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More On FBI Entrapment Schemes/ How The FBI Will Use The Insurance Industry To Entrap A Target Of COINTELPRO/ A Pretty Face Or An FBI Honey Trapper?

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  • Editor's Note: This article is the most recent that the FBI electronically sabotages, so this author reposts it for the now millions of readers who regularly visit this Website.

    Beware Of Insurance Companies Bearing Gifts

    They're Likely Being Used In An FBI Sting

    You've put in a legitimate claim with your automotive insurer regarding a collision that you recently had, and receive duplicate payments in the mail. When you call to inquire about the extra payment, you are told by a representative at the insurance company, that their computers don't make mistakes and to cash both checks. Why would the representative have not just said to mail back the second check, since it was obviously a double payment?

    A red flag.

    You receive payments in the mail from your health insurer which should have been sent to the health care provider, instead of your person. The excuse the insurer uses is that the health care provider did not have a valid tax identification number, so the payments were sent directly to you instead.

    Another red flag.

    However, if the health care provider did not have a valid tax ID number, they would not be able operate legally. If this were the case, the health insurance company would be responsible for reporting the health care provider for committing fraud. Instead, they send you the payments which the health care provider should have received.

    Another red flag.

    You're sitting in your home when a delivery truck backs up to your garage. The driver gets out and insists that you take a piece of furniture that he has on the truck, even though you ask him to leave. He persists, stating that he is tired and does not want to drive all the way back to the warehouse, and that if you don't take the furniture, he is going to leave it on the side of road. This is a textbook case of FBI entrapment at its worst, and yet, another red flag.

    These are just a few examples of what this author has experienced as part of the FBI's decades of entrapment schemes waged against my person. Such examples of entrapment also illustrate the FBI's collusion with legitimate businesses, which the Bureau then uses in which to set up such unconstitutional sting operations.

    The FBI is clearly operating as nothing more than an American version of the Nazi's Gestapo, and the proof is in the Bureau's complete lack of regard for your Constitutional rights.

    As such, this author offers this information as a public service, so that the American people, specifically the middle class (those who are most likely to be targeted at some point in their lives for an FBI illegal sting operation) can begin to recognize some of the "signs" of an FBI sting. As subtle as they may be at first, these stings will become more aggressive over time, as the FBI commits more egregious violations of your inherent rights as American citizens.

    The objective here it to hold FBI agents (as well as other government employees accountable for the crimes which they commit under the color of law). Something which our elected representatives are unable to do, out of fear that agencies like the FBI will wage their own campaigns against selected politicians who attempt to hold the U.S. Intelligence community responsible for their actions.

    For example, when the FBI has been caught in the commission of such illegal stings, their first recourse is to subject the targets of such illicit operations to vicious psychological warfare campaigns, in efforts to drive these persons to a state of mental instability.

    However, if such operations fail, the FBI will then use every means possible in which to demonize and dehumanize the target, in efforts to justify the Bureau's horrific actions. Something the FBI is presently subjecting this author to.

    What every American citizen should understand about the FBI, is that neither the FBI nor its agents give a damn about you or your civil rights. They never have.

    Moreover, these agents have always been a total affront to the Constitutional rule of law in the United States, and they are even more so since our elected representatives were deceived into passing the treasonous and Nazi idealized Patriot Act; a piece of legislation which has been used to completely undermine the United States Constitution and its Bill of Rights.

    Furthermore, the crimes which these agents routinely commit under the color of law and cover of National Security, define the FBI as a well financed and treasonous crime syndicate, which is a threat to the well being of the American people.

    Also remember this.

    An organization whose agents would incinerate little children and their parents (as the FBI did with the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas in 1993), and then attempt to exculpate its agents from committing such atrocities, will not hesitate to commit crimes against you, and then attempt to cover them up.

    The FBI - Unethical, Immoral, Criminal

    The FBI's agents (with few exceptions) have no morals or ethics to be concerned with. They are in fact sociopathic personalities who will use furtive means in which to torture and murder their victims. So be forewarned. Understanding the FBI's criminal tactics will enable you to recognize when you are being targeted for an illegal sting operation, before the FBI can cause total devastation in your life and the lives of your loved ones.

    The FBI is also very adept at stalking its victims, since these agents are predators by nature. They are also quite skillful at following the vehicle of a citizen, whose civil rights the FBI is violating, through their use of specially trained personnel, whose expertise involves stalking Americans by way of vehicle surveillance teams.

    An FBI vehicle surveillance team can comprise a handful of vehicles, or dozens, depending on the team's objectives. Their goal is to make certain that you are denied your Constitutional right to privacy by spying on you as often as possible, and by attempting to snare you in one of their entrapment schemes.

    Beware Of The FBI's Honey Trappers


    When A Situation Isn't What It Appears To Be

    You are driving to work one morning in the center lane of a highway, and an attractive young woman driving a convertible just happens to ride past you in the left hand lane. However, instead of continuing in the left lane, she then pulls her convertible in front of your car and then proceeds just a few car lengths in front of you. You pull out into the left lane and move past the pretty young woman only to find minutes later that she is again traveling in the left hand lane and now pulling into the center lane in front of your vehicle again.

    Coincidence? Maybe. However, this woman could well be an FBI *honey trapper - an attractive woman used by the FBI in its vehicle surveillance of your person, in an attempt to entrap you into following her. Of course, if you are a legitimate criminal, you would take the bait without even realizing that you are being setup. However, if you are a man who appreciates an attractive woman, you will simply take notice and move on.

    And it is when you move on that this honey trapper will continue to stalk you, while pretending to be a motorist on her way to some unknown destination.

    You are the one being stalked - not the *honey trapper.

