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This Author Now Concerned Over The Recent Health Problems Of Another Member Of His Family - Are They Directed Energy Related?

Editor's Note: This author is subjected to gaslighting tactics on a regular basis, as part of the Intel community's attempts in which to drive me to a state of mental instability. As such, any information that I am given must always be treated as suspect. However, when this information concerns the health of a Family member, it must be taken seriously; even if the information turns out to be fraudulent. In this particular instance, this author has every reason to believe that the following information is accurate, and thus, must be published on this Website in an effort to protect the Family member who is mentioned in this post from serious injury, or even death.

Recent Health Problems Of A Family Member

As this author has stated in the past, one of the primary purposes in creating this Website has been in efforts to protect other Family members, whom the Intel community has used in its efforts to cover up what the FBI and NSA have subjected this author to for many years, by documenting all of the crimes which are perpetrated against us as a Family. Such documentation also offers proof that there is a conspiracy perpetrated by the aforementioned agencies, in which to deny this author and his Family our inherent rights under the United States Constitution, and that this conspiracy has been taking place for several decades; having been initiated by the Federal Bureau Of Investigation.

As such, in this author's opinion, my Family members are also under constant illegal NSA satellite surveillance, as well as being unwittingly subjected to the wireless computer to brain interface of their persons via the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network. For more information on this Network and the NSA's illegal domestic spying of American citizens, read John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA.

  • John St. Clair Akwei Files A Lawsuit Against The NSA, However No Court In This Country Wants To Hear This Lawsuit Because It Implicates The NSA In The Most Outrageous Domestic Spying Ever Documented

  • The Intel community's covert threats to destroy this author's Family as a result of my exposing these government miscreants for the crimes which they have and continue to commit against my person and myriad others (targeted for non consensual human experimentation), has been a constant theme since their COINTELPRO harassment of this author went from covert to overt in 2003.

    Most recently, a teenage member of this author's Family has suddenly become afflicted with very strange neurological problems which have resulted in their contacting a neurologist. This child has always been healthy and well adjusted; an excellent student with many friends, with most of their life still in front of them.

    As such, and given the Intel's community's use of weaponized satellites in which to perpetrate a myriad of crimes (including torture and murder) against those targeted for such government sanctioned non consensual human experimentation, the Intel community's use of such electromagnetic warfare technology must not be ruled out in this child's recent symptoms, and may in all likelihood be directly responsible for them.

    This past year, this child's parent suffered the loss of a long-term business acquaintance, to a rare and fast spreading form of cancer which took this person's life within a matter of months. And it has been this author's contention, that this person may very well have been murdered by way of a satellite deployed directed energy weapon, because this person was a good friend of this author's Family member, and stood by this Family member.

    The FBI orchestrated the firing of this Family member from a high paying job in the broadcast industry in which to force them to go through much of their savings; making this person that much easier for the FBI to coerce.

    Moreover, myriad members of the TI community (a grass roots community of men, women and children who are all being subjected to the use of some form of non consensual human experimentation) have documented that such electronic warfare attacks have been perpetrated against their own Family members; attacks which in some instances have included the murders of these people by way of electronic warfare technology.

    And this is why the TI community has dubbed this government's use of our persons for such diabolical and Nazi-minded attacks, as the silent holocaust, because that is exactly what this is. Few if any of our elected representatives will admit to this out of fear for their own safety, since they don't want to become targeted for the same types of satellite predation that many of us are subjected to daily.

    However, most of our elected representatives are certainly aware that the crimes of organized stalking have become a nationwide problem within the United States, as has the military-intelligence complexes use of millions of unwitting American citizens, for non consensual human experimentation. These politicians simply choose to do nothing about these crimes.

    Moreover, this author will continue to document the condition of this Family member, in the hope that their symptoms are being caused artificially as the result of DEW technology, and not a serious illness which may have resulted from the use of such electronic weaponry on their person for an extended period of time.

    Another *Family member is scheduled for minor surgery next week, and this author will document every aspect of this situation as well, given the Intel community's attempts in which to murder those associated with targets of non consensual human experimentation, with plausible deniability. The threat of this Family member being murdered (even during a simple surgical procedure) can no longer be ruled out.

    *Update: The Family member who was scheduled to have surgery has now had the surgery, and fortunately, is recovering well. It is unfortunate that this author must document such things, however, given the Intel community's use of satellite based weaponry in which to commit murders through such covert means, this Intel community must now be subjected to the same types of scrutiny that they have subjugated the citizenry of this planet to.
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