crime entails.

The following Q&A applies to my experiences with the FBI and NSA in regard to their abusive tactics used against me and my own Family.

Q. Do both the FBI and NSA operate beyond the scope of US Law as it is prescribed within the United States Constitution?

A. Yes. Both of these intelligence organizations operate well outside the boundaries prescribed by the US Constitution, oftentimes committing crimes that would put a normal US citizen in prison for life. And they use the National Security Act to hide any crimes that they commit which they want hidden from the American people, under the pretense that the information is classified under national security. National Security has become a very slick way for the criminals in government to conceal their criminal activity under the cover of law.

Q. Would the FBI use my Family or friends as part of their attack on me? If they did how could they get away with it?

A. Yes they would use your Family, friends and anyone else whom they found useful to them in their attacks on you. That is how they are able to infiltrate the lives of the people they target.

And this is the basis for their modern day counterintelligence operations; something very similar to the FBI's original COINTELPRO. However, this covert and illegal program is far more advanced than the original, given the sophisticated satellite technology that the FBI now has access to, which has made its "black bag" jobs (surreptitious entry - breaking and entering) for the most part obsolete.

Unbenownst to most Americans, when the FBI decides to place a person whom they are interested in under surveillance, the person is then placed into the National Security Agency's Remote Neural Monitoring system and illegally spied on by way of NSA audio/visual satellites for an indefinate period of time. The person is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year, every second of the time.

The person's thoughts are also "electronically monitored" during this time by way of special computers designed to decode the evoked potentials of the brains of those persons being targeted, so that they can "electronically access" the person's thoughts. This is pure Nazism.

The answer to your next question is Yes it illegal for the NSA to do this, and (technically) nothing that they can learn from an American whom they target can ever be admitted into a court of law because the use of this technology is in violation of proper legal procedures.

Then again, since dictator Bush's passage of the Patriot Act, any American can be labled as a domestic terrorist, even if they are just attending a peaceful protest or reading a book that the FBI decides should be questioned. It's clear that the Bush Adminstration has abused the use of this terminology for its own corrupt and immoral purposes.

And the rampant Nationalism which Americans are now being subjected to is a convenient cover for the Bush Administration and the New World Order that they are a part of, which if allowed to a happen, will replace our democracy with a dictatorship.

Bush was dead serious when he made the statement: "It would be a lot easier if this was a dictatorship so long as I am the dictator."

While the NSA's use of remote neural monitoring is illegal, unconstitutional, immoral and unethical, that does not stop them from using this technology to covertly gain information about any person whom they have chosen to investigate. They may, however, decide to investigate other aspects of a TI's life based on information that they have gotten illegally, in an attempt to actually go after this person legally.

In regard to how they can use those around you ( including your own Family and friends) in their attacks against you, much of the aforementioned information applies. Since a TI is monitored around the clock, nothing that they do is private. Not even using their own bathrooms or even sleeping within the "so called" privacy of their own bedrooms is beyond the FBI and NSA's scope, when it comes to spying on Americans. An as outrageous as this may sound there are a very significant number of Americans being spied on in this way, who have no idea that it's being done to them. If they did, it would cause a scandal unparalleled in US history. Just imagine 20 millions blogs reporting the same governmental abuses that I have and you can conclude that these fascists would be facing a meltdown within this corrupted government.

As for the NSA and its RMN spy technology, since theyuse it to spy on targeted individuals on a non-stop basis, they are able to see and hear the people who are located around those targeted for this illegal spying, to gather information on them as well. Consequently, no conversation that the TI has is private, which means that the persons with whom the TI is communicating are also at risk of having the NSA and FBI learning about their private information, and quite possibly placing them under NSA remote neural monitoring surveillance.

In these instances both the FBI and NSA's violations of the 4th Amendment of the US Constitution are not only extreme, but well beyond the comprehension of most Americans, who are unware that such advanced satellite spy technology as remote neural monitoring even exists.

And since the attacks on 9-11 the NSA, FBI and Department Of Homeland Security are spending most of their time mining data in regard to Americans, so they are looking for any excuse to place people into this system. It is this author's opinion that quite possibly most if not all of the American people are being spied on 24 hours a day, by the NSA's Echelon spy satellite network and that this may now even include remote neural monitoring the entire US population without their knowledge, just to gather further data on them (which can be archived for later use).

The following is of great importance since it is further proof of the existence of the NSA's RNM technology and how this agency has been abusing it.

Most Americans are unfamiliar with a man by the name of John St. Clair Awkei. Akwei is a former NSA employee who was fired by the NSA when he blew the whistle on the NSA after learning about advanced spy technology that the agency was using to illegally spy on Americans. In 1991 he filed a federal lawsuit against the NSA and from that time on became targeted as a government whistle blower, and placed under surveillance by the NSA's remote neural monitoring system. His lawsuit was withdrawn in the same year due to this harassment but reinstated 10 years later. However no further information is available in regard to the present status of the suit.

Note that if one uses the Google search engine and types in Akwei vs the NSA they can view the first 6 pages of John's lawsuit and learn the specifics behind this technology. I highly recommend it.

While most people have never heard of him, John Akwei should one day be seen as a great American patriot for coming forward with this information, in an attempt to expose the NSA and this insidious and Civil Liberties threatening spy technology.

