Monday, July 19, 2010

Feigning A Rage Attack In Order To Determine How Many Vehicular Stalkers Are In Your Neighborhood At Any Given Time -- An Effective Technique

  • How Long Before The Federal Reserve Note Loses Its Position As The Global Reserve Currency? Before The Advent Of The Internet This Wouldn't Have Been A Problem - However, Now That The World Is Waking Up To The Fact That The Federal Reserve Note Is A Counterfeited & Laundered Fiat Currency With No Intrinsic Value, The Federal Reserve Note Will Eventually Lose Its Position As The Global Reserve Currency & Collapse Altogether - All The More Reason For The American People To Take Back The Gold Which The House Of Rothschild Used The Federal Reserve System To Steal From The American People Beginning In 1913 & For Americans To Go Back On The Gold Standard In Order To Destroy Inflation & Restore America's Purchasing Power

  • A Target Of Government Classified Mind Control Experimentation Describes How Street Lights & Automobile License Plates Are Used As An Adjunct In This Psychological Warfare Operation - Something This Author Has Experienced For Much Of The Past Decade

  • FBI Entrapment Continues To Be Troubling & Indicative Of The FBI's Scheme To Destroy The American People's Privacy Under The Pretense Of Protecting The Public

  • The American Medical Assocation's Demonization Of Vitamin B17 Therapy & Why Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital Destroyed Research With Proved That Vitamin B17 Is A Far Superior Treatment For Cancer Patients Than The Drug Trust's Chemotherapy & Radiation Protocol

  • Editor's Note: Feigning a rage attack is a great way for the organized stalking target to see if any organized stalkers are parked in your neighborhood, spying into your home via satellite.

    In this author's experience, faking a rage attack usually results in several organized stalking vehicles passing this author's home within a matter of minutes. However, after a time, they tend to wise up to this and will simply remain stationary. Yet, for those who've recently become aware that they are being targeted for this vigilante hate crime, the fake rage attack is a good way to see if any organized stalking vehicles are parked nearby watching you via satellite within the privacy of your own home (especially at night). It's also interesting to study them scurrying around like the mind controlled miscreants they are, wasting their time and money, while delving deeper into their own sick and depraved voyeuristic tendencies. These people are hardly normal, and apparently getting sicker all the time.

    They also have absolutely no respect for your Constitutional right to privacy, which is really not surprising, since most are being directed by the Intel community's own domestic spying programs in the United States - which are now paralleling the Nazi's Brown Shirt programs of the 1930's. This is about imposing your will on those whose intent is to impose their will on you.

    They are the provocateurs. You are just responding in a legal fashion.

    The aforesaid is suggested to monitor the vehicular organized stalking traffic in your neighborhood. However, this author still stands by the belief that documenting what the organized stalking community of vigilantes do is a must, as is IGNORING them once this documentation has been done.

    Don't follow them, don't take their license plates, don't waste your precious time on them.

    Ignoring organized stalkers works quite well, since by avoiding their well planned chicanery, you can also avoid becoming enraged as any normal person would, given such a blatant disregard for your own privacy and a psychological harassment campaign that lasts every second of the day.


  • "Pay Them No Mind" - How To Neutralize The Nationwide Vigilantism That's Been Dubbed Organized Stalking

  • So don't hate organized stalkers and don't harm them either. Just study them and learn how they operate so that you can share your information with other victims of this federally orchestrated vigilante hate crime.

    Also remember this: organized stalking targets are not the criminals. Organized stalking communal vigilantes are - whether they realize it or not.

    And the proof in this is that organized stalking targets are not the ones violating the Constitutional rule of law; organized stalking communal vigilantes are.

    The objective here is not to do battle with your neighbors or community, since their disregard for the U.S. Constitutional rule of law is but a manifestation of a much greater and perplexing problem - a Zionist controlled and subverted government which no longer respects the U.S. Constitution, and one which must eventually be uprooted, and replaced for the betterment of the American people.

    In other words, the restoration of the American people's Constitutional Republic, and the propagation of a global anti-Rothschildism movement, since this cancer is responsible for the damage presently being done to the human race.

    Moreover, it is this world Zionist dogma which is pitting Americans against one another, while perpetrating some of the most devastating brainwashing tactics against the citizenry of the United States ever recorded throughout human history.

    Thus the Zionist leadership within this goverment who've betrayed us as a nation have no legal standing. Moreover, their secretive and despicable brain fingerprinting of our persons is yet further evidence of their intent to eventually electronically enslave us.

  • John St. Clair Akwei exposes the NSA's electronic brain fingerprinting of the American people in his precedent setting lawsuit against the NSA - Such an egregious violation of our inherent rights as citizens of the United States will eventually result in the type of civil disobedience not seen since the days of the great Mohandas Gandhi, as history is once again forced to repeat itself

  • Some other topics of interest regarding the Zionist's New World Order police state in America:

  • How Police Confiscation Is Destroying America, Parts 1 & 2

  • The Celebratory Mood At The FBI Right After The Attacks On 9-11-2001 Took Place, As Testified To By Former FBI Linguist, Sibel Edmonds - This Gives Further Credence To The Claims That The FBI Was Actually Behind The 1993 Bombing Of The World Trade Center & Aided And Abetted The Attacks On The World Trade Center On 9-11-2001 By Blocking Counter Terrorism Expert John O'Neill From An Investigation He Was Conducting Which O'Neill's Informant, Janet Parker, Later Stated (After O'Neill's Death On 9-11) Would Have Prevented These Attacks

  • Testimony By The Man Whom The FBI Paid To Build The Bomb Which Was Used To Blow Up The World Trade Center On 1993 - FBI Informant Edam Salem Exposes The FBI's Role As Covert Terrorist In America, Allegedly Gets Paid 1 Million Dollars By The FBI For His Role In This & Then Disappears - Just Like Electron Kinetics Designer John Iverson Disappeared After Accusing The FBI Of Stealing One Of His Inventions & Failing To Compensate Him For It - Shortly Before His Disappearance & Likely Murder, Iverson Stated To Family And Friends That He Was On The FBI's Radar And Was Afraid That They Were Going To Murder Him! Did The FBI Also Murder Emad Salam For Going Public With His Information Regarding The FBI's Role In The 1993 Bombing Of The World Trade Center?

  • John Iverson Said He Was Afraid That The FBI Was Going To Murder Him, Then He Mysteriously Disappeared - Iverson Was A Brilliant Electronic's Engineer & Was Said To Have Been Working On A Secret Hi-tech Project Which Caught The Interest Of The FBI, Who Then Seized This Project Without Compensating Iverson For It - Is The FBI Responsible For Iverson's Disappearance And Likely Murder? - He's Been Missing Since The Early 1990's & This Author Would Not Be At All Surprised If The FBI Murdered Iverson For Publicizing The Fact That They Stole His $300,000 Invention & Planned On Suing The FBI To Get It Back

  • CIA & FBI Rivalry Over Control Of The U.S. Media - Disinformation Is A Primary Tool Of The Global Intelligentsia Which Is The Only Reason That This Intelligentsia Still Exits
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