Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The War On Terror Is A Complete Fraud Being Used To Destroy The United States Constitution & Gradually Reduce The American Middle Class To Serfdom

  • Signals Intelligence - The National Security Agency's Electronic Invasion Of Your Own Mind - How The House Of Rothschild Plans To Turn The Global Middle Class Into A Race Of Mind Controlled Slaves

  • The House Of Rothschild's Use Of The U.S. Media In Which To Perpetrate One Of The Largest Brainwashing Campaigns In Human History - The Target Of This Brainwashing Campaign - The American Middle Class

  • Manhasset Cardiologist Found Guilty Of Installing A Hidden Camera In A Bathroom In His Medical Practice - The FBI & NSA Use Spy Satellites In Which To Spy Into The Bathrooms Of American Citizens Yet Repeatedly Avoid Prosecution For Having Done So - Why Is This Intel Garbage Allowed To Get Away With Crimes That Would Result In Normal Citizens Being Imprisoned?

  • Further Testimony Regarding The FBI/NSA Conspiracy To Violate This Author's Civil Liberties, While Establishing Several New Precedents In Violating The U.S. Constitution & Its Bill Of Rights - The FBI & NSA Have Committed Crimes Here That Are Absolutely Atrocious

  • "These hearings (into the FBI's abuses of the Patriot Act) are a sick joke. The Senate is a parody of what it should be. The FBI is a criminal organization, and no one can touch them. They broke the law, they continue to break the law, and a**holes like Leahy simply say, stop doing that...and they say ok, and he says, fine, done. No questions regarding who did these things, and why subpoena's are not forthcoming...for the fourth freakin' year in a row!!! Why doesn't the Senate just close its fu*king doors and go home and never come back!!! They're useless. They dishonor their oaths of office every day they enter the Capitol bldg."

  • "The Treasonous War On Terror Fraud" Most Americans Are No Longer Buying Into This House Of Rothschild Perpetrated Scheme

  • It's Time For The American People To Acknowledge The Fact That For Decades They Have Been Brain Fingerprinted By The National Security Agency & That The U.S. Federal Government Is Nothing But A Cleverly Disguised Military-Intelligence Dictatorship Which Is Financed And Controlled By The House Of Rothschild & Through Its Federal Reserve Communist Central Bank

  • Are All Americans Under NSA Satellite Surveillance Since 9-11-2001? And If So Are The American People Being Subjected To The NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network & The Wireless Computer To Brain Interface Of Their Persons, For The Purpose Of Compiling Real Time Dossiers On All Americans?

  • The Missile Downing Of TWA Flight 800 - Act Of Terrorism Or A Terrible Naval Training Accident/Government Cover Up? - Like The JFK Assassination, Oklahoma City Bombing & Terrorist Attacks On 9-11, Most Americans Think The Clinton DOJ/FBI Lied About What Really Happened To TWA Flight 800 And Won't Give Up Their Quest To Find Out What Really Destroyed This Aircraft

  • How To Recognize An FBI Entrapment Scheme - If You Are A 9-11 Truther, You Could Very Well Be The FBI's Next Victim, Since You're Attempting To Expose This Treasonous Fraud Perpetrated By Factions Operating Within The (Zionist Controlled) Federal Government In The United States

  • The Bogus Phone Call That Helped The Bush 43 Administration To Catalyze Its Fraudulent War On Terror - What Really Ever Became Of Flight 77's Barbara Olsen, And Is She Still Alive?

  • FBI Use Of Coercion To Violate The American People's Inherent Rights Under The United States Bill Of Rights - More On The FBI's Gestapo Tactics & Why This House Of Rothschild Rapist Of The U.S. Constitution Must Be Abolished

  • As For Media Censorship, Earlier This Week, A White House Reporter Stated That Israel Should Leave Palestine, And Was Then Forced To Resign From Her Job - A Further Illustration Of How The House Of Rothschild Controls The White House, Washington Politics, And The Mainstream U.S. Media, While Espousing The Rothschild's Own Perverted Zionist Ideology

  • Former Texas Madam Implicates The FBI & CIA In Attempting To Blackmail U.S. Politicians By Entrapping Them In Prostitution Stings - The Objective - To Give The U.S. Intelligence Community Control Over How Our Politicians Vote Regarding Legislation Which Will Give The Intelligence Community Even More Unbridled Power Than They Already Have - The Ultimate Power Grab Enabled Through Such "Brownstone Operations" - Once The Intel Community Has Enough Information To Blackmail A Politician They Can Either Control The Politician's Voting Or Force Them To Resign - In Other Words, Intel Will Now Own Such Politicians - So Where Does This Leave The American Voters Not To Mention The Rest Of Our Populous?
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