In May of 2006, another NSA whistle blower by the name of Russell Tice testified before a Senate subcomittee in relation to what he claimed was a "bombshell" in regard to illegal goings on at the NSA's Fort Meade, Maryland headquarters.

It is this author's opinion, that the "bombshell" to which Tice was referring, is the NSA's remote neural monitoring technology and the extent to which it is being abused to invade the privacy of US citizens. Prior to his testimony, Tice referred to the NSA's Directive 18, or as he called it, the NSA's Bible, which instructed NSA agents on what they could and could not do in regard to their spying activities. One particular "don't" was illegally spying on Americans. And in Tice's own words it was clear that many NSA agents were violating this part of Directive 18 so badly, that Tice himself indicated that it was allowing for an erosion of democracy in this country and helping to contribute to the US becoming a fascist police state.

Tice also stated that most of the NSA's employees were badly demoralized by the crimes that they had seen being committed within this agency but were terrified of coming forward with what they saw, for fear of NSA retribution.

As in the situation with John Akwei, Tice was fired from his job soon after reporting this abuse and also became targeted by the NSA. While Tice admitted that he is being followed, and even cited a particular example in which he caught an FBI agent tailing him, he never mentioned being placed into the NSA's remote neural monitoring system. However, he did say that a set of circumstances had allowed him to come forward to testify before a Senate subcommittee, but would not go into any specific details.

Interestingly enough, since May of 2006, Tice has not been interviewed by the media, nor has he posted on the Internet. It appears as if he has been issued a gag order to keep silent about this information. Moreover, the media has not said a word about Tice's testimony, even though it had covered it, up until the time that Tice was interviewed by this committee.

After that a media blackout on Tice's testimony took place.

One would have to ask, what is going on here when two NSA employees are prevented from getting this information made public through the US media? As it stands now, it would appear that at least certain members of Congress have conspired to keep this information out of the public eye.

And that should raise the concerns of every American citizen.

Why would they do something this evil? Well for starters, since their goal is to gain as much information on US citizens as possible for the upcoming New World Order one world fascist government, one can conclude that if the NSA has an efficient way of collecting this data by using their vast network of IBM "blue gene" super computers, that it would make sense to spy on everyone and record what they do, so that should they later find anyone of particular interest, they would then have have the person's entire life on the computer, from the time that they first began spying on them. Remote neural monitoring allows for this possiblity and is the ULTIMATE spy technology because it uses satellites and super computers to home in on the EMF waves that each person's brain gives off to track them.

This means that no person is safe from being illegally spied on since they can be tracked 24/7/365, no matter where they go on this planet. And even worse, their thoughts can be electronically monitored and even influenced by this technology. Given this shocking information, is it any wonder why we have not heard from Russell Tice since his testimony? Most of the Senate committee probably sat before Tice, completely slackjawed, wondering if they themselves had been spied on by the NSA for all this time.

And there's an excellent chance that they have been.

So it makes perfect sense that while the FBI takes a more hand's on approach by getting in the public's face through intimidation tactics, the NSA would be busy behind the scene quietly spying on everyone and gathering as much data on them as possible.

Afterall, this technology is so covert that it can watch you as if it were in the same room and collect any information that the NSA has an interest in. And you will never know it unless you suddenly find yourself being harassed in a very overt way, in which you are made to learn that you are being spied on within the privacy of your own home, or that your thoughts are some how being "magically" read.

***Author's note

When I first experienced the violation of being spied on within my home I was shocked. But to my horror, I was far more concerned when the NSA made it known to me that it was actually reading my thoughts. I had no idea at the time exactly how this was being done. However, over the past three years I've spent thousands of hours researching this information and finally learned about the NSA's remote neural monitoring technology and its electronic mind reading capablilities.

Of course, now that I know how they do it, they probably no longer get the sadistic charge that they once did, since I am no longer baffled by how this technology works. But they did have themselves a hell of a lot of sadistic fun at my expense when they began demonstrating to me that they were watching me within the privacy of my own home and reading my thoughts. If you watch someone within the privacy of their own bathroom you are one deviant son of a bitch. And for the female FBI and NSA agents who take part in this deviant voyeurism, you are no better than your male counterparts.

This RNM technology is so invasive that it allows these organizations to infiltrate the families and friends of those they target. And since they are able to obtain personal information about them, it can later be used to blackmail these associates of the TI into cooperating with the FBI, even if they are vehemently opposed to doing so.

The FBI has never played by the rules and is not about to start now. Its tactics are as low down dirty and despicable as it gets, and FBI agents operate completely absent of morality, ethics or conscience, which is what makes them so lethal. That these people would actually go home and hug their children after the atrocities that they commit against others during the day is enough to make anyone cringe.

Blackmail is an integral part of politics and far more commonly used by organizations like the FBI than anyone might imagine. Politicians like the Bush family have long used pornography to induce their competition into compromsing situations, in which the Bush's were later able to blackmail them. And in Washington, the Bush's are hardly unique. Many politicians operate in this despicable fashion, holding explicit photos of other politicians or those whom they were looking to control in some way, taking part in sexual acts with underaged teens or anyother immoral actions which could destroy their reputations. It can be said that blackmail is the bread and butter of the political life, since credibility is everything and it only takes one scandal to destroy a political career. And blackmail is as rampant in Washington D.C. as it is anywhere on this planet.

