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Whatever Became Of The ACLU's FOIA Request Regarding The U.S. Intelligence Community's Illegal Use Of Satellite Deployed Brainscanning Technologies?

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    Did U.S. Intel Ignore The ACLU's FOIA Request?

    In 2006 this author e-mailed the New York branch of the American Civil Liberties Union with a copy of John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the National Security Agency, stating my concerns that ACLU members might be unwittingly subjected to the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network.

    For more on this wireless computer to brain interface network see John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the National Security Agency.

    A short time after this author e-mailed the ACLU, the New York branch of the ACLU filed a FOIA (Freedom Of Information Act) request with the Pentagon, NSA, FBI, CIA and Department Of Homeland Security, requesting information in regard to the advanced brainscanning technology these federal organizations are using in which to remotely interrogate American citizens.

    Such spying by the U.S. Intelligence community is in violation of our inherent rights to due process of law as well as our rights to privacy under the 4TH Amendment to the U.S. Bill of Rights. This is especially important given the allegations of myriad Americans, that they are being subjected to such forms of satellite predation within the privacy of their own homes.

    To this author's knowledge, in the nearly four years since the American Civil Liberties Union filed its FOIA request, neither the U.S. Department Of Defense nor the aforementioned U.S. Intel organizations have ever furnished the information the ACLU requested regarding the use of its stealth remote mind reading technology on American citizens.


    Because the U.S. Intelligence community has been utilizing such wireless computer to brain interface technology to conduct illegal interrogations of the minds of millions of American citizens for decades, and as the direct result of the NSA's having illegally brain fingerprinted the entire American population.

    In other words, if you have a social security number, you've been brain fingerprinted. One must also wonder how it is that the intelligence community in the United States monitors the millions of illegal aliens (many of whom may be a legitimate terrorist threat), who've been allowed to stay in the United States over the years because they act as cheap labor for the millions of businesses that can no longer afford to pay the U.S. minimum wage to their workers.

    So, it's no wonder that neither the U.S. Military, nor the U.S. Intelligence community want to admit to what they have done, and are instead relying on the use of their brainwashing tactics through the U.S. Media, in which to covertly smear any American citizen who's been illegally targeted for such unconstitutional spying, as well as the government's use of their persons for non consensual human experimentation.

    This is also why targets of this technology are being subjected to psychological warfare campaigns which have lasted for years, including the vigilante hate crime of organized stalking. The U.S. Federal Government does not want to answer for these outrageous and treasonous crimes.

    For more on the ACLU's FOIA request:

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