Tuesday, June 15, 2010

White House News Reporter Helen Thomas Forced To Resign After Stating An Unpopular Truth

Helen Thomas - Congratulations!

After decades as a popular Washington reporter, Helen Thomas has now taken the gaff over a comment she recently made regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Thomas' statement: "Israel should get of Palestine."

Not only is Helen Thomas correct in her statement, but the fact that she was forced to resign after making it, is a further indication of the control that the House of Rothschild's Zionist banking establishment has over the White House, and Washington politics in general.

This as well as the Zionist's control over the media system in the United States, which has been severely tainted since the CIA infiltrated the U.S. media in 1948, under a black program called Operation Mockingbird.

Moreover, Israel has since its inception been a political pawn of the Rothschild family and their Zionist ideology. And as a direct result of the House of Rothschild's control over Washington politics, the United States has been literally hemorrhaging money to Israel since the late 1940's, when Israel (which should really be called Rothschildsville, since it was the Rothschilds who financed the creation of Israel) was first established in the middle east, and began stealing land from the Palestinians.

Why don't more people know about this? Because the Rothschilds have controlled the global media network since the 18TH Century. And as such, only the alternative media will discuss the adverse global impact that this Zionist Jewish network has had on this planet.

As it stands, the Rothschilds are using their community of global intelligentsia to find ways in which to plausibly censure the Internet, in efforts to destroy the last frontier of free expression. This is why the Intel community is spying on every move Internet users make, and in the chameleon fashion which has always characterized the method of operation regarding the intelligentsia. Hence, no Internet user has any privacy left. In reality, no person on this planet has any privacy left, the direct result of Signals Intelligence operations like the NSA's EMF Scanning Network.

As for free expression, this is something the Rothschild criminal dynasty is quite literally scared to death of.

As for Helen Thomas, she said what myriad reporters have always wanted to say in regard to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, however, have refrained from doing out of fear that they would, like Thomas, be fired from their jobs -- and blackballed from the Zionist media establishment.

This author just hopes that Helen Thomas stands by her statement and refuses to apologize, because she just happens to be right. Moreover, the Israeli - Palestinian conflict has never been about the Jews' right to exist in the middle east, which they most certainly have a right to do. This conflict has always been about the radical ideals of Zionism and its own interpretation of manifest destiny. In the case of Israel, the right to expand regardless of the dangerous consequences such expansion poses to Israel's neighboring countries.

Imperialism at its worst.

Furthermore, Israel should get out of Palestine, since they've never had a right to be there in the first place. Israel must also be abolished, while a new country representing the Jewish people (and not the radical ideals of Zionism) should be established.

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