Moreover, the FBI is as effective at using blackmail as any organization that has ever existed. Furthermore, its agents can use their COINTELPRO tactics to slowly torture a target to death, and never lose a minute's sleep over it. Sociopathology at its worst. And the FBI is just loaded with sociopaths.

The FBI and NSA's filthy tactics are not nearly as well known to the American people as they should be, since the FBI is very careful to maintain an upstanding public facade as federal law enforcement. As for the NSA, prior to Bush's use of it to illegally spy on certain people, most Americans had never even heard of this agency. All the better for the NSA since the less people know about its advanced spy satellites and "electronic" mind reading capabilities, the less questions they are bound to ask. And for most Americans they'd have no questions at all since they haven't a clue that this technology exists at all.

As for the FBI, anyone who's ever been targeted by its COINTELPRO activities is well aware that this agency is as criminal in its actions as any organized crime family with one exception -- the FBI has been granted impunity to commit these crimes under the cover of law and in nearly all cases immune from prosecution, even when agents are involved in the murders of some of their targets.

Q. Is there anyway that I can restore my relationship with my Family?

A. Unfortunately No. A primary source of control for the FEDS is the use of your Family in the FEDS attacks on you. They will brainwash your loved ones and poison them against you to the point where there is no chance for any reconcilliation. They will also demonize you to your Family and community so that you are quite literally seen as being as malevolent as people like Hitler, Mussolini, Dreyfus, Francom Stalin and Hussein. Obviously the fact that you have no criminal record is indicative of what a complete sham the FEDS actions are. However, in spite of how deceptive they are, they have a long history of demonizing entire peoples and countries, so attacking one person is a fairly easy task for them, especially if you know of their extensive criminal history -- something that they would prefer to keep from the American people.

Your Family will also deny any of the illegal tactics that the FEDS have used against them as well as yourself, since the FBI is very capable of digging up compromising information on anyone. Moreover, what this fascist organization does not dig up, it will fabricate if necessary.

Also keep in mind that the FBI, NSA, CIA and DoD cannot answer the hard questions when they are asked to, simply because the FEDS know that they have broken the law and perpetrated serious crimes against you. For this reason they are even more aggressive in their attacks, because they are perpetrating LIES rather than TRUTHS. The fact that they would utilize remote neural monitoring technology on any American is indicative of the Nazi influence in this country. Since Operation Paperclip , these FEDS have a lot to hide and if you know their secrets, you are a danger to them, and this complete fraud of a government, that the United States has become.

Remember this. Your Family has been brainwashed, so pay no mind to what they say since they are no longer in their right minds, and the perps will have them say some very cruel things to you in an effort to break you down. Most imporantly, remember to continue to love them as you always you have, regardless of the situation. It is the FEDS and their NAZI belief system which are truly evil. And they will eventually be held accountable for their vicious crimes against humanity. The fact that the FBI could ever call itself a defender of Civil Rights given its extreme violations of the aforesaid is a complete joke. This organization should have been abolished as soon as it was created, since it has left a trail of destruction in its wake, destroying the lives of a myriad of good Americans, while perpetrating some of the most heinous crimes against them, ever recorded.

The FBI is first and foremost a disgrace to humanity -- secondly it's a disgrace to legitimate police officers who abide by the US Constitution -- something the FBI does not. The FBI and NSA are nothing but modern day Gestapo who hate Americans as much as they hate Civil Rights. And they are looking to keep the crimes they are perpetrating against the American people secret. Eventually they will be found out and seen to be just as hideous as Hitler's Gestapo. History has a way of catching up with all of us and the FBI and NSA are no exceptions.

As it stands, they are now two of the most despised organizations by the rest of the world, who unlike most Americans are well aware of their rampant criminal history. And they will become only more so in time.

Q. Why does the FBI use entrapment when it targets specific American citizens?

A. The FBI uses entrapment when it decides to target a person for arrest, yet has no legitimate reason to arrest the person (the person has committed no incarcerable offenses). Entrapment is not about good police work. It is about the FBI's attempting to trick law abiding citizens into committing crimes that they ordinarily would not. By doing so one may conclude that the FBI is in the business of creating criminals, rather then apprehending legitimate ones. A man representing himself as a former CIA agent once told me that he considered the FBI to be the largest and most dangerous criminal organizaton in the United States. I have to agree with him. However the CIA and NSA are just as bad if not worse.

Q. What kind of tactics does the FBI use when it decides to target someone for entrapment?

A. The FBI has a myriad of tactics that it uses against those it targets. Most can be documented under the umbrella of psychological warfare and are extremely cruel. The objective is always to break the target down psychologically so that they are forced into submission. The NSA's satellite based directed energy weapons are also used to break the target down physically by exposing their bodies to the radiation that's emanating from these weapons.

The goal is to torture the target to the point where they become so despondent that they commit suicide, or so enraged that they commit a violent crime against someone else so that they can be arrested.

*** Note that the target is not committing any crimes, but instead being subjected to crimes which are committed against them by the FBI or others collectively known as the FBI goonsquad (who act as agents provocateur to harass and trick the TI into committing crimes).

And additional notation is that those who the target is closest to (Family in particular) will also be targeted by the FBI's attacks, in order to place them into a state of fear so that they cooperate with this agency. This is cruel beyond words and usually results in the destruction of the TI's relationship with their own Families and in a number of cases, even their own parents.

