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Offline Since Saturday, 5/08/10, As The Result Of A Power Failure - Was The Falling Tree Limb That Caused It The Result Of A DEW Weapon?

Editor's Note: As any target of non consensual human experimentation and organized stalking is well aware of, those who perpetrate these crimes against us will usually given some advance warning that they are planning something.

In the case of the following situation, this author receives an E-mail from PETCO (an online petstore retailer), that they are having a 72 hour sale: which just happens to be the approximate number of hours that this author's home was out of power last week. The direct result of a large tree limb knocking down the power line which runs from the road to our home.

A situation which this author believes was artificially caused by way of satellite deployed directed energy weaponry - clandestine technology developed under the U.S. Federal Government's electronic warfare programs.

Any target of such crimes (TI's) will tell you that there's no such thing as a coincidence in the electronic warfare attacks on our persons, or the adjunct organized stalking and other psychological warfare operations which we are subjected to.

These are well planned black operations, and further evidence that the Constitutional rule of law within the United States has been completely disregarded. And that the dictatorial Patriot Act has now become the de facto Constitution of the United States - at least for the time being.

Was DEW Weaponry Used To Knock Down This Tree Limb?

This past Saturday, during high winds, a tree limb fell and landed with such force on the power line (which runs from the road to our home), that it tore the mast pole on which it is secured, right off the side of our house; including the electric utility meter, while leaving us with only partial power for the past three days.

The pole was torn out with such force, that it shorted its electrical ground, and damaged the *water pipe which feeds water from the road to our home.

*Long Island Power Authority (LIPA for short and formerly known as Long Island Lighting Company - LILCO) grounds its electrical system to Long Island's aquifer system.

This resulted in an immediate loss of partial power through our circuit breaker (which is split into different sections of our home), as well as the loss of water, since the portion of the water pipe (a lock nut fitting) which enters our home from the road, was also damaged when the mast pole fell to the ground and shorted out, causing the pipe to leak badly.

Thus far, the cost of this 72 hour nightmare includes that of a new mast pole and electric utility meter, as well as the expense of bringing in a plumber to repair the damaged lock nut to the water pipe, and a few other miscellaneous items.

As for why this particular tree limb fell, let's just say that it landed in a very *precise way, not only knocking down the power line from the house - something which has not happened in the nearly five decades that this author has lived in this home - but also tearing the electrical mast pole and its mounting brackets right out of the side of this house.

*Geophysical manipulation of the weather may have been used in which to create the high winds which suddenly engulfed the Northeastern part of the United States over the past few days, and offered the Intel community a plausible means in which to down the tree limb which damaged the power line which runs from the road to the electric mast that's attached to our home.

Such artificial manipulation of the weather has been possible for more than half a century, and there is now serious concern that the HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) system in Alaska may well be used for such covert manipulations of our weather patterns. There is also concern that HAARP may now have another location at Brookhaven Laboratories, on Long Island, which seems plausible enough, given the secretive nature of this company and its history of dealing with the U.S. Federal Government.

Given the FBI/NSA use of this author for long-term non consensual human experimentation, as well as the DEW weapons' attacks which have been directed at my person for many years, it is entirely possible that this tree limb was intentionally broken by way of a directed energy weapons' strike, in which to not only cut the power from our home, but to also cause expensive damage to our domicile; this while the high winds would have allowed the NSA to commit this covert crime with plausible deniability.

*It is also of interest to note that over the three days in which we were left without power, the Northeast experienced a cold snap, with outside temperatures plummeting to below 50 degrees in the evenings. However, the day that we received power, the weather had begun to warm up noticeably, and the following day the temperatures had risen to nearly 80 degrees.

Another coincidence?

We have many massive trees on our property, a few of which have been quite literally * torn out at their roots over the past few years, including one which this author was sitting under while staring at a very strange looking branch; a sight which I saw exactly as it had appeared through my own eyes, the following day, when switching cable stations on a downstair's television - in which nothing but NSA psywarfare programming was being broadcast at the time.

*It is this author's opinion, that these trees were in fact taken down by satellite deployed directed energy weaponry. It is also this author's opinion that the FBI and NSA are waging a covert, yet very aggressive smear campaign against this author in efforts to completely obscure the crimes which they have committed against my person and Family, and which I document in great detail on this Website.

