Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Have You Seen Aaron Russo's Documentary On The Federal Reserve System's Counterfeiting & Laundering Of Money? - The Debtor Notes That You Carry

Have You Seen America Freedom To Fascism Yet?

If Not, See This Great Documentary Here

  • TREASON IN THE FOURTH ESTATE: "In light of the current inside-the-beltway insurrection, the rules of political warfare should be examined. The United States hasn't been a Republic for more than sixty years. Today's form of federal government is a national security state with a democracy facade" - Author James D. Sanders

  • Why Did The United States Really Attack Afghanistan & Later Iraq? It Was A Covert Plot By The Zionist Controlled Government In America To Plausibly Steal The Natural Gas & Oil Reserves From The Caspian Sea As Well As Iraq's Own Oil & Natural Gas Reserves, While Tricking The American People Into Believing That This Government Was Looking For Osama Bin Ladin (Long Time CIA Asset & Friend Of The Bush Criminal Syndicate For Decades)- It Was These Very Zionist Criminals Who Operate Under The Umbrella Of The House Of Rothschild, Who Fomented The Terrorist Attacks On 9-11-2001 & Who Rushed The Patriot Act Through Congress Before Our Elected Representatives Could Even Read It; Under The Guise Of Protecting Americans From A Group Of Terrorists Who In Reality, Operate From Within Our Own Subverted Government - The Patriot Act Is Now Being Used To Destroy The United States Constitution & Will Eventually Provoke Mass Civil Disobedience In The Future

  • "The View Sucks" - A Radical Women's Program Which Discriminates Against Men - This Program Is Pure Fluff & Another Tool Of The Zionist Media Establishment - In Light Of The Collective Backbiting & General Ignorance Of Its Hosts (Who Must Have The Collective IQ Of A Handball) - "The Spew" Would Be A Far More Appropriate Name For This Colossal Waste Of Air Space - The View Is An Insult To The Intellect Of Every Man & Woman On This Planet - Pure Bubblegum And A Prime Example Of How Such Mindless Programming Is Used In Which To Dumb Down Our Society - As An Example Of Free Thinking Being Frowned Upon By This Zionist Media System, When As A Host Of The View, Actress Rosie O'Donnell Expressed Her "View" That The Terrorist Attacks On 9-11-2001 Were An Inside Job, She Got Fired & All But Blacklisted From The Industry - A Form Of Media Censorship

  • As For Media Censorship, Yesterday, A White House Reporter Stated That Israel Should Leave Palestine, And Was Then Forced To Resign From Her Job - A Further Illustration Of How The House Of Rothschild Controls The White House, Washington Politics, And The Mainstream U.S. Media, While Espousing The Rothschild's Own Perverted Zionist Ideology

  • The Secret Government By William Cooper - For His Efforts As A Government Whistle Blower, Bill Cooper Was Subjected To A Vicious Slander Campaign & Eventually Setup To Be Murdered By An Intel SWAT Team, While The Facts Behind His Death Were As Quickly Watered Down As Were The Facts Regarding The 1947 UFO Crash In Roswell, New Mexico
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