The truth is that if the American public knew about the covert and insidious ways in which the FBI really operates, this organization would be shut down. And the FBI is well aware of this, which is why it is very careful to attack whistle blowers who document this agency's rampant criminal activity, neutralizing them at times with extreme prejudice, to ensure that the public does not learn of the specifics behind the FBI's criminal and unconstitutional operations.

Q. How can you stop the NSA and FBI from committing these crimes?

A. The only way that you can accomplish this is to expose these organizations to the public for what they really are. Simply put, the agents who commit these crimes are nothing but thugs operating under the facade of legitimate intelligence gathering and law enforcement.

However, exposing these crimes takes a lot of time and effort. And unless an American is being targeted by these organizations, most have little interest in exposing them simply because they are unaware that such crimes are taking place. And even when TI's come forward to state that they are happening, the TI's are in many instances met with disbelief that federal law enforcement could possibly be taking part in such criminal behavior.

The key is to expose this criminal activity at all costs. And since there are decent FBI agents who are well aware that they are in the commission of serious crimes against the very people whom they are being paid to protect, many of them may eventually turn to whistle blowing against the FBI, as long as they believe that they will be protected from the FBI's wrath -- something that at this time they are not, which is undoubtably the main reason why many would be whistle blowers have failed to come forward. So it should come as little surprise that the FBI would do everything within its power to prevent the American public from finding out about the crimes that they are perpetrating.

Q. How do the FBI and NSA get away with these crimes?

A. They are able to perpetrate these crimes simply because the American public has been conditioned to believe that they are basically good organizations that would never do such horrible things to the American people. These agencies depend on this ignorance when they perpetrate horrific crimes against those they target, since they are using their hollow reputations as law enforcement to cover up these crimes.

Q. What does the FBI do if their psychological warfare strategy fails to induce a target into committing crimes or committing suicide?

A. This is an excellent question simply because it happens more than most people might imagine. When the FBI and its criminal cohorts fail to reach their objective with a target in regard to their psywarfare strategy, the next step is to dehumanize the target; quite often by demonizing them to society. This is done in an attempt to convince the TI's community that they are unredeemable people and that the FEDS should be able to get away with violating their Civil Rights.

The truth is that those who perpetrate these vicious hate crimes against a TI are the ones who should seen as inhuman.

Keep in mind that most TI's have no criminal history and that any crimes that have been perpetrated have not been done so by them but against them.

In order to accomplish this demonization of the TI, the FBI builds on its psywarfare campaign against the target even further then before, since through this demonization campaign, they have managed to raise the anger of citizens within the TI's community to make them more aggressive in regard to the TI. Meanwhile the TI does not know most of these people and has never done anything to them. So the mere fact that these people would attack a TI who has never harmed them places their own sanity into question.

As for the FBI and its dirty tactics, they should be seen for what they are and the crimes they commit:

In this case I am referring to the facilitation of hate crimes through the orchestration of organized stalking and psychological warfare perpetrated against the TI. Once again, the FBI's actions prove that it is a criminal organization with evil intentions, and should have been abolished a long time ago.

Q. Do any Targets survive the FBI's COINTELPRO abuse?

A. It depends on the situation and the mental constitution of the TI. The FBI's COINTELPRO attacks are as vicious as it gets and will go on for as long as those being targeted are alive, or until they commit a crime or act in ways in which they can be incarcerated in prison or a mental institution. Ironically, in most cases the TI's that the FBI attacks are quite sane and not committing crimes, which is why the FBI goes to such lengths (including gaslighting tactics) to either drive them insane or through the use of relentless cruelty, provoke them into attacking others.

However, the FBI's attacks are so cruel and unreasonable that instead of reaching their desired objective of incarcerating or murdering the TI by getting them to commit suicide, many TI's end up fighting back out of indignance, and wage campaigns of their own to expose the FBI for the criminal organization that it truly is.

And exposing the FBI for this masquerade that it has perpetrated against the American people is exactly the type of justice that we need to see more of, since this organization exists in direct contrast to a democracy and democratic rule of law.

The FBI was the brainchild of a Nazi mindset. It never has been, is not now, nor will it ever be a legitmate part of American democracy, but instead a terroristic threat against it. This organization is comprised of power hungry psychopaths who have no conscience, morality or ethics.

The mere fact that they would ever try to justify the illegal spying of Americans through remote neural monitoring and both the physical and psychological torture of these citizens, speaks loudly in regard to just how corrupt and completely insane the hierarchy within the FBI and NSA are.

Part of the FBI's psychological operations campaign against me has been to employ organized stalking groups in attempts to harass and intimidate me on a constant basis. For this reason I have also included a link to an anti-gangstalking Website which the reader should find helpful. Who knows, you may be in the early stages of being harassed and not even realize it. If so the following site will be educational for you:


Monday, October 23, 2006

The Mothman Prophesies -- Is The Mothman A Genetically Engineered Hybridized Being?

After seeing a movie entitled the Mothman Prophesies some years back I had often wondered about the possibility that such a being could be real. And since that time I have done enough research in regard to many different facets of the paranormal to conclude that not only is the Mothman being a possiblity, it in all likelyhood does exist. And there may be more than one of them.

