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IGNORING The Organized Stalker Is The Key To Neutralizing Their Vigilante Operations

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  • *Editor's Note: This is yet another of the myriad posts which the FBI/NSA have electronically interfered with, and which this author now posts again for the ever increasing readership that this Website receives each month. For instance, as Of January 2010, *Seedspill.com and Alexa.com (Two Web traffic rating services) report that "9-11 The Mother Of All Black Operations Blogspot.com" receives more than 21 million page views per day. No doubt from the controversial topics this author writes about.

    * From the moment that this author documents the Seedspill & Alexa.com reports, Intel tampers with future reports; a further indication that the FBI & NSA are concerned about this author's information as it pertains to the Intel community's violations of both my inherent rights under the U.S. Constitution, as well as my Family's rights; all of which have been violated in ways so egregious, as to establish an entirely new precedent in the Intel community's violations of our Constitutional rule of law.

    Pay Them No Mind

    Neutralizing The Organized Stalking Vigilante

    The primary focus of an organized stalking attack is to psychologically break down the will of those who are being targeted for such pernicious assaults, and violations of their inherent rights to due process of law under the United States Constitution.

    This author has perhaps as much experience as a target of such vigilantism as any person on this planet. As such, I have had more than ample opportunity in which to study those who perpetrate these psychological warfare crimes, and to learn what the best means of handling such crimes is.

    First and foremost, the organized stalking target must quickly learn to understand that this crime is one which is intentionally committed with plausible deniability, because law enforcement has no legitimate grounds in which to arrest the organized stalking target, yet seeks to create a situation in which such targets will be driven to commit a crime, or act out in such ways which will allow for their incarceration.

    Such duplicity now characterizes federal, state and local law enforcement under the Patriot Act, and offers proof that the United States Constitution is no longer being observed by our legislators or our policing organizations - a horrifying reality.

    Organized Stalkers Will Attempt To Waste Your Time

    One of the primary components in organized stalking, is to waste the time of the targets of such vigilante hate crimes. And these criminals are taught to be very clever in regard to how they go about doing so. In essence, what the communities who are brainwashed into taking part in such crimes are taught, is the utilization of the types of psychological warfare operations that have historically characterized the global military-intelligence complex.

    And this is further proof that a military intelligence dictatorship now furtively governs the United States of America, while using the Bush Administration's fraudulent war on terror in which to propagate these Orwellian crimes.

    This is about getting into your heads, and manipulating your thoughts so that you serve their Big Brother agenda; one which first became well understood through George Orwell's novel, 1984. A literary work of fiction, which has now become a reality in post 9-11 America. The reason why companies like Amazon.com have removed 1984 from their Kindle reading list.

    How To Survive Organized Stalking

    There are so many pieces of advice that a long-term target of organized stalking can give to those who are newly targeted. In fact, enough to write a book on.

    Several targets of these crimes have now written books, however, given the Intel community's infiltration of the TI community, some of these books may in fact be sources of disinformation in which to harm the organized stalking target, instead of aiding them in their time of need.

    So caveat lector (let the reader beware) is in order here.

    Moreover, given that the goal here is to offer information which can quickly familiarize the organized stalking target with their situation, and furnish them with the best information presently available in which to help them to survive this Orwellian nightmare, the following advice will be helpful:

    Begin a daily journal (preferably published on the Internet if you have access) in which to document every aspect of the organized stalking crimes which you are being subjected to.

    Understand that you are not alone in experiencing such crimes, and that there are in fact millions of people around this planet who are being subjected to the same egregious violations of their inherent rights as citizens.

    Also understand that the traditional role of the family has been completely compromised by those who conceptualized the vigilante hate crime of organized stalking, since these Nazi-minded miscreants are intent on destroying the family unit in order to make controlling the individual easier.

    When a person does not have the support of their family members they are much easier to control and to isolate - a problem that virtually all targets of organized stalking are presently facing. This ideology was actually first propagated on a large scale by Zionist banker, Mayer Amschel Rothschild, in the 18TH Century, and perpetuated through his children, whose own progeny have faithfully carried out the elder Rothschild's agenda in which to create a global dictatorship; while attempting to gradually reinstate the feudal system of the past.

    A situation in which the global middle class is perceived as little more than serfs; heads of cattle that can be used in anyway which these monarchs decide to use them.

    Invalidate Organized Stalking

    Declare Organized Stalkers Null & Void

    Do not give the organized stalking community any validation for their criminal acts. The goal is to eradicate them; not allow them to continue to propagate.

    Take the time to document the crimes which these criminals are committing against you, however, beyond such documentation, ignore them.

    Let them drive up and down your neighborhood wasting their time and money, while you go on with your life.

    For it's these people who are damaging the property values of our communities, and once they end their criminal activities, our property values will again stabilize. Our communities were quiet and peaceful, and our homes were competitively valued for decades, until the crime of government sanctioned organized stalking began to the plague the United States.