The Intel community's complete circumvention of the United States Constitution is a further example of this criminal conspiracy, and why these agents now find the need to demonize this author, rather than take responsibility for their outrageous and treasonous behavior. They instead use the media in this country in which to deploy Intel's psychological warfare programming on the public at large in an attempt to brainwash the public, in efforts to completely obfuscate the fact that this country has been secretly brain fingerprinted by the National Security Agency. And as such, that Americans have been unwittingly subjugated to a situation in which not only is their physical privacy a thing of the past, but also their privacy of thought, which can be electronically invaded through the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, and the wireless computer to brain interface of their persons.

Furthermore, while I had no idea at the time exactly how this image (which I had seen through my own eyes a day earlier) could have shown up on my TV screen, I now know that it was an image which was captured by the NSA, while electronically monitoring the cerebral cortex region of this author's brain (in order to see what I see through my own eyes - a manifestion of wireless computer to brain interface - commonly reported by targets of non consensual human experimentation), and as the direct result of the NSA's wireless computer to brain interface of my person.

And remote neural monitoring of my brainwaves via the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network.

Yes, this is really happening in the United States of America's covert Zionist military-intelligence technocratic dictatorship, and any of the millions of readers who regularly access this blog may well be subjected to such government wireless computer to brain interface of their persons without their knowledge. Since the NSA has secretly brain fingerprinted our entire population, the agency is now treating all Americans as if they are terrorists.

*A special note of thanks to this author's Brother, who showed up with an alcohol stove, gallons of jug water, a battery charger and a few other important miscellaneous items, as well as to Kevin, who showed up from our local water district late at night in which to remove the water which had flooded the compartment that houses our water inlet from the road, and who had the idea of running a water hose from the pipe to our house (in which to temporarily restore our water access until the lock nut was repaired). An indispensable jury rig.

Also thanks to the local fire department (a nice change of pace from the organized stalking) for sending a crew over to make sure that there wasn't an electrical fire behind any of the walls in our home. And last but certainly not least, thanks to the electrician (Joe), and plumber (Ken), both of whom did an excellent job in repairing the damage done in an expedient manner. Anyone will tell you that good electricians and plumbers are worth their weight in gold - it's true, they really can be life savers.

The Atlantic Monthly's Attempt At Humor?

OR Brainwashing?

Last month, this author wrote a post in reference to the May, 2010 issue of the Atlantic Monthly. This post pertained to an article on Dr. Steven Hatfill, in which I documented much of the FBI's COINTELPRO harassment of both Dr. Hatfill and the late Dr. Bruce Ivin's, stating that the Atlantic Monthly's article was too little too late.

In this author's opinion, the Atlantic Monthly played it safe by waiting until the FBI had closed the case, instead of making a bold move in which to come to the aid of Hatfill, when he could have really used the media's help. This author also believes that Dr. Bruce Ivin's was not the anthrax mailer, but instead, a convenient scapegoat whom the FBI quickly latched onto when they could no longer get away with bullying Dr. Hatfill, and wanted to close a case which has lasted the better part of a decade.

Now, in the June, 2010 issue of the Atlantic Monthly, on the second page, there is an advertisement for an aviation company called Flexjet, which features a credit card billfold in which the name "James Marino" is embossed.

Given the myriad of James Marino's in the phone book, this might seem plausible.

However, the fact that this author posts the following article, and then finds his name prominently displayed in this add, appears to be more than just a coincidence.

  • This Author Questions The Atlantic Monthly's Timing In Its Article On Dr. Steven Hatfill Stating That The Article Is Too Little Too Late

  • Especially since this author now openly criticizes the Zionist movement, and the House of Rothschild's role in furtively controlling the United States of America through its Federal Reserve System Communist central bank. A situation in which the Rothschilds have succeeded in taking over the United States (a plan fomented by the late Mayer Amschel Rothschild in the mid 1800's after Abraham Lincoln decided to coin his own currency through the U.S. Treasury) through their creation and laundering of fiat money by way of such central banks.

    The Rothschilds also secretly control the global media system, including such rags as the *Atlantic Monthly. The FBI & NSA regularly interfere with the media which this author receives, whether it's cable TV or radio broadcasts (all Intel manipulated for the COINTELPRO against this author), or the print media; so this copy of the Atlantic Monthly may be a "one off" so to speak, or the advertisement may be for real.

    *At least the Atlantic Monthly finally did an article in which to exonerate Steven Hatfill, instead of bashing him like the rest of the parasitic media in this country did.

    As for coincidence, another target of government sanctioned mind control technology once told this author that once you are subjugated to such a difficult and precarious life, there's no such thing as a coincidence. And this certainly remains the situation for my person and the myriad others who continue to be subjected to such covert black operations.

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