If the accounts of several alien abductees are true in regard to what they have witnessed first hand, at underground military bases such as the one that is alleged to be located in Dulce, New Mexico, in which it's said that ET's have long experimented with genetics and created numerous hybridized creatures along the way (some actually taking a similar form to humans), then there is little reason for us to doubt the existence of many hybridized beings including that which has been dubbed the Mothman.

*** What's also of interest here is that many witnesses who claimed to see the Mothman had also mentioned seeing UFO's as well as MIB's (an acronym for men in black -- or government
employees involved with ET black operations) in the area at the time. Were these FEDS observing the affect that one of their ET/Military creations had on the public?

When you build something that you are proud of what's the first thing you want to do? Show it off of course. Perhaps in their own warped way that's what these FEDS might have been doing?

The following is an excerpt from an interesting article on the subject which can be found at the link following it. And for those who haven't yet seen the movie the Mothman Prophesies, it is worth watching. (IMO)

"The weird events connected to the Mothman began on November 12, 1966 near Clendenin, West Virginia. Five men were in the local cemetery that day, preparing a grave for a burial, when something that looked like a “brown human being” lifted off from some nearby trees and flew over their heads. The men were baffled. It did not appear to be a bird, but more like a man with wings. A few days later, more sightings would take place, electrifying the entire region."

"Late in the evening of November 15, two young married couples had a very strange encounter as they drove past an abandoned TNT plant near Point Pleasant, West Virginia. The couples spotted two large eyes that were attached to something that was "shaped like a man, but bigger, maybe six or seven feet tall."

"And it had big wings folded against its back". When the creature moved toward the plant door, the couples panicked and sped away. Moments later, they saw the same creature on a hillside near the road. It spread its wings and rose into the air, following with their car, which by now was traveling at over 100 miles per hour. 'That bird kept right up with us,' said one of the group."

"They told Deputy Sheriff Millard Halstead that it followed them down Highway 62 and right to the Point Pleasant city limits. And they would not be the only ones to report the creature that night. Another group of four witnesses claimed to see the “bird” three different times!"

The rest of this article can be seen at the following Website:


Other intereresting Websites on the Mothman Phenomena:

Was this Centuries Old Curse Responsible for the Mothman & Disasters in the Ohio River Valley?

The Cornstalk Curse

One of America's Largest Selections of book on the Strange & the Unknown!

Myth Or Real Series!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Facing An Enemy Mindset

The FEDS Routinely Have Others Post LIES About Targets

The following is a post that I recently found on the Internet written by some shill looking to discredit remote neural monitoring and the information that I have posted on my Website.

The post contains several OUTRIGHT LIES in regard to myself which I have documented within the post itself. I have placed the entire post here so that the reader can see for themselves the ways in which the Government will use others to discredit TI's who are looking to expose the crimes that this government has perpetrated against them.

The following information was listed on a blog entitled Western Wisdom.I should note that the blogger had an animation of a deer in the crosshairs of a rifle, which pretty much sums up his character. Of course so does the following post:

"Saturday, September 16, 2006
Bona Fide Nutjob Blogger

"Normally I don't go around insulting other people's blogs, but I'm going to make an exception in this case. As I was browsing through the various blogs on the internet, I stumbled across this guy's blog, who calls himself "James F. Marino" and named his blog "9-11 The Mother Of All Black Operations".

"This guy is so far out in left field he's not even in the park. He claims he's the subject of government mind control techniques, but truth be told, I think he's more like the subject of controlled substance abuse. Now I thought maybe this dude was just doing some short rants for amusement, but his posts go on and on and on, and it's in every post of his, which seems to be pretty darn regular. This guy has some serious problems if he really believes the B.S. he's spouting off about, and frankly, he probably belongs in a room with padded walls and floors. "

Don't be so quick to judge, "Joseph." In the unlikely event that you are not a shill but just a person who is ignorant of RNM technology, you should first research it before you pass judgement on me or anyone else. As it is I seriously doubt that you are in any position in which to pass judgment. If you are in fact a shill as I suspect, then you already know about this technology and are like many other provocateurs, preventing this information from being circulated to the public in any mainstream venue. And discrediting anyone who documents it as I have. As it is, nearly all TI's are relegated to keeping their information to their own Websites, and even some of the luckier ones (if you can actually call any TI lucky) will have some of the more liberal news forums report some aspects of what they document.

"Since he deletes all comments that disagree with his, I'm posting about it here where he can't delete anything, nor do jack about it."

*** I don't delete all comments that disagree with my own -- just those which have been sent to discredit the technologies that I am documenting, and those that deliberately use trigger words and phrases as part of the psychological warfare that the FBI and DHS employ against me. As for the person who wrote this blog post (Joseph), I never received an e-mail from him so I have no idea why he would even make this statement unless someone asked him to.

"He's being stalked and harassed by the U.S. Government -- Sure, after all the government has nothing better to do with it's time. Dude, if the government had a problem with you, they'd either kill you or lock you away somewhere for the rest of your life."

Or use psychological warfare to torment me to such a state in which I killed myself - something that is very common with this government and in particular the FBI.

"He's a subject of government mind control -- James, if that really is your name, if the government really was controlling your mind, don't you think they'd keep you from publishing this so-called secret information you have on them?"

