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Barbara Politis Hartwell -- CIA/FBI Lying Fraud Accuses This Author Of Being A Government Stooge - Politis Hartwell Is A Pathological Liar

  • Prefabricated Fascists - The FBI's Assembly-Line Of Provocateurs

  • The FBI Uses Barbara Politis-Hartwell
    In An Attempt To Get This Author's Blog Deleted

    "Today I posted this report, which once again exposed James F. Marino, a malicious liar and government stooge who has been attacking Barbara Hartwell since 2007."

    -- CIA Disinfo Agent/ Incarnated Evil
    Barbara Politis Hartwell

    Rather than waste any further time on this piece of CIA disinfo garbage, the following articles speak volumes in regard to Barbara Politis Hartwell and the Intel cesspool that she hails from, yet falsely claims to despise.

    This lowlife miscreant has been using her blog in which to provoke this author into the type of swill bashing that characterizes the entire existence of someone like Politis-Hartwell. Politis-Hartwell is a miscreant's miscreant - a lowlife thug who is still doing the Intel community's dirty work for them and collecting a paycheck for it, which is why after more than five consecutive years of claiming poverty, Politis-Hartwell still has enough disposable income to afford Internet access - a luxury; when she claims that she can't even afford food.

    Who even takes this liar seriously anymore? I've lost count of Politis-Hartwell's lies, and so have her detractors, who include virtually every person foolish enough to have ever taken Politis-Hartwell seriously in the first place.

    She lies about everything, including having a graduate degree when she never even finished college, and still lacks an undergraduate degree. She also lies about owning a home which she doesn't, and still expects to be taken seriously?

    Who the hell is Politis-Hartwell trying to kidd?

    And these are just some of the harmless lies that Politis-Hartwell has told, which don't include the myriad of absolutely vicious lies which she has promulgated in an attempt to destroy people's lives.

    Moreover, Politis-Hartwell operates in the typical Intel fashion of avoiding any exculpatory information which serves to prove that she is lying. What a surprise! Especially when she is being used as a provocateur in which to provoke someone into acting out in a way which can give an organization like the FBI a plausible reason for arresting them.

    That is the sole purpose of a provocateur - to provoke. And here, Politis-Hartwell has found her niche as both a provocateur and propagator of red herrings - anything but the truth.

    "Disinfo Barbara - Queen Of The Smokescreen"

    Such deception is the same reason why the FBI would conduct a smear campaign against someone whom they have targeted for COINTELPRO, because they have committed crimes against that person, and told lies which would be exposed in a trial under cross examination. FBI agents lie like this all the time, which is a definite no-no for the FBI, since these agents risk being cited for perjury - not that FBI agents go to jail for committing this crime; yet another example of how the judiciary treats FBI agents as though they are above the rule of law, when they clearly are not.

    The FBI's commission of perjury in court so infuriated the late eco-activist, Judi Bari, that she was once quoted as saying "These guys are professional liars who have raised selective memory loss to an art form," in regard to the myriad of lies which the agents whom she deposed as defendants in her trial against the FBI, told when being questioned.

    So is it any wonder why these agents have become so comfortable with breaking our laws, when they know that they will not be punished for having done so?

    Moreover, Politis-Hartwell talks about the importance of facts, yet conveniently ignores those "facts" which don't serve her role as a promulgator of disinformation, which she most certainly is.

    What her detractors long ago realized about her, is that Barbara Politis-Hartwell is a puppet whose "strings" are clearly being pulled by her Intel handlers. Which is why no one in the alternative media trusts a word that she says any longer, and shunned her long ago. A smart move, since they also understand that Politis-Hartwell is dangerous, and still maintains ties to some very unsavory characters within the Intel community.

    Moreover, Politis-Hartwell is probably reading this post as I write it (she appears to spend more time combing through this blog than she will ever admit to), ready to respond with more of her swill, which is why so many of her detractors don't even bother to respond to this government sanctioned fool any longer.

    And neither will this author, since there are a myriad of more interesting topics of interest to readers than Politis-Hartwell's blog of swill; for instance, how to remove crabgrass from your front lawn. Yes, even that is more interesting than a trip through Politis-Hartwell's mindless drivel, which should be entitled: "who's Babbles the 'motor mouth' going to provoke this week?"

    Does she ever shut up? I doubt it.

    So long babbles... It "really" hasn't been fun. And I pity anyone whose path you cross in the future, since it's bound to be a miserable experience for them, too.

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  • Barbara Politis Hartwell - An Agent Of Satan & Incarnated Evil
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