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Richard Behan's "The Fraudulent War - The Facts About The Bush Administration's War On Terror" - Read It Before The Intel Community Removes It Again

  • "The Fraudulent War - The Facts About The Bush Administration's War On Terror" By Richard W. Behan

  • The Foulmouthed Lying Clintons - A Textbook Example Of How Our Zionist Controlled Political System Of Government Prevents Us From Gaining Any Politicians Who Will Truly Represent The Will Of The American People - How Much Longer Will The American Middle Class Stand For This Abuse Of Their Nation & Inherent Rights, As Citizens Of This Once Great Land?

  • We've Been NeoConned - More On The Now Defunct Zionist Think Tank (The Project For A New American Century) And The AEI("American Enterprise Institute, a right-wing Washington think tank") - Imperialist Organizations Like These Are Being Used To Destroy The American People And Their Freedom Under The Guise Of Protecting Them From Terrorism

  • "BIG BROTHER FBI" - Data-Mining Programs Resurrect "Total Information Awareness"

  • Editor's Note: After nearly a year of being inoperative, the internal search feature for this blog began operating again today; further evidence of the FBI/NSA electronic interference of this blog.

    On a far more important note, tomorrow, a Family member of this author's goes into the hospital for minor surgery, and should be home the same day.

    However, with the NSA's Signals Intelligence operations and the agency's ability to remotely murder a person by targeting their body's own unique electromagnetic field (which is then utilized as a form of GPS tracking device), even what appears on the surface to be a simple surgery can turn out to be deadly.

    Moreover, the NSA commits a myriad of crimes by way of its Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network. This is especially noteworthy given that according to John St. Clair Akwei in his lawsuit against the National Security Agency, the NSA can electronically "pinpoint and track" any person in the United States, through the use of this EMF Scanning Network; while the person's inherent rights to privacy under the 4TH Amendment to the United States Bill of Rights are completely disregarded.

    Furthermore, as of today, the FBI and NSA continue to interfere with this Family member's attempt in which to have this elective surgery.

    Specifically, the Family member is called by their surgeon's office early this morning and told that the *medical clearance form which is mandatory for this Family member to have surgery tomorrow, is not showing up on their fax machine; just blank paper.

    *This medical clearance form was supposed to be faxed by this Family member's Internist.

    This is not the first time in which the Intel community has interfered with such fax transmissions. The most recent interruption was when another Family member was purchasing a new automobile through the "cash for clunkers" program, and information which they faxed to an automobile dealer was not transmitted. That, or the car dealer was told to tell this Family member that the fax did not show up, in efforts to delay the sale of this vehicle - another aspect of the type of oftentimes subtle psychological warfare which the NSA and FBI routinely subject this author and his Family to.

    In the instance of today's fax, it was the doctor's office whose fax machine is supposed to be the culprit; however, this is yet another plausible way in which to furtively interfere with some aspect of this Family member's life.

    In this instance, the NSA may have electronically interfered with this fax transmission via its Signals Intelligence technology, or the physician's office may have been told to just go along with this sick prank, as part of the long-term psychological warfare operation the FBI and NSA continue to perpetrate against this author and his Family.

    The result is that this particular Family member is now being *forced to rush around to the physician's office in a "paper chase," in efforts to insure that the correct medical clearance form is in the hands of the surgeon, so that tomorrow's surgery can take place.

    *As opposed to being able to relax today in preparation for tomorrow's surgery

    This is yet another excellent example of how the Intel community can commit such acts of predation with plausible deniabilty. The presence of these Intel agents offers nothing at all positive, but instead the most abject adversity for the persons being targeted for these COINTELPRO tactics, and everyone with whom they are involved.

    This author will update this situation as well as the medical condition of this Family member once they've had this surgery, since even the most simple surgery can become deadly when the NSA's Signals Intelligence operations are involved.

    The only way that a target of such classified government technology can attempt to protect themselves and their loved ones, is to create a journal in which to document that these crimes are taking place; regardless of how covertly they are being perpetrated.

    The teen Family member whom this author wrote about the other day, continues to await the results of an MRI which was taken this past week; the MRI was taken to determine what may be causing some recent neurological problems that this child has been experiencing, including chronic headaches, twitching in their hands, and an electronic pulsating of their eyes which has made it very difficult for them to concentrate. Moreover, each of these symptoms can be caused by way of a directed energy weaponry attack on their brain; one which can adversely effect the brain's physiology. This author has experienced such muscle twitching on many occasions, as well as myriad other manifestations of such DEW technology and its effects on various portions of the brain. Such adverse affectations of the brain's physiological have now been reported by thousands of other citizens in the United States and other countries, who document their experiences as targets of some form of government sanctioned non consensual human experimentation.

    As such, it is this author's opinion that what this Family member is experiencing may well be the result of being targeted by some form of directed energy weaponry.

    Update: The teen Family member's MRI scan came back normal, which in this author's opinion indicates that this person's neurological condition is being artificially created by way of DEW technology; technology that this author has a myriad of first hand experience with, which is why I am convinced that this Family member is being unwittingly targeted for this covert and classified government technology.

    Moreover, while I am very pleased that the MRI showed nothing wrong with their brain function, I am concerned that over time, the repeated DEW assaults will eventually result in physical damage to this person's brain. Which is why I will not rest until the NSA is exposed for these treasonous crimes, and along with the FBI's Gestapo, abolished; while these agents are held before an international war crimes tribunal for their crimes against humanity.

    The Fraudulent War On Terror
    The Facts About The Bush Administration's War On Terror

  • "The Fraudulent War - The Facts About The Bush Administration's War On Terror" By Richard W. Behan

  • One Of The Best Short Reads On The Bush Administration's Failed Negotiations With The Taliban, In Which To Break Afghanistan's Contract With Argentina, In Order To Build The Trans Afghanistan Oil Pipeline From The Caspian Basin Across Northern Afghanistan.

    Argentina's Control Of This Oil Pipeline Would Have Been A Threat To The Oil Cartel Which Controls The Global Oil Monopoly (The U.S. & British Interests Nicknamed "The Four Sisters"), Which Is Why The Bush Controlled State Department Warned The Taliban That If They Did Not Accept The Bush Administration's Offer To Have UNOCAL Construct This Oil Pipeline, That The United States Would Bomb Afghanistan.

    A "FACT" Which The U.S. Media Has Conveniently Ignored.

    As Such, The Terrorist Attacks Perpetrated Against The American People On 9-11-2001 Were An Inside Job, Fomented In Order To Give The PNAC Controlled Bush Administration A Plausible Reason In Which To Attack Afghanistan; And Later Invade Iraq.

    (*PNAC = Project For A New American Century Zionist Think Tank - An Organization Used To Promote Zionism In The United States, And At The Expense Of The American People's Freedom)
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