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How The House Of Rothschild Infiltrated The U.S. Federal Government By Getting Their Own Representatives Elected To Office - The Rothschild Lackeys

  • "Synthetic Telepathy & The Early Mind Wars" - This Article Has Been Removed From Certain Alternative Websites, &Appears To Be Electronically Blocked On The Scrib'd Website - So Read It Here While You Can - The NSA Utilizes Synthetic Telepathy Via Its Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network & Wireless Computer To Brain Interface Of American Citizens To Remotely Read As Well As Implant Thoughts Into The Minds Of Those Citizens Targeted For Such Non Consensual Human Experimentation

  • How The Rothschilds Secretly Orchestrated The Money Panic Of 1907 & Then The Passage Of The Aldrich Vreeland Act Of 1908, Which Led To The Creation Of The Federal Reserve Act & Federal Reserve Communist Central Bank - The Rothschild's Use Of Senator Nelson Aldrich (A Member Of The *Rockefeller Family Through Marriage) In Which To Pass Legislation Which Would Again Allow The Rothschilds To Establish A Communist Central Bank Within The United States, Is Yet Another Of The Myriad Examples Of How The Rothschilds Manipulate Elections In Which To Place Their Own Representatives In Government - Once This Occurs, The Rothschilds Gradually Take Control Of Such Governments

  • American Robber Barons Fronting For The Rothschilds

    * John D. Rockefeller was one of the first Rothschild representatives in the United States; it was Rockefeller whom the Rothschilds used in which to monopolize the oil industry in America. The Rothschilds have since used myriad others in which to monopolize everything from banking and government (the Federal Reserve System) to medicine (The American Medical Association), as part of Mayer Amschel Rothschild's long-term agenda in which to destroy the United States, while stealing America's resources for the House of Rothschild. And this explains why the American middle class is nearly financially destitute in the present day, and at the point of being reduced to serfs.

    The Rothschild's use of such persons in which to infiltrate the U.S. Federal Government was never more apparent, than in their use of oil magnate, Andrew Mellon, in which to demonize the hemp plant, because of its threat as a viable alternative to oil in the production of everything from fuel to the petrochemical products derived from petroleum.

    Hemp Is Healthy - Oil Is Dangerous

    Hemp grows naturally, is far more environmentally friendly than oil, and can also be used in the manufacture of paper products. This so terrified publishing magnate William Randolph Hearst (given that in the 1930's Hearst owned a vast acreage of trees which he used in the manufacture of the paper for his publishing empire), that he conspired with Andrew Mellon (and under the auspices of the Rothschilds, who to this day control the global tobacco industry, and feared that the public would much prefer to smoke marijuana than tobacco), to use Hearst's publishing empire in which to demonize hemp with the public. Hearst went so far as to finance the making of the now classic film on marijuana, "Reefer Madness," which since that time, has ironically enough, become a cult classic with the marijuana lobby.

    In their efforts to further demonize the hemp plant, U.S. Treasury Secretary, Andrew Mellon (whom prior to his election as U.S. Secretary of The Treasury, was the head of Union Steel & Gulf Oil), created the Bureau of Narcotics in 1937, and appointed a future relative, Harry Anslinger, to head the Bureau.

    Moreover, as the head of the Bureau of Narcotics, Anslinger's first assignment was to conduct a public smear campaign against marijuana; a campaign which began by placing a tax on the purchase of the drug, and later enacting legislation which made it illegal to either purchase marijuana or smoke it.

    In modern day America, Americans continue to be told of the evils of using marijuana. However, the conspiracy in which marijuana was unconstitutionally removed from our society has been cleverly concealed by those who've profited most from marijuana's rapid departure, while depriving the public of hemp manufactured products which are far safer for our consumption and to our environment, than those manufactured by way of oil cartels like the "Four Sisters."

    Yet, in the modern day, myriad citizens now realize that marijuana has many benefits in the treatment of the terminally ill, which is why several states have now passed laws making it legal to use marijuana for medical treatment.

    To learn more about the conspiracy to destroy the hemp plant read the following article:

  • Read "Shadow Of The Swastika" To Learn More About The Rothschild's Demonization Campaign Against Marijuana
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