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1969 -- Judge Martin V. Mahoney Rules That The Federal Reserve System Is In The Commission Of Fraud & Declares The Federal Reserve Null & Void

  • Judge Martin V. Mahoney Poisoned To Death After Ruling That Federal Reserve Bank Mortgages Are Null & Void Because The Federal Reserve System Counterfeits Its Money

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  • The History Of The House Of Rothschild By Andrew Hitchcock

  • US Presidents Murdered By The Rothschild Banking Cartel Lincoln's Private War: The Trail of Blood

  • The Federal Reserve Controls The U.S. Federal Government

    "People ask 'em the difference between a Democrat and Republican in Congress - like they don't get it: HERE'S HOW YOU GET IT: It's organized crime. It's just that the Democrats are the Gambinos, and the Republicans are the Genoveses. The people at the top, they act like it's a crap game. Like it's their crap game and their making lots of money. Every once in awhile, somebody at the table shoots each other, but the moment ANYTHING comes in to disrupt their crap game - they all unite to protect it..."

    ~~~ Mike Ruppert, From The Wilderness.com






    On January 6, 1969 this Court filed a Notice of Refusal to Allow Appeal with the Clerk at the District Court, Hugo L. Hentges, for the County of Scott and the State of Minnesota, which is as follows:


    TO: Hugo L. Hentges, Clerk of District Court, Plaintiff, First National Bank of Montgomery and Defendant Jerome Daly:

    You will Please take Notice that the undersigned Justice of the Peace, Martin V. Mahoney, hereby, pursuant to law, refuses to allow the Appeal in the above entitled action, and refuses to make an entry of such allowance in the undersigned's Docket.

    The undersigned also refuses to file in the office of the clerk of the District Court in and for Scott County, Minnesota, a transcript of all the entries made in my Docket, together with all process and other papers relating to the action and filed with me as Justice of the Peace.

    The undersigned concludes and determines that M.S.A. 532.38 was not complied with within 10 days after entry of Judgment in my Justice of the Peace Court Subdivision 4 thereof requires that $2.00 shall be paid within 10 days to the Clerk of the District Court for the use of the Justice before whom the cause was tried.

    Two so-called "One Dollar" Federal Reserve Notes issued by the Federal Reserve Bank at San Francisco L1278283C and Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis Serial No. 18041C697A were deposited with the Clerk of the District Court to be tendered to me.

    These Federal Reserve Notes are not lawful money within the contemplation of the Constitution of the United States and are null and void. Further, the Notes on their face are not redeemable in Gold or Silver Coin nor is there a fund set aside anywhere for the redemption of said Notes.

    However, this is a determination of a question of Law and Fact by the undersigned pursuant to the authority vested in me by the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Minnesota. Plaintiff is entitled to be accorded full due process of Law before the Court in this present determination not to allow the Appeal.

    If Plaintiff will file a brief on the Law and the Facts with this Court within 10 days, or if Plaintiff will file an application for a full and complete hearing before this Court on the determination, a prompt hearing will be set and if Plaintiff can satisfy this Court that said Notes are lawful money issued in pursuance of and under the authority of the Constitution of the United States of America the undersigned will stand ready and willing to reverse himself in this determination.

    Dated January 6, 1969

    /s/ Martin V. Mahoney

    *The Federal Reserve System could not prove that the money they print is based on something of intrinsic value (gold or silver), so they orchestrated the murder of Judge Martin V. Mahoney just as they did other government officials who've challenged the Federal Reserve System's criminal counterfeiting - money laundering operations in the past - including Presidents Abraham Lincoln, John Garfield, and John F. Kennedy.

    *The following excerpt was sourced from Rense.com:

    Attempts To Audit Federal Reserve Result In Further Murders

    Where Does This Leave Congressman Ron Paul?

    Since Dr. Paul is attempting to repeal the *Federal Reserve Act of 1913, with House Resolution 833, which would effectively abolish the Federal Reserve System.

    *The Federal Reserve Act has always been unconstitutional, and was only made into law because some U.S. Senators were *bribed to pass this legislation during the Christmas recess of 1913, when most of our representatives had gone home for the holidays.

    *Those who orchestrated these bribes representated the House of Rothschild, and worked through Senator Nelson Aldrich (A Rothschild lackey and through marriage, a relative of the Rockefeller family), to get this treasonous legislation passed.

    It was the House of Rothschild that was intent on establishing another of their Communist central banks in the United States (after the Second Bank Of The United States failed), so that the Rothschild's could finally gain control of the U.S. Federal Government; which they did with the passage of the Federal Reserve Act, and creation of the Federal Reserve central bank - a bank which is not federal, not a system, and has no reserves.

    "In the 70's and 80's, Congressman Larry P. McDonald spearheaded efforts to expose the hidden holdings and intentions of the international money interests. His efforts ended on August 31, 1983, when he was killed when Korean Airlines 007 was "accidentally" shot down in Soviet airspace. A strange coincidence, it would seem.

    "Senator John Heinz and former Senator John Tower had served on powerful Senate banking and finance committees and were outspoken critics of the Federal Reserve and the Eastern Establishment. On April 4, 1991, Senator John Heinz was killed in a plane crash near Philadelphia.12

    "On the next day, April 5, 1991, former Senator John Tower was also killed in a plane crash. The coincidences seem to mount.13

    "Attempts to just audit the Federal Reserve continue to meet with failure. It is virtually impossible to muster support for any issue that has the benefit of a media blackout.14 (The bizarre but tragic reality that the American people suffer from a managed and controlled media is a subject for another discussion.)"

    Given his House Resolution in which to repeal the act which allowed for the creation of the private corporation that's been sold to Americans as the Federal Reserve System, will Congressman Ron Paul be the House Of Rothschild's next murder victim?

    Taking into consideration the aforesaid information, one must seriously ponder the fate of Dr. Paul, should he pull off a miracle which would result in the Federal Reserve System's being abolished. Moreover, if another House Resolution in regard to the Federal Reserve System being audited manages to pass, any such audit would be as corrupted as the Warren Commission Report regarding J.F.K.'s assassination, or the even more outlandish 9/11 Commission & TWA Flight 800 investigations; all "three" of which continue to be nothing but creative pieces of fiction.

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  • Judge Martin V. Mahoney Poisoned To Death After Ruling That Federal Reserve Bank Mortgages Are Null & Void Because The Federal Reserve System Counterfeits Its Money

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