Friday, June 18, 2010

"Long Trail With Lyme - A Record Of My Attempt To Hike Through My Life With My Uninvited Hiking Partner Lyme Disease"

  • An Interesting Lecture By An Alleged Government Whistle Blower Who like This Author, Also Happens To Believe That The Former CEO Of Cray Computer, Seymour Cray, May Very Well Have Been Covertly Murdered Given His Indepth Knowledge Of The Design & Extraordinary Capabilities Of Computer Systems Which His Company Sold To The U.S. Military Intelligence Complex - Super Computer Systems Like Those Discussed By John St. Clair Akwei In His Lawsuit Against The National Security Agency; Computer Systems Which Are Capable Of Artificial Intelligence - A Year After Dr. Igor Smirnov Sold Electromagnetic Warfare Technology To The U.S. Federal Government Under A Covert Black Project That Colonel John Alexander Was Working On, Smirnov Died Of A Sudden Heart Attack - Was Smirnov A Victim Of The Electronic Warfare Technology That He Sold To The U.S. Federal Government & Then, Like Seymour Cray, Eliminated Because Of His Intimate Knowledge Of This Technology?

  • The Zionist Controlled Media Ends The Career Of A Washington Legend Because This Reporter Defended An Unpopular Truth

  • FBI Director In Hot Water Over The Needless Death Of Joran Van Der Sloot Murder Victim, Stephanie Flores Ramirez

  • 10 Verifiable Facts From Several Different Websites Which Prove That The Attacks On 9-11-2001 Were Perpetrated By Factions Within The Zionist Controlled U.S. Federal Government

  • How To Recognize An FBI Entrapment Scheme - If You Are A 9-11 Truther, You Could Very Well Be The FBI's Next Victim, Since You're Attempting To Expose This Treasonous Fraud Perpetrated By Factions Operating Within The (Zionist Controlled) Federal Government In The United States

  • The FBI Continues To Ignore Its Own Terrorism Code

  • The True Story Behind The U.S. Government's
    Lyme Disease Cover Up

    Editor's Note: As someone who contracted Lyme Disease in the early 1990's from several deer tick bites, and ended up battling this pernicious illness for nearly two decades, this author is extremely empathetic to those who suffer from this biological weapon.

    Living with chronic Lyme Disease is misery personified.

    Moreover, the needless pain and suffering that Lyme Disease causes its victims (especially in its chronic stage), not to mention the staggering costs associated with living with it on a daily basis, can only be understood by those who suffer from this crime against humanity (and the few caring health care professionals who attend to their needs).

    In addition to this terrible suffering is the total indifference by the mainstream medical & insurance communities, who with few exceptions, could not care less whether chronically ill Lyme Disease patients live or die.

    Much less how much they endure in physical and psychological suffering. The following blog describes the life of but one chronically ill Lyme Disease patient. One of millions.

  • The Blogs Of Many Chronically Ill Lyme Disease Patients - Lyme Disease Has Become The Most Controversial Illness Of Both The 20Th & 21St Centuries

  • The Lyme Blog - Over 1000 Blogs Written By Chronically Ill Lyme Disease Patients Who Describe What It's Like To Live With A Government Created Biological Weapon

  • The Lyme Disease Quilt Page - After 13 Years This Website Remains The First Of Its Kind - A Repository For Accounts Of Chronically Ill Lyme Disease Patients - A More Updated Version Of The Lyme Disease Quilt Page Was Also Created By This Author, However Later Deleted By The FBI, When They Had My Angelfire Account Shut Down Under False Pretenses - Further Proof That The FBI Doesn't Give A Damn About Anyone, Including Lyme Disease Patients And Their Tremendous Suffering At The Hands Of A Criminal Empire

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  • Lab 257 By Michael Christopher Carroll - The True Story Regarding Plum Island's Use As A Covert Government Biological Weapon's Facility & The Genesis Of The Biological Weapon - Lyme Disease

  • "Lyme Disease - A Biological Weapon?"

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