Saturday, May 15, 2010

Who's The Judge Who Prevented John St. Clair Akwei's Lawsuit From Being Heard In A U.S. Federal Courtroom? Did The NSA Intimidate This Judge?

  • The Following Is Just One Of Myriad Examples Of How The Intel Community Uses The Internet In An Attempt In Which To Discredit John St. Clair Akwei's Lawsuit Against The NSA, Through Their Demented Humor

  • "People ask 'em the difference between a Democrat and Republican in Congress - like they don't get it: HERE'S HOW YOU GET IT: It's organized crime. It's just that the Democrats are the Gambinos, and the Republicans are the Genoveses. The people at the top, they act like it's a crap game. Like it's their crap game and their making lots of money. Every once in awhile, somebody at the table shoots each other, but the moment ANYTHING comes in to disrupt their crap game - they all unite to protect it..."

    ~~~ Mike Ruppert, From The

    "An event has happened, upon which it is difficult to speak, and impossible to be silent."

    ~~~ Edmund Burke

    "Mohandas Gandhi On Philosophy & Government"

    "Non cooperation with evil is a sacred duty"

    - Mohandas Gandhi On Civil Disobedience

    Who Is This Judge?

    As the contents of John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the National Security Agency continue to circulate over the Internet, citizens from around this planet must be asking themselves why a U.S. Judge would have kept such an important lawsuit (and one which implicates the NSA is the most egregious domestic spying ever documented) from ever being heard?

    One must also wonder exactly who this Judge is? And why did this government official refuse to allow John St. Clair Akwei to try his case against the National Security Agency? Especially when this lawsuit, given its abject importance to the freedom of the American people under the U.S. Bill of Rights 4TH Amendment, should be heard before the U.S. Federal Supreme Court.

    Was this Judge intimidated by the Intelligence community into sidelining Akwei VS NSA, because John Akwei is exposing a classified electronic warfare program which the NSA is using in which to covertly spy upon, torture and even murder American citizens? This while using other Americans for the express purpose of non consensual human experimentation.

    With all due respect, your honor, and in the interest of protecting humanity itself, this author implores you to speak out in regard to why you refused to hear Akwei VS NSA in your courtroom.

  • Richard Behan's "The Fraudulent War - The Facts Behind The Bush Administration's Fraudulent War On Terror" - The United States Attack On Afghanistan Was The Direct Result Of The Bush Administration's Failed Negotiations With The Taliban In Which To Break Its Contract With Argentina To Build The Trans Afghanistan Oil Pipeline - When Talks Broke Off In The Summer Of 2001 The U.S. State Department Threatened To Bomb Afghanistan - Then In September Of 2001 The World Trade Center Was Destroyed, Giving The Bush Administration A Plausible & Very Convenient Excuse For Waging War On Afghanistan Under The Pretense Of Hunting For Osama Bin Ladin, Even Though The FBI At The Time Stated That Bin Ladin Was Not Considered To Be A Suspect In The World Trade Center Bombing - Since 9-11-2001 The American People Have Been Told One Lie After Another In Efforts To Cover Up The Fact That The Terrorist Attacks On 9-11 Were An Inside Job & Fomented By The House Of Rothschild Through The Privately Held Federal Reserve System

  • FBI Agent, John Thomas Shipley Found Guilty Of Gun Running -- When Will The FBI Be Abolished? How Much Longer Must Americans Be Forced To Tolerate This Zionist Controlled Crime Syndicate?
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