Yes, James really is my name. Is your name really Joseph? You don't list your last name in your blog. Probably because of derogatory and inflammatory posts like the one that I am presently commenting on.

"The government is paying street gangs to harass him in his neighborhood -- Yep, live in a bad area and act like a nut-case and the gangs are gonna pick on you. It doesn't mean the government is paying them, it means you need to quit doing things to attract their attention. Quit playing neighborhood spy for instance."

I live in a very affluent residential area where the average home sells for roughly 2 million dollars. It is hardly a bad neighborhood. However that has not prevented organized stalkers from taking up residence here. As for spying on my neighborhood, I am only interested in those who take part in the FEDS psywar campaign against my person. I should also note that up until a little over three years ago, this was a very quiet and wonderful neighborhood in which to live, where everyone kept to themselves and interacted very peacefully with one another. However since the FEDS began causing problems here there has been nothing but pandemonium while the FEDS sit back and have a good laugh at all of our expense.

"The government has secret agents renting a house just down the street from him -- Dude, every neighborhood has some excessively private people with odd schedules. Get over it, they aren't out to get you. If they were, you'd already have been "gotten" by now. "

23 Wenwood Drive was rented by an organized stalking group and used as a base camp for them until the Brookville Police ran them out. However that has not ended the organized stalking, just made the neighborhood more quiet during the evening and early morning hours.

"The guy thinks that President Bush is Adolf Hitler -- That's really original, blame the President on all your woes, typical liberal bullshit blaming the President on your own failings in life. If I remember right, Hitler tried to exterminate an entire race of people based on their religion. I haven't yet seen any reports of Bush trying to do that, if anything he's trying to stop the nutjob terrorists who try and kill others based on their religious beliefs."

I am hardly liberal or conservative -- both represent extreme politicial views that I have no interest in pursuing. As for President Bush, you need only review history and his family's ties to Adolf Hitler and German Industrialist Fritz Thyssen, to know that these people are Nazi supporters.

Prescott Bush, the President's grandfather, had his bank seized in 1942 for violating the Trading With The Enemy Act. Prescott Bush was laundering the money stolen from the Jews for Adolf Hitler's Nazi party. This information is a matter of historical record.

And it is just the tip of the iceburg in regard to the rampant criminal activity of the Bush family which includes, drug trafficking, election rigging, money laundering, pedophila, rape and murder, as well many other sorted crimes.

"The government's constant harassing of him has caused his wife to leave him -- Hey, umm, James, hate to break it to you, but it was more likely your paranoid delusions that made her feel unsafe around you, thereby causing her to flee for her life in fear of you."

Where you got this information I have no idea, since I have never been married - consequently my wife could not as you say have ever left me. Perhaps it is you who is guilty of substance abuse? Your facts aren't even skewed -- they are just plain wrong. No wonder since the FEDS are probably feeding them to you and many others. Is it any wonder why the IMC Websites remove my posts from the main page as quickly as they can, since I am truthfully documenting some of the worst crimes ever perpetrated by the US Intelligence community against an American citizen. And many other TI's report experiencing the same problem. When you cannot post on a self publishing Website in regard to the crimes that the FEDS have subjected you to, you know that they are worried about the public finding out about it.

"I could go on and on, but I've had enough fun at this guy's expense. The sad thing is, there are actually people out there who believe the kind of nonsense he's spouting off about."

Posted by Joseph 0/16/2006 01:15:00

Yes, I do believe you could and that you have. There are many sick minded people in the world Joseph, who enjoy the misfortunes of others. And from your thoughtless and cruel post it is clear that you may count yourself among them.

Postscript -- This person who calls himself Joseph is illustrative of the types of people who the FEDS use to discredit legitimate accounts of the crimes that they have perpetrated against others; crimes that they do not want the American people to learn about.

There is no question in my mind that remote neural monitoring technology does exist, that is the most invasive spy technology ever invented, and that I have been subjected to it for the past few decades, in what is without a doubt one of the worst violations of Civil Rights in United States history.

I have documented the truth on this Website and will continue to stand by all of my comments in regard to this technology, and as to how it is being illegally employed against American citizens. Those who challenge my claims would do well to research it for themselves, since they are all catalogued within the NSA's remote neural monitoring system and can be spied on at anytime the NSA decides to, just by punching in whatever corresponding code pertains to their body's EMF waves. While I have no way of knowing for certain, it is possible that each of us is catalogued into the NSA's database by our own social security numbers. It would certainly make it a simple enough way of placing the entire American populace into this system.

I also urge those who honestly (I say honestly because many of the people who access this site know of the existence of this technology and have been told to discredit those citizens who come forward with information about it) question whether such technology exists, to access John Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA to learn more about this technology. Having worked for the NSA, Akwei would certainly have more credibility then the average American citizen, which is why the courts have refused to listen to his lawsuit. However, you can access it by typing Akwei vs NSA into the Google search engine to learn all about this technology for yourselves.

I know that this technology exists and so do many other Americans as well as people in other countries who have also been targeted by it. That's why it is time that all Americans and for that matter all of the people on this planet learn about it, since it was created to monitor their activities as well as their very own thoughts, in what can be seen as the worst threat to privacy ever documented.

