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Barack Obama Demonstrates Why The DOJ & FBI Are Under The Executive Branch Of The U.S. Federal Government, While The Ever Arrogant Robert Gibbs Lies

  • "Terrorism As A Political Weapon" It's Worked For Every Rothschild Controlled Government In History, Including The U.S. Federal Government; Which Is Why The Attacks On 9-11 Were A House Of Rothschild Perpetrated Inside Job Against The American Middle Class - The Rothschilds' Enemy In The United States

  • NSA Project Stargate - Was Stargate & Its Use To Train NSA Operatives Remote Viewing Techniques Real, Or Just A Smokescreen To Cover Up The NSA's Creation Of A Supercomputer Driven Satellite Network Capable Of Electronically Intercepting & Decoding People's Thoughts? - The National Security Agency's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network

  • Since 2003 The FBI & NSA Have Broadcast Their Psychological Warfare Programming Through This Author's Cable Television Line - The Same Types Of Psychological Warfare Operations Used By The Global Military-Intelligence Complex In The 20TH & 21ST Centuries In Which To Brainwash Populations, Find Their Genesis In The Doctrine Of London's Tavistock Institute - Thus, It Should Come As No Surprise That Tavistock Institute Is Located In London, England, Because That Is Where The House Of Rothschild Is Located, Along With The Rest Of Its Counterfeiting/Money Laundering Cartel - It Was The House Of Rothschild Who Secretly Financed Tavistock From Its Inception, While Networking Tavistock Throughout The United States Under The Cover Of Myriad Organizations

  • Brainwashing The Global Middle Class Since 1947 - "Tavistock Institute - The Best Kept Secret In America"

  • The Obama Justice Department Files A Federal Lawsuit Against Arizona Regarding The Constitutionality Of Its Immigration Law - The DOJ's Lawsuit Is Not Only Hypocritical, But Absolutely Laughable Given The DOJ's & FBI's History Of Total Disregard For The U.S. Constitution And The American People's Inherent Rights Under The U.S. Bill Of Rights

  • A Thought Regarding Your Civil Liberties


    The Rothschild's Control Of Our "3" Branches Of Government

    How does the Executive Branch of the U.S. Federal Government interfere with the Judicial Branch? Such a perversion of government occurs when U.S. Presidents appoint judges whom they choose to sit on the Supreme Court - A Conflict Of Interest - Especially when one considers how the House of Rothschild has been secretly controlling the White House since their takeover of the U.S. Federal Government in 1913, with the passage of the Federal Reserve Act and creation of the private Zionist corporation known as the Federal Reserve System.

    Neither the President of the United States nor the House of Rothschild have any business deciding who serves as a Federal Supreme Court Judge in America, since such a manipulation of our judicial system and blatant disregard by the Supreme Court regarding its earlier precedent setting decisions, such as the unconstitutionality of a direct income tax in Pollock v. Farmers' Loan Trust Company, is but one illustration of just how dangerous the House of Rothschild's furtive control over the U.S. Federal Supreme Court is. And moreover, why U.S. Supreme Court Justices must be chosen by the American people themselves; since it's their inherent rights as American citizens which the Supreme Court is charged with protecting.

    Thus, it does not matter whom we elect as President, because he (or she) will follow the House of Rothschilds' furtive directives just as every U.S. President (except JFK - and we saw what happened to him when he challenged the Federal Reserve System's counterfeiting/money laundering operations with his Executive Order 11110) has done since the Rothschilds took control of the United States, with the 1913 passage of the Federal Reserve Act, and the creation of the Rothschilds' Communist central bank - the Federal Reserve System.

    Since that time it has been the House of Rothschild through its Zionist criminal banking cartel, who's controlled the United States of America, while gradually destroying every remnant of the government which our founding fathers created for the American people more than two hundred years ago.

    The Rothschilds and their minions are interloping, murderous parasites who use their stolen wealth in which to rig political elections in order to get their own minions elected to governments, which they then subvert for their own criminal agenda.

    This has been the history of the Rothschilds' subversion of the governments of virtually all major nations over the past few centuries. As such, the Rothschilds and their Federal Reserve System Communist central bank (a legitimized counterfeiter and money launderer) must be driven out of the United States if Americans are to resurrect our Constitutional Republic.

    -- James F. Marino
    Alternative Journalist

  • White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs - Pompous, Condescending, Rude & With A Chip On His Shoulder The Size Of Mt. Rushmore

  • "Former Justice Official Accuses Obama DOJ of Ignoring Cases Involving Black Defendants and White Victims" - In An Interview Earlier Today, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs Blatantly Lied When He Claimed That He Knew Nothing About This - This Serves As Yet Further Proof That The FBI & DOJ Exist Under The Executive Branch Of The U.S. Federal Government (Instead Of The Judicial Branch) Because Both The DOJ & FBI Are Used As Political Pawns Of The White House, As This Author Has Stated Many Times In The Past - Political Pawns Of A White House Controlled By The House Of Rothschilds' Zionist Jewish Counterfeiting/Money Laundering Cartel - This Is Also The Reason For The FBI's Never Having Been Granted A Legislative Charter In Which To Operate In The United States, Since Without Such A Charter, The FBI Has No Boundaries In Regard To What Its Purview Is; Thus Making The FBI Ideal For Use As A Secret Police Force Like The KGB Or Stasi

  • "Why We Don't Trust The FBI" - There's at least a million good reasons not to

  • The FBI & DOJ Are Political Pawns Of The White House

    Have you ever noticed how the U.S. Department Of Justice is oftentimes referred to with the prefix of whichever administration is in the White House at the time? For instance, the Clinton DOJ, Bush DOJ, Obama DOJ etc. This is quite revealing and offers further proof that the Department Of Justice (as well as the FBI) was created under the Executive Branch of the U.S. Federal Government (as opposed to the Judicial Branch), so that the DOJ can be utilized as a pawn of the White House in which to circumvent the United States Constitution whenever the White House chooses to obscure its own criminal activities.

    Just as the Bush 43 Administration did for the eight years in which it was used by the House of Rothschild in which to commit its high crimes of treason, while blocking GAO investigations which would have proved that George W. Bush and his minions were guilty of voter fraud in the 2004 U.S. Presidential election.

    The fact of the matter is that Department Of Justice and Federal Bureau Of Investigation are political pawns of the White House; not legitimate crime fighting organizations.

    In fact, when questioned by the media in regard to why the FBI was not looking for Osama Bin Ladin shortly after the 9-11 terrrorist attacks took place, the FBI stated that Bin Ladin (who was reported to be an international fugitive at the time), was not considered to be a suspect in the 9-11 bombings.

    If the FBI was a legitimate law enforcement organization it would have continued to promulgate the truth about Bin Ladin, rather than eventually kowtowing to the Bush Administration's duplicity and fraudulent war on terror.

    Moreover, instead of arresting George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and the rest of this criminal Administration for their high crimes of treason, the FBI chose to aid and abet Bush 43; while covering up the fact that for many years before the terrorist attacks on 9-11-2001 took place, Osama Bin Ladin had been a personal friend and business associate of George W. Bush and his CIA asset, Rockefeller crime syndicate father - George Herbert Walker Bush.

    Moreover, as this author has stated myriad times in the past, both the FBI and DOJ are nothing but political pawns of the White House. And their duplicity is yet a further illustration of why the FBI and DOJ exist under the Executive Branch of the U.S. Federal Government, instead of the Judicial Branch, so that the Bureau and DOJ can be used to circumvent the Constitutional rule of law whenever the White House seeks to obfuscate its own criminal activities.

    Once again, this has never been more evident than in the Bush 43 Administration's use of the FBI in which to circumvent any legitimate investigations into crimes committed by this particular Administration. And now with the Obama Administration's use of the *DOJ and FBI to ignore cases in which blacks are accused of committing crimes against whites, we again see how the FBI and DOJ are used - not as legitimate crime fighting organizations - but instead as political pawns of the White House.

    * The reverse of many of the Caucasian White House administrations, in which the DOJ and FBI were told to ignore cases in which whites had committed crimes against blacks or other minorities.

    - James F. Marino


  • Former FBI Agent Pleads Guilty To Obstruction Of Justice

  • "Unraveling Unlawful Entrapment" By Anthony M. Dillof - The Journal Of Criminal Law & Criminology 2004 - Given The FBI's Chronic History Of Entrapment Schemes, This Is A Very Useful Article In Defending Your Constitutionally Protected Rights Against This Treasonous & Americanized Gestapo

  • Another Sign Of The House Of Rothschilds' Control Over The U.S. Intelligence Community - FBI Attempts To Force Router Manufacturers Into Building Backdoors Into Their Router Software - The NSA's Signals Intelligence Operation Is Capable Of Entering Any Computer In The United States Via The Electromagnetic Spectrum - Several Years Ago The NSA Also Intimidated Microsoft Into Building A Back Door Into Its Windows Operating Software So That The NSA Can Enter Your Personal Computