Thursday, May 20, 2010

The National Security Agency Now Seeks An Alliance With Google In Order To Monopolize The Entire Internet - Another House Of Rothschild Monopoly

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  • Google/NSA Alliance Means Trouble For Internet Users Since The NSA Seeks To Use Its Signals Intelligence Spy Technology In Which To Monopolize The Internet - More Evidence Of The Zionist's New World Order Agenda & Secret Control Over Intelligence Agencies Like The NSA

  • To learn more about the NSA's illegal domestic spying of the American people, as well as its Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network (which the NSA has used in which to brain fingerprint each American citizen), read John St. Clair Akwei's precedent setting lawsuit against the National Security Agency. The last thing that Internet users need is for the NSA to secretly take over *Google's operations, which is exactly what this agency will succeed in doing if this alliance is approved.

    * The NSA maintains myriad cover businesses in the United States, which serve as a front for NSA Domestic Intelligence (DOMINT) personnel and their spying/non consensual human experimentation operations. And the NSA will use Google as such a cover operation if given the opportunity in which to do so, spying on billions of unwitting Internet users.

    Moreover, the NSA will perpetrate this covert takeover of Google under the pretense of protecting Google and its users from *electronic invasions of their privacy. However, once you read Akwei VS NSA you will realize that Google and its users need protection against the types of domestic spying that Intel agencies like Mossad, MI6, the NSA, FBI, DHS and the CIA secretly perpetrate against the citizens of this planet.

    *One does not realize the irony here until one reads Akwei VS NSA, and gains a better understanding of the extent to which the NSA utilizes such electronic warfare programs in which to violate the privacy of American citizens.

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