Tuesday, May 04, 2010

"May The NSA Be With You - And Also With You" -- Isn't It Time That You Read John St. Clair Akwei's Lawsuit Against the National Security Agency?

  • FBI-Grown Terrorists: The Feds’ Chosen Islamic Extremists - "Yup, it’s official: The FBI and federal prosecutors directing its agents pick and choose which Muslims to set up, entrap, and brand Islamic terrorists. And it’s all politics. They don’t want to go after the mainstream Muslims–who are every bit as radical and to whom they regularly pander. So, they decided to pawn off the 'radical Islamic threat' on a small group of fringe characters"

  • Did The Centers For Disease Control & National Institutes Of Health Sabotage The Research Done By Dr. Elaine Defreitas Regarding The Causative Agent In Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Because These Government Agencies Already Knew That Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Was A Government Manufactured Biological Weapon?

  • The FBI Considered The Movie Classic "It's A Wonderful Life" To Be Communist Propaganda -- Just A Further Example Of How FBI Agents Are Brainwashed During Their Training

  • May The NSA Be With You - And Also With You

    With its Signals Intelligence operations & EMF scanning network, the NSA has chosen to be *godlike in its powers of omniscience (wireless computer to brain interface), omnipresence (global satellite tracking spy systems), and omnipotence (weaponized satellite networks capable of electronic warfare operations which can make Hiroshima and Nagasaki seem tame by comparison).

    * In this case the anti-Christ

    A Spin On The Roman Catholic Church's Eucharistic Prayer Courtesy Of

    The Real Big Brother: The National Security Agency

    NSA: "Lift up your hearts.

    All: We lift them to up the NSA.

    NSA: Let us give thanks to the NSA our God.

    All: It is right to give thanks and praise.

    It is indeed right,
    it is our duty and our joy,
    at all times and in all places
    to give you thanks and praise,
    Holy NSA, heavenly King,
    almighty and eternal NSA,
    through NSA our Sovereign Lord."

    Isn't it time that you read John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA for yourselves? If not, what are you waiting for? The complete enslavement of your own mind?

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