Thursday, June 10, 2010

Why Didn't The FBI Arrest Joran Van Der Sloot When He Took Possession Of The Downpayment He Was Extorting From Natalie Holloway's Mother?

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  • The Entrapment Of Joran Van Der Sloot

    Was Entrapment The FBI's Only Real Motive Here?

    If we're to believe the FBI's latest story as it pertains to the Bureau's allegation, that they were attempting to entrap Dutch National, Joran Van Der Sloot in an extortion scheme, we must ask why it is that the FBI did not move in to arrest Van Der Sloot the minute that he took possession of this money.

    The $15,000 payoff was a down payment on the larger sum of $250,000, which Van Der Sloot had agreed to take as payment for telling Beth Holloway what Van Der Sloot did with her daughter's remains.

    Moreover, this down payment enabled Van Der Sloot to take the trip which resulted in the vicious murder of 21 year old Peruvian student, Stephany Flores Ramirez; a murder which the media reports, Van Der Sloot has confessed to committing. One must also wonder how many people Joran Van Der Sloot may have murdered prior to this, including the likely murder of Alabaman, Natalee Holloway; whom coincidentally enough, he also met while gambling at a casino.

    Given this, a very serious question must be posed here: Exactly why is it that the FBI did not arrest Van Der Sloot when they had him dead to rights on the extortion of Beth Holloway, and could have thus prevented him from taking the trip in which he's alleged to have murdered Ms. Ramirez?

    What's the FBI hiding from the public this time? Did they want Van Der Sloot to commit this murder so that they'd be able to charge him with a capital crime? If so the FBI got its wish, and at the expense of Stephanie Flores Ramirez.

    Moreover, are we now going to find out that Joran Van Der Sloot may in fact be another serial killer like the late Theodore Robert Bundy, and with myriad murders to his name?

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