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Nancy Pelosi Puts Out Press Release Claiming That She Respects The Intelligence Community - Clearly Congresswoman Pelosi's Mending Fences

Editor's Notation: Back in 2009, when this author posted the article on Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, the FBI immediately had the link to this article disabled; something which the FBI does on a regular basis on this Website, and while committing the act of computer hacking - a felony. However, still not nearly as serious as the electronic hacking that the NSA does with one's own mind, via its Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network and NSA's wireless computer to brain interface of our own brainwaves.

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    About a month ago this author had posted in regard to Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi's condemnation of the Intelligence community for its torture of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay; the Senator claiming that the CIA had never informed her that they were using such torturous methods as water boarding.


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  • In my opinion, Pelosi was telling the truth and was indignant because she did not want her reputation tarnished by what the Nazi minded Intel community was doing clandestinely.

    However, a short time later, Pelosi made the following statement in praise of the men and women of the Intel community?

    Nancy Pelosi Expresses Respect For Men & Women Of The Intelligence Community

    What was the Pelosi's 180 degree change in direction all about? Fear of the destruction of her career. I cite Pelosi as just one in a myriad of examples of how the Intel community in fact controls our elected officials, and not the other way around. Back in 2008, the SePelosi also rightfully excoriated George W. Bush in the most vociferous criticism of Bush by another politician since he had stolen his way into office back in 2000. And given Bush's father's intimate connections with the CIA, the Ms. Pelosi should now keep a watchful eye out for the CIA's attempting to sabotage her career. History has shown us that the Bush's always get their payback, whether it involves the destruction of someone's career, or the covert murder of such a person, as we saw in the death of the late Bush associate, Margie Schoedinger.

    The FBI electronically disables the following article regarding the lawsuit filed by Margie Schoedinger against George W. Bush, alleging that Bush repeatedly raped Schoedinger, then used the FBI in which to destroy her life via one of its notorious STING operations. Schoedinger's testimony is illustrative of the types of psychological warfare that characterize the FBI's insidious COINTELPRO operations.

    FBI disables this article:

    An American President Who's A Rapist - Schoedinger VS Bush

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  • "American Caligula - Let Them Hate As Long As They Fear" By Raymond Ponzini - George W. Bush As An American Version Of Caligula & His Rape Of A Texas Woman By The Name Of Margie Schoedinger

  • The House of Rothschild financed and controlled intelligence community in the United States control our politicians through Intel's illegal surveillance of these politicians, looking to dig up whatever they can in order to *control them.

    A humbled senator or congressperson is exactly what the Intel community is looking to create through such coercive tactics. So entrapment schemes run by these Intel agencies are plentiful. The good Senator has quite likely already been made aware of this, and now kowtowing to the House Of Rothschild controlled U.S. Intel community in order to avoid becoming the subject of such illegal domestic spying.

    *See the following testimony by a former Texas Madam describing the CIA/FBI scheme in which to coerce prostitutes into identifying politicians whom they were seeing on a regular basis. This was not to arrest these politicians, but to instead blackmail them into becoming assets of the CIA and FBI; in other words, Intel pawns whom the intelligence community can use in which to vote on legislation which involves giving the Intel community more control over the U.S. Federal Government and the American people. The type of gestapo-like authority that turned a once democratic nation like Germany into a Nazi police state.

    The FBI also electronically disables the following article in regard to its scheme to blackmail U.S. Politicians in sex/sting operations, so this author reposts it.

    CIA/FBI Exposed In Plot To Blackmail U.S. Politicians

    The FBI is also presently involved in a vicious smear campaign against this author, which the Bureau fomented against my person in 2003 after the FBI's attempt to use a psychiatrist in which to entrap my person failed; and the FBI was forced to resort to a psychological warfare operation which continues after nearly a decade.

    The FBI regularly uses the medical profession in which to destroy the life of a target of its COINTELPRO operations, while criminalizing physicians who are used to aid and abet the FBI in such outrageous criminality. The psychiatry profession is particularly culpable here, as any victim of the CIA's MKULTRA mind control program will attest to.

    In the case of this psychiatrist, the psychiatrist did not see this author based on a legitimate doctor-patient relationship, but rather, to entrap my person for the FBI. This means that this doctor committed fraud while seeing this author under false pretenses, and taking more than one thousand dollars in which to do so. In accepting this money under such false pretenses, this physician also committed grand larceny.

    What's the FBI trying to hide here?

    The fact that the FBI and NSA have colluded for more than thirty years, to use this author for non consensual human experimentation - specificially, mind control experimentation via the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, and the NSA's wireless computer to brain interface of my person.

    The most outrageous and precedent setting violation of the United States Constitution and its Bill of Rights in American history.

    Which is why in the Bureau's repeated attacks on this author, there isn't even a semblance of legality to what the FBI has done. Hence the FBI's attempts to circumvent my Constitutional right to due process of law, so that the federal agents who have and continue to commit these crimes against this author don't have to answer for these crimes.

    The FBI's abject criminality and disregard for the United States Constitution and its Bill of Rights is only surpassed by its total arrogance.

    Moreover, these agents are not in a court of law, so they can lie without concern for being indicted for committing perjury; which is very convenient given many of the outright lies and half truths that they have been circulating in their smear campaign against my person. Neither the FBI nor NSA want to admit to their furtive brain fingerprinting of the American people because they know that this will lead to the such public outrage, that the American people will rebel against this Zionist shadow government.

    Lying is something that the FBI would certainly do if they ever attempted to indict this author on a trumped up charge.

    In fact, the FBI and NSAs' crimes against this author are so outrageous that these agencies are intent on covertly murdering my person, while demonizing me in an attempt to justify what these pieces of government sewerage have done.

    These agents are the worst kinds of criminals imaginable - criminals with badges; Constitution raping, lying thugs.

    This author also believes that the Intel community is capable of staging in a variety of ways, what are on the surface minor incidents, in which to in some way discredit politicians whom Intel is certain they can never corrupt and thus gain control over. The readers will remember the minor altercation between then representative Cynthia McKinney and a security guard, which resulted in bad enough publicity for McKinney, that she lost her reelection campaign. Interestingly, at the time McKinney was attempting to get a bill passed through Congress which would result in the resurrection of a modern day Church Committee Hearing of the U.S. Intelligence community. Something which is desperately needed in this country.

    It's also of interest that recently Supreme Court candidate Judge Sotamayor had a "minor" accident in which she was alleged to have tripped while breaking a bone in her leg, which now has her sporting a cast. An attempt by Intel in which to make Judge Sotamayor appear weak?

    We know that the Republicans don't want Sotamayor appointed to the Supreme Court. We also know that the Republicans did not want Cynthia McKinney reelected because of her attempts to open a new investigation into the Intelligence community. And we also know that former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds reported (after being fired by the FBI in her attempts to expose a cover up) that when she contacted U.S. Congressional representatives in regard to information that she had concerning certain politicians within the Bush Administration (who were selling stolen files pertaining to this government's nuclear weapons), that the Republicans stonewalled Edmond's attempts in which to bring this to the public's attention.

    We saw the same thing happen with former NSA operative Russell Tice, who has been all but mute since reporting back in the Summer of 2006, that the FBI was stalking him, while intimidating him into refraining from testifying before a special Senate committee, in regard to activities occurring within the NSA; criminal activities that Tice had stated were going to shock the American public. To this author's knowledge, Tice has still not testified, and is likely still being stalked and intimidated by the FBI in a COINTELPRO Sting in which to neutralize him.

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