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The FBI's At It Again - Using Search Engines Like Google To Deceive The Public - Don't Let ' Em Fool Ya - The FBI Has No Legislative Charter

  • The Department Of Justice Crime Family & Its Underling FBI - Due To The Sophistication And Concealment Of This Criminal Syndicate, These House Of Rothschild Zionist Lackeys Make Organized Crime Families Like The Genoveses and Gambinos Look Like Cub Scouts. If You Want To Be A Successful Criminal, You Do So Under The Cover Of Federal Law Enforcement, Since These Agents Rarely Get Indicted For Their Crimes & Both The DOJ & FBI Have Tremendous Influence Over The Zionist Controlled U.S. Media, Which Enables Them To Conduct Vicious Smear Campaigns Against Those Citizens Whom They've Wronged

  • Years Of FBI Agents' Crimes Detailed - And This Is Just The TIP of The Iceberg

  • As A Long-Term Target Of An FBI COINTELPRO Operation This Author Cites The FBI's Notorious History Of Such Black Operations On American Citizens

  • Gunman Kills 12 & Wounds 25 Others Before Committing Suicide - Could Derrick Bird Have Been A Target Of The Psychological Warfare Crime Organized Stalking, Which May Have Caused Him To Mentally Self Destruct Before Committing These Shootings?

  • The American People Have Been Brainwashed By The House Of Rothschild & Its Control Over Our Government & Media System - "Brainwashing America" By Norman D. Livergood

  • The House Of Rothschild

  • Department Of Homeland Security Now Training New York City Fireman To Spy On Americans -- The Bogus War On Terror Is Turning The American Population Into Spies -- The Same Situation Occurred In Nazi Germany Under Adolph Hitler With Hitler's Group Of Brown Shirts Spies - Teaching Children To Spy On Their Parents!

  • Editor's Note: In what has become a habitual problem, the FBI/NSA team of criminal misanthropes disables yet another link to a post which this author has written, in an attempt to further violate this author's 1ST Amendment right to freedom of speech.

    The U.S. Constitution has become nothing but a piece of paper that the Zionist controlled shadow government in this country, uses in which to deceive the American people into believing that they actually have some rights as citizens. For if Americans understood that the House of Rothschild secretly controls the United States Federal Government through its Communist Federal Reserve central bank, they would abolish this shadow government, drive the House of Rothschild out of the United States, and reinstate the Constitutional government that our founding fathers created for us in 1787.

    In today's news, Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu is once again snubbing the United States in regard to its recent criticism of Israeli's handling of the Palestinian conflict. It's a wonder that Netanyahu didn't accuse all Americans of being anti-Semites, since the Zionists created the notion of anti-Semitism in which to exploit the suffering of the Jews during the Holocaust.

    The United States has given more money to Israel than any other country - due to the Zionist control over the U.S. Federal Government - yet even this is not enough to please these self serving miscreants.

    This author has stated that Israel is nothing but a Rothschild controlled and financed holding in the middle east (just as the United States is a Rothschild holding in North America), and that as such, the state of Israel should be abolished. Most Jews understand that Israel is controlled by Zionism, and thus does not represent their interests, and is instead perceived as a direct threat to the well being of the Jewish people.

  • "The Life of an American Jew in Racist Marxist Israel" - Written in 1985 by Jack Bernstein - Bernstein Would Be Covertly Murdered For Writing This Expose On World Zionism & The Rothschild's Control Over The State Of Israel

  • A new state in the middle east which truly represents the Jewish people (and not world Zionism) should be established, in which the Jews and Palestinians can both live in peace with one another, and through a process of enculturation, learn to benefit from eachother.

    Isn't this what the peace process should really be about?

    The Rothschild's Ties To Israel & Worship Of Satan

    Proving the Rothschild international Zionist Jewish banking cartel's ties to Israel is not difficult. And even the Israeli flag is a symbol of the Rothschild's control over this country: a blue hexagram (a version of the red hexagram that money changer Moses Amschel Bauer - an ashkenazi Jew - once kept hanging over the door of his shop in Germany). Bauer was the father of Mayer Amschel Bauer (who would later adopt Rothschild for his family name), and grandfather of Nathan Mayer Rothschild.

    In German, Rothschild means red sign. And is in reference to the red hexagram which Mayer Moses Bauer kept over the entrance to his shop, in worship of Satanism. The Israeli flag is taken directly from the sign over Bauer's shop. The Bauers adopted the name Rothschild for themselves, in reference to their worship of Satan.

    *The FBI/NSA electronically interfere with the following post:

    The FBI's At It Again - Using Search Engines Like Google To Deceive The Public - Don't Let ' Em Fool Ya - The FBI Has No Legislative Charter

  • Another Former IRS Tax Investigator Reveals That The Internal Revenue Service Is A Fraud & Gets Sent To Prison For Refusing To File A 1040 Tax Return - A Non Crime Since Based On The IRS' Own Tax Code, Filing An Income Tax Return Is Voluntary - So Why Are Sherry Peel Jackson & Thousands Of Other Americans Serving Time In Prison For Committing A Non Crime? WHY, Indeed!!! Would Any Of Our Elected Representatives Care To Answer This Pertinent And Timely Question?

  • The Following Article Is An Example Of How The Media Is Used For The Purpose Of Propaganda - In This Instance, Being Used To Convince The Public That RFID Chips Are Beneficial When They Are In Reality Being Used As A Further Encroachment Of Your Privacy

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  • We The People Will Not Be Chipped - An Activism Website Informing On The Dangers Of Using Verichip RFID Technology

  • The FBI Has No Legislative Charter

    In the late 1970's there was a proposed charter for the FBI which was never ratified. S 1612 - H.R. 5030.

    This has been documented by way of research done through the Library of Congress, and a number of alternative journalists including the late Sherman Skolnick have written about the FBI's lack of a legislative charter.

    The FBI also has its own operatives placing deceptive information on the Internet in an attempt to convince the public that the FBI is chartered, when it is not.

    What they usually say is that the charter is so secret that it's not available to the general public - another outright deception by this Gestapo.

    Up until a few weeks ago, if you were to type the "The FBI has no legislative charter" into one of these search engines, you would have come up with Websites that document this fact, including Sherman Skolnick's, this author's, and a number of others.

    However, when you type the FBI has no legislative charter into these search engines now, a new Website is listed at the top of this search, which leads the reader to believe that the FBI has a legislative charter. Yet, the Website is misleading in that it doesn't actually say that the FBI has a legislative charter - instead, the Website states the words "FBI Legislative Charter."

    Moreover, what it really refers to is the House Resolution (HR 5030), which was considered for passage, but never ratified.

    And even if HR 5030 had been ratified, it would have still meant that the FBI had existed from 1908 until the late 1970's (nearly 70 years) without a legislative charter.

    This author cites this as just one in a myriad of examples of how the FBI misleads the public, and manipulates search engines such as Google, in which to circulate the FBI's own disinformation, while attempting to remove Websites which document the FBI's criminal history.

    The following Website is an example of the FBI's chicanery and how these lying government rat bastards continue to deceive the American people. This author takes the FBI's crimes extremely seriously, since the FBI has committed some of its most precedent setting violations of the United States Bill of Rights, in its illegal surveillance of this author and his Family - something the FBI will be held accountable for.

    FBI Legislative Charter For The FBI - One Which Was Never Ratified, Meaning That The FBI Still Has No Legislative Charter
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