And please don't take my word for it. Do your own research so that you will know that what I have said here is the truth and that this technology represents the greatest threat to your own civil liberties that you will ever face. I have been spied on for at least 225,000 consecutive hours. I know of only one other person who has documented being spied on even longer. A Civil Rights activist by the name of Frank Wilkinson, who was spied on by the FBI for nearly 40 years. However, I have no way of knowing if the spying that he was subjected to was as invasive as the remote neural monitoring technology that I have been and continue to be subjected to. And since Wilkinson recently passed away, it is doubtful that we will ever know.

The FBI will certainly never admit to such abuse and neither will the NSA.

Of course once this technology is made known to the general public (a goal of mine and many other TI's) it will be interesting to see how these agencies will respond, knowing full well that they have been illegally using it for years.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Another Remotely Induced Sexual Assault By The NSA

As punishment for writing about how the FEDS were attempting to use the judiciary as yet another venue in their harassment of me ( by sending me bogus jury duty questionnaires), I was again sexually assaulted early this morning. This has happened to me numerous times over the past 3.5 years and has been reported by a myriad of TI's including men, women and children who have reached the age of puberty.

This is also proof that this advanced satellite based technology can be used to remotely "electronically access" the human brain, since they have now mapped out the brain and know exactly which areas to target in order to bring about the desired result.

While the sexual assaults that they perpetrate can be in many different areas of the body the "forced orgasm" is a commonly reported one, and shows that the portion of the brain which controls orgasm can be "electronically accessed" to perpetrate this crime.

This "electronic rape" of both the mind and body is as criminal as any physical rape, and those NSA cryptologists and others who use this technology to do so can add rapists to the long list of felonious crimes that they perpetrate against Targeted Individuals.

These rodents are the lowest life scum on this planet -- they don't come any lower.

And we haven't even discussed the violations of the 4th Amendment here as well as several other aspects of the US Constitution, which the federal intelligence community in this country now blatantly disregards. The FEDS who perpetrate these vicious hate crimes against us belong in PRISON.

The following is a diagram showing how this technology is used to attack the bodies of people who are targeted for this horrifying harassment. Please pass this information on so that others can learn about this silent holocaust, which is occurring in the United States and many other countries around the globe. You could be next on their list.

Click On This Diagram To Enlarge It

Dictator Bush Signs The Military Commissions Act Allowing Prisoners To Be Tortured, Held Indefinately & Denied Their Basic Human Rights

The ACLU's Executive Director, Anthony Romero, had the following to say in regard to Dictator Bush's latest fascist move.

"With his signature, President Bush enacts a law that is both unconstitutional and un-American. This president will be remembered as the one who undercut the hallmark of habeas in the name of the war on terror. Nothing separates America more from our enemies than our commitment to fairness and the rule of law, but the bill signed today is an historic break because it turns Guantánamo Bay and other U.S. facilities into legal no-man's-lands.

"The president can now - with the approval of Congress - indefinitely hold people without charge, take away protections against horrific abuse, put people on trial based on hearsay evidence, authorize trials that can sentence people to death based on testimony literally beaten out of witnesses, and slam shut the courthouse door for habeas petitions. Nothing could be further from the American values we all hold in our hearts than the Military Commissions Act."

Anthony Romero: Executive Director Of The ACLU

To see the full page advertisement that the ACLU has taken out in the Washington Post and the rest of this article, click on the link below. It is clear that Americans now need to find someway in which to remove this fascist dictator before he is allowed to completely destroy what's left of this country. There can no longer be any doubt that Bush has become the most despised person on this planet and easily the worst president this country has ever had. Bush is guilty of treason and should be treated accordingly.


Friday, October 20, 2006

Jury Duty Subpoena Arrives -- Of Course The FEDS Didn't Intercept This One

After refusing to answer two former jury duty questionnaires (including a third one which was sent from Brooklyn --where I do NOT reside) several months ago (all under false pretenses through these FEDERAL lowlives) I have at long last been subpoened to answer one of them. By the way -- not at all a surprise -- if anything the FEDS are predictable.

I should note that I was very cooperative more than a decade ago when I filled out a jury duty questionnaire at the time and did not do so this time around simply because I knew that it was just one in a long line of scams being used by the FEDS as yet another form of entrapment.

When they screwed me over by setting me up for back to back traffic tickets nearly two years ago, they figured that would not bother to show up for court and my license would be revoked. However, I did show up for court and after 18 months my driver's license is again violation free.

I have continued to document some of the worst violations of the US Constitution ever recorded in regard to crimes committed by law enforcement under the color of law statutes, and whether the FEDS choose to admit it or not, they are concerned about it.

So they have now decided to pursue the jury duty angle for yet another time. What a surprise given that these government rat bastards spend every waking moment figuring out different ways in which to violate my Civil Rights in everyway possible, and intimidating my Family into keeping quiet about it. If only somebody would finally PUT A LEASH ON THESE FEDERAL PITBULLS! Their vicious crimes have proven that they are not fit to be out in public.

Some democracy we have here -- a fascist police state is far closer to what we are really dealing with.

Of course given the way in which my Civil Rights have been violated by these federal bastards I can no longer even consider juris prudence in this country as anything but a hypocrisy, when they can covertly break the laws as they do and get away with it, while the Justice Department looks the other way. No Constitutional checks and balances, just rogue law enforcement in which the word law no longer has any relevance.