    And by several FBI surveillance vehicles, which have furtively accompanied the honey trapper in her vehicular stalking of your person. Keep in mind that you have committed no crimes here, much less a federal one. So how is it that the FBI is secretly watching you?

    * This author has been subjected to several such entrapment schemes beginning in the early 1980's, and taking place up until 2003, when the FBI's covert attacks on this author became overt. This along with the requisite communal dysfunction and organized stalking crimes which thousands of Americans are now documenting in their own experiences as targets of a modern day COINTELPRO presently sweeping the United States.

    For example, in 2003, the FBI initiated another attempt at such entrapment, by intentionally having one of their honey trappers dropped off at this author's home. The honey trapper, posing as a cleaning woman (the most attractive cleaning woman this author has ever seen - which should have been a tipoff as to the FBI's intentions), claimed that she was supposed to begin working for this author's family. However, when the author questioned her as to the name of the family, she gave me the name of another family, and the address of a home which was in a neighboring community. There was no legitimate reason for this woman to have ended up on this author's front porch.

    The FBI's use of this honey trapper was clearly one of entrapment.

    Yet another in the myriad entrapment schemes which the Bureau has waged against my person for decades, and one which fell by the wayside, when this author drove the "honey trapper" to the home which she claimed she was to begin working at, and dropped her at the curb.

    ** The FBI regularly uses honey trappers (attractive women) in which to engage targets of some illicit FBI sting operation. The honey trapper will oftentimes approach a target in an act of flirtatiousness, only to respond negatively if the target should respond to the honey trapper's attempts to engage him.

    Another textbook example of FBI entrapment.

    The FBI also teaches stalking techniques to the communities which take part in the crime of organized stalking. This should come as no surprise to those who've contacted the FBI for help regarding organized stalking crimes, and been completely ignored. The FBI's complicit in the crime of organized stalking, so they are not about to help you if you're a target of this Nazi-minded hate crime.

    The following two Websites describe how to "recognize" and "neutralize" an FBI "vehicle surveillance" team.

    This information is extremely helpful to the average motorist, especially when taking into account that FBI vehicle surveillance teams will oftentimes intentionally cause the target of such illegal surveillance to have an accident. The accident can be serious, or just a fender bender; depending on what the FBI vehicle surveillance team is looking to accomplish. The FBI has intentionally caused several vehicular accidents regarding either this author's automobiles, or the automobiles of other family members.

    In every instance, the automobiles were crashed into from the rear, or in the area of the car known as the "blind spot." The blind spot is given its name, because it is the most difficult part of the vehicle for the driver to see - precisely why an FBI vehicle surveillance team will home in on the blind spot of a COINTELPRO target's vehicle, taking them by complete surprise.

  • How To Spot An FBI Vehicle Surveillance Team -- Part 1

  • How To Spot An FBI Vehicle Surveillance Team -- Part 2

  • How To Spot An FBI Vehicle Surveillance Team -- Part 3

  • The accident is usually staged in order to entrap the target into committing some aspect of insurance fraud.

    For example, the double payment which this author received from an automotive insurer, which the insurer insisted I cash. However, I gave one of the checks back to the insurer, not even knowing at the time (1988) that I was being targeted by the FBI for an illegal COINTELPRO Sting. If the FBI fails in such an attempt, they will not end their campaign, but instead, become more aggressive.

    In other words, the more the FBI attempts to entrap you into committing a crime - and fails - the more creative the FBI's agents will become in their entrapment of your person. This while knowing full well, that these agents are committing serious violations of your Constitutional rights, and do so with the understanding that they will never be held accountable for these crimes; no matter how serious they are.

    The FBI Vigilante

    The worst nightmare is when an Intel agent uses the agency they're employed by in which to conduct their own vigilantism. In this instance, the person being targeted for such treasonous crimes is subjected to psychological warfare, smear campaigns, and the most abject violations of their Constitutional rights imaginable.

    To put it bluntly, the only rule of law becomes that of the jungle.

    The citizen will now be targeted for such predation 24 hours a day, in which the Intel community will attempt to furtively murder the person.

    And at the same time, these agents are also illegally spying on the family and friends of the COINTELPRO target, all of whom may find themselves subjected to the FBI's coercive tactics somewhere down the line.

    Such egregious violations of our privacy are not supposed to be taking place in the United States. However, the FBI and other Intel agencies commit such abject violations of our privacy daily, and without a thought given to the fact that they are committing serious crimes against us.

    And for this reason, it has become paramount that the American people begin to recognize the inherent threat that the U.S. Military-Intelligence complex represents to them, and to take the appropriate measures in which to abolish those agencies which are operating illegally.

    For example, the FBI has never been granted a legislative charter in which to exist in the United States. As such, the FBI has no legitimate authority in which to conduct its domestic operations; specifically its domestic spying on American citizens.

    So why don't the American people force the Congress to abolish its own domestic spy agency?

    Because most Americans don't know what the FBI really does. If they did, the FBI would have been abolished long ago. And the same can be said for the NSA, CIA, Department Of Homeland Security, as well as a number of other Intel organizations that are clearly operating with complete disregard for the Constitutional rule of law.

    Does the United States Constitution even call for the creation of an intelligence community? Absolutely not.

    So why are the American people stuck with one, when we already have a well regulated militia, which is in fact authorized by the Second Amendment to the United States Bill of Rights?

    Is the FBI spying on you?

    Learn how to recognize an FBI vehicle surveillance team:

  • How To Spot An FBI Vehicle Surveillance Team -- Part 1

  • How To Spot An FBI Vehicle Surveillance Team -- Part 2

  • How To Spot An FBI Vehicle Surveillance Team -- Part 3
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