    Only then did our communities become tainted with such anti-American vigilante behavior, while our property values became compromised.

    Moreover, when you are being vehicularly stalked, don't follow these people in efforts to take their license plate numbers. Doing so may get you into trouble with local law enforcement. And since there are thousands of organized stalkers within your own community who will be used on a rotational basis in which to take part in the organized stalking crimes against you, you can record thousands of license plate numbers, yet that will not end this vigilante hate crime.

    Only new and strictly enforced legislation which recognizes organized stalking for the plague it is, will end this vigilante hate crime.

    Furthermore, under the Zionist agenda for a global dictatorship which now furtively controls the United States of America, more organized stalkers are being recruited by this police state on a regular basis.

    So instead of confronting them, simply document what those who take part in the crime of organized stalking are subjecting your person to, and then ignore them.

    They're criminals, they're brainwashed, and they're very dangerous.

    Let these miscreants waste their time and money, since they are criminals who have been told that they can harass you because the police (modern day Gestapo) are no longer operating within the Constitutional rule of law in the United States. And this is why thousands of Americans have now taken to the Internet in which to expose the organized stalking crimes which they are being subjected to.

    As a target of this vigilante hate crime, TI's must remember that organized stalking takes a lot of preparation and financing.

    Thus ignoring those who take part in this vigilante hate crime, as well as the street theatrics which they utilize in such psychological warfare, is tantamount to declaring them null and void.

    Moreover, these groups are being orchestrated and manipulated by the U.S. Intelligence community and become disillusioned when they are ignored, since they understand that their efforts in which to harass the organized stalking target have been a waste of their time.

    Organized Stalkers Are Brainwashed

    As a target of organized stalking, if you can manage any compassion for those who take part in this Orwellian crime against humanity, you must realize that these people have been brainwashed by some very clever and evil government operatives, which explains their own despicable behavior.

    And the sooner you recognize this the more you will begin to understand that the government is the problem here, and that those taking part in these crimes are merely a sick manifestation of a government which has become subverted and badly perverted. How else can one explain an agency like the NSA brain fingerprinting the American population, or conducting illegal and uninterrupted surveillance of American citizens which can last for decades?

    Such outrageous crimes offer further evidence that our Constitutional rule of law is no longer being enforced, and that Intel organizations like the NSA and FBI have conveniently developed spy technology which is being used in which to gradually destroy the United States Constitution - And with it, any freedom to privacy that the American people once had under the 4TH Amendment.

    Given that we are now living in a country in which at least 20 U.S. States are so disgusted with the U.S. Federal Government that they are seeking ways in which to secede from the Union, as well as 46 of the 50 States facing bankruptcy in 2010 (and a media system which has become incapable of telling the American people the truth), those who recognize that the Zionist's are losing their grip on America must continue to promulgate our information for the good of the American middle class. This is the only way that we will eventually restore our Constitutional Republic, and the rule of law.

    As for the organized stalking component in this Zionist takeover of our country, targets of such hate crimes must learn to ignore the organized stalking community at large in order to neutralize them. For by doing so, the stalkers themselves will be driven to either end their stalking crimes, or become more criminal in their acts.

    And if they decide to become more criminal and a threat to the life of the organized stalking target, then those who take part in this cowardly vigilante hate crime will risk the endangerment of their own lives. The stakes are going up.

    Editor's Note: The FBI and NSA interfere with this article electronically, preventing this author's readership from accessing it. This results in my having to repost this article.

    Such electronic tampering by U.S. Intel has become commonplace in its COINTELPRO against this author, and a further indictment against the Intel community regarding its violations of this author's 1ST Amendment rights; treasonous crimes which have now set several new precedents in the FBI and NSAs' violations of the United States Bill of Rights, as well as all human rights legislation ever drafted.

    As such, both of these organizations have demonstrated through their complete disregard for the United States Constitution, that they are unfit to exist within the United States of America, and must be abolished for the betterment of the American people.

    Also see:

    The Following Are Some Commonly Reported Manifestations Of Those Citizens Who Are Being Subjected To Government Sanctioned Non Consensual Human Experimentation:

    Microwave hearing

    Transmission of specific commands into the subconscious

    Visual disturbances, visual hallucinations

    Inject words, numbers into brain via electromagnetic radiation waves

    Manipulation of emotions

    Reading thoughts remotely

    Causing pain to any nerve of the body

    Remote manipulation of human behavior from space

    Harassment, stress symptoms such as helicopters flying overhead

    Seeing, as in a camera, through your eyes, i.e. to see what you see exactly

    Control of sleep patterns

    Computer-brain interface, control and communication

    Complex control of the brain such as retrieving memories, implanting personalities

  • Source: Mindjustice Website
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