Friday, May 07, 2010

Aisha Goodison Updates Her Efforts To Sue The FBI For Nearly Killing Her/ Our Mailman Continues To Be Used In The FBI's COINTELPRO Against This Author

  • FBI COINTELPRO Target Aisha Goodison & Her Lawsuit Against The FBI & Its Agents Of Satan - Read Part 4 Of Aisha's Updates Here As She Attempts To Hold The FBI Accountable For The Crimes Its Agents Of Satan Have Committed Against Her

  • "Neutralizing The Organized Stalker" - These People Are Vigilante Criminals Who Are Sanctioned By The U.S. Zionist Police State That Has Subverted Our Constitutional Republic - They Must Be Held Accountable For Their Outrageous Crimes

  • Editor's Note: Our mailman continues to be used by the FBI in its organized stalking - psychological warfare operation against this author. A criminal conspiracy which the FBI and NSA have been conducting against my person since the early 1980's, and one which became extremely aggressive in the *Spring of 2003 - a full seven years now.

    *After the Patriot Act was passed

    The mailman's part in this criminal operation is simple enough. He deliberately leaves other neighbors' mail in our mailbox several times a month. The addresses of the homes on the incorrectly delivered pieces of mail are usually a psychological trigger. However, magazines may have a particular word or phrase on their cover, which also offers such psychological triggers.

    Targets of organized stalking have reported that the U.S. Mail has become a common venue for use by organized stalkers in which to carry out their covert psychological warfare attacks, since mail can be sent plausibly, even though those sending letters, magazines and other forms of mail do so with the intent of causing psychological harm to the organized stalking victim.

    The only way to neutralize this manipulation of the mail - a federal crime - is to simply read the name and address on each piece of mail, and then leave the intentionally incorrectly delivered pieces of mail in the mailbox, so that the mailman can pick them up and deliver them to the proper recipients on his next run.

    Of course this makes more work for him, leading this author to believe that our mailman is merely following orders, and concerned that if he fails to do so, he might be forced to suffer the consequences of disobeying the FBI. It has always been this author's contention that most people taking part in organized stalking do so out of fear that if they fail to comply, they may themselves become targets of such crimes; a further indication of the police state that America has become since the Patriot Act was passed.

    The Organized Stalking Freak Show

    After seven consecutive years of this insanity, this author finds the organized stalking community more of an amusing freak show than anything else. The most disturbing part in all this is how they have been brainwashed into doing the FBI's dirty work for them, given that the Bureau has committed some outrageous crimes against my person which they do not want to be held accountable for.

    Moreover, this author has accused the FBI of everything from attempted murder, to fabricating information in the Bureau's efforts to completely obscure their own outrageous criminality, while our legislators conveniently ignore what the FBI has done; hoping this entire situation will go away.

    What the FBI and NSA are attempting to cover up here, is their illicit use of the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, in which to brain fingerprint the American people, and then utilize their unique brain fingerprints as a form of GPS tracking device.

    This as well as the NSA's use of wireless computer to brain interface in which to electronically invade the privacy of the minds of American citizens, while using many for some form of non consensual human experimentation.

    Treasonous crimes which our elected representatives are paid to ignore, and at the public's expense.

    However, this situation is not going away. Instead, the FBI's crimes are becoming worse by the year, and a further indication of the Bureau's desperation in attempting to cover up what has become the most egregious violation of the Bill of Rights in American history.

    Simply put, the FBI's committed so many outrageous crimes against this author and his Family that the Constitutional rule of law is now completely absent; nullifying the FBI as law enforcement, while instead identifying this cadre of evil minded miscreants as the Zionist financed and controlled crime syndicate that they in fact are.

    Why is the FBI doing this?

    Because the Bureau has been caught committing crimes which could put the agents involved in prison for life. And has always been the case in regard to its COINTELPRO operations, the FBI doesn't want to answer any questions which would prove that the organization willfully violated this author's Constitutional rights for many decades.

    Thus, the only logical (yet expensive) alternative is for the FBI to run a continuous psychological warfare operation/smear campaign smokescreen, in efforts to prevent a judge and jury from ever finding out just how criminal the FBI's agents have operated in this particular instance. Simply put, the FBI doesn't want to answer any questions that would implicate its own agents in what is turning out to be the greatest scandal in the Bureau's history.

    Most of all, neither the FBI nor the NSA want information that should have been admitted into evidence in the early 1990's regarding the NSA's criminal use of its Signals Intelligence domestic spy operations (See: John St. Clair Akwei VS The NSA) to finally make its way into a U.S. Courtroom. Something this information may very well do in the future.
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