This jury duty deal is yet another in a long line of scams being perpetrated at the federal level in an effort to entrap me on some STING, since everyother aspect of what the FEDS have done has failed miserably to.

The fact that any judge involved here could even hold a straight face knowing full well the complete farce that the FEDS are trying to perpetrate by sending this subpoena, is in and of itself a sad commentary on the state of juris prudence in the United States, and indicative of how far off the deep end the FBI and its brethern in crime have now gone.

I will show up at court to answer this subpoena with some specific notations in regard to a few of these questions, not the least of which is whether or not I am under any formal investigation. It is my belief that the FEDS saw this particular question as their "loophole" in which to cause me further problems, since it can be used to screw me over in a Catch 22 sort of way. You remember Joseph Heller's book Catch 22 don't you?

To make a long story short, the Catch 22 phrase was used to describe a situation in which no matter no what choice you make, you are going to get screwed royally.

And there's no doubt that this was the FEDS plan for me when they orchestrated this jury duty scam from the get go. Moreover, there's little if any doubt that on the day I show up at court I will be met with a significant amount of organized stalking street theatre and cops looking to ticket me for any moving violation possible, since none of them can stand to see my clean license stay that way. Ball busting 101 -- and every perp has taken this course.

As for due process of law in America all I can say is what a crock!

As for the Catch 22 situation, here's the following scenario:

If I answer for certain that there is a formal investigation against me (without having any concrete proof of such since the FBI never contacted me directly) I run the risk of committing perjury -- and since I am not a FED with impunity to testa lie under oath, I can go to jail for it (which the FEDS would love to see happen right about now).

If, however, I document the harassment that I have been put through in the past several years, the FEDS will seize on that opportunity to attempt to have me sent for psychiatric evalution, knowing full well that this has been their intention for quite sometime now. They have once again rigged this demented mind fuck in their favor. And there is no question that they can easily coopt some crooked judge into taking part in it. And that is why I have published this information here and intend to do so across the board so to speak, just to document the extent of their criminality.

They have already examined every legal aspect of this jury duty questionnaire, which is why they want me to fill it out. And for that reason I am stating in advance that the FEDS want to use it as a venue in which to entrap me in the event that they try to pursue some legal angle against me for filling out this document.

If I have learned one thing about the FEDS, it's that they don't work within the law, and will use any possible scam to nail someone whom they cannot go after legally, as they have been doing it in my case for the past two and a half decades.

If I had been a legitimate criminal I would have been arrested more than 20 years ago, when the FBI began a scaled down version of its COINTELPRO tactics against me.

As for those who would say that this is just a normal subpoena for jury duty, I say that unless you are a TI, you are unaware of how the FEDS can use something like this to entrap you. It is actually mild in comparison to the extensive ways in which they have attempted to entrap me in the past twenty five years -- ways which I have documented on my journal page, which can be found near the top of the links' section on the right side of this blog (scroll down if you don't see it listed or click on the "9-11 the mother of all black operations" tag at the top of the page to bring it up).

However, I have not been through the absolute hell that I have just to let them get away with one more dirty trick, so I am documenting it here since they are using this bogus subpoena tactic as yet another part of their STING operation.

What they are looking to do is to cover up the crimes that they have perpetrated against me in regard to non consensual human experimentation and long-term illegal spying, by attempting to get me back into the medical system and setting me up for a bogus psychiatric evaluation scam -- something that is typical of the ways in which they set TI's up when all else fails, as it has with their attacks on me.

And there is no doubt that for them to reach as low as a jury duty questionnaire, they are getting very desperate to find some PLAUSIBLE way in which to have me incarcerated, whether it is for an arrest or psychiatric evaluation. In either case both would be complete bullshit at this point, given the crimes that these maladjusted warthogs have perpetrated against me.

Here it's the flip of a coin -- answer the questionnaire in a way in which they deem to be untruthful and I am looking at perjury (even if I don't know the answer). Describe the psychological warfare that I have been put through and the FEDS pounce on the "psychiatric" aspect of it, even though they know full well that they are as guilty as hell of setting me up for numerous STINGS in the past, and have subjected me to non consensual human experimentation as well as long-term psychological operations (something that they have also done with my immediate Family members).

The reality is that if there was any real justice in this country the FEDS would be the ones under arrest for perpetrating crimes against my Family and me, which are absolutely PRECEDENT SETTING.

If you wanna really analyze someone, start with that psychotic maniac in the White House. Three thousand dead on 9-11 and 150,000 murdered since, all because of this maniac and his criminal cohorts. The ones running this country are the criminals which is why there are thousands of people who've formed grass roots campaigns to expose the crimes being perpetrated against them, as I have been forced to do.

The FEDS have no shame. And this attempt to clearly misuse the legal system for their own despicable tactics is yet another black eye on American Juris Prudence. As for the FEDS and the doctors whom they control, I will continue to document this SCAM at all levels including the one perpetrated by them using a Great Neck psychiatrist by the name of Dr. Allen I. Stempler, who committed fraud by seeing me under false pretenses, while taking nearly $10,000 in an attempt to entrap me for the FEDS. Not only is Stempler an unindicted felon, he is also typical of how easily the FEDS can coopt a corrupt doctor into taking part in crimes against a TI.

The FEDS Screw Up ROYALLY and the rest of us end up paying for it as usual.
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