Sunday, May 23, 2010

The House Of Rothschild's Clandestine Plan To Demonize The Hemp Plant

  • Further Proof That The FBI Is Spying On Prostitutes In Efforts To Entrap Politicians In Order To Control How They Vote - This Is A Black Operation Being Conducted Within The U.S. Intelligence Community In Efforts To Further Compromise Our Elected Representatives & First Reported By A Former Texas Madame Who Implicated The U.S. Intelligence Community In A Plot To Blackmail U.S. Politicians So That They Could Be Easily Controlled

  • Former Texas Madame, Robin Head, Exposes An FBI/CIA Plot In Which To Entrap U.S. Politicians In Brownstone Operations (Sex/Blackmail) - This Is Further Proof That The Pimps Operating Within The FBI & CIA Don't Want To Arrest These Politicians, But Instead, Intend To Control Them Through The Use Of Blackmail - The FBI Electronically Hacks Into This Author's Website & Removes The Link To The Article Which This Author Posts Regarding Robin Head & Her Information About This Treasonous Black Operation - The FBI And NSA Routinely Electronically Hack This Website In Efforts To Remove Information Which Implicates These Criminal Operatives In Such Treasonous Crimes (Also Note That Robin Head's Website Has Been Removed From The Internet) -- The Posting Of Such Disturbing Information Is The Main Reason Why Intel Is Presently Conducting An Aggressive And Vicious Smear Campaign Against This Author - That And The Fact That The FBI & NSA Have Committed The Worst Crimes Against The U.S. Constitution In The History Of This Country, Regarding Their Decades Of Violating This Author's Constitutional Rights - The FBI, CIA, NSA & DHS Exist In Order To Destroy The United States Constitution & With Such Destruction, The Nullification Of Our Freedom & Privacy

  • Hemp Grows Freely When It's Not Being Burned By The DEA

  • "Shadow Of The Swastika" The Rothschild's Covert Smear Campaign Against Marijuana & The Hemp Plant
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