Friday, May 14, 2010

The Jewish Race Is Diametrically Opposed To Zionist Jews & Their Satanic Practices - Something The Rothschild/Zionist Controlled Media Has Covered Up

  • Vending Machines That Offer Gold - A Sign Of Our Troubled Times & A Global Economy That Is Gradually Collapsing - The Direct Result Of The House Of Rothschild's Creation Of Debt Through Its Manufacture & Laundering Of Fiat Currency - Buy Real Gold While You Can - Not Gold Certificates Which Are As Worthless As The Federal Reserve System's Debtor Notes

    *Editor's Notation: To be opposed to Zionism & its Jewish leadership does not make one an *anti-Semite; it makes one an anti-Zionist. And the world is now full of such truth seekers, who are intent are destroying Zionism before it can destroy humanity itself.

    It was the Zionist Jews, themselves, under the House of Rothschild, who perpetuated the concept of anti-Semitism, which has served their purpose in which to undermine the Jewish people, while attempting to parasite off of the concern regarding anti-Semitism which exists globally. For example, when Zionist Jews are criticized for their role in the creation and laundering of fiat currency, they immediately claim that their critics are guilty of anti-Semitism - an outrageous lie which exploits the Jewish race for the Zionist's own criminal means.

  • A Courageous American Jew Breaks His Silence To Expose The Zionist Control Over The State Of Israel & Is Murdered For It - The Story Of Jack Bernstein

  • Jews Burning An Israeli Flag In Boro Park, Brooklyn

    Why Didn't The U.S. Media Cover This?

    Because They're Controlled By The International Zionist Jewish Bankers Who Operate Under The House Of Rothschild

  • Jews Burning The Israeli Flag Because They Understand That The Hexagram On This Flag Represents Zionism & Its Worship Of Satanism

  • The Most Remarkable Alternative Journalist Of Our Time, Eustace Mullins' "Secrets Of The Federal Reserve" Exposes Zionism In America & How The Zionist House Of Rothschild Took Control Of The United States With Its Creation Of The Federal Reserve System Communist Central Bank In 1913 - The American People Have Been Unwitting Slaves Of The Rothschild Family Ever Since, & Through The Unconstitutional Federal Income Tax Which Is Imposed On Their Wages Through The Federal Reserve's Private Collection Agent - The Internal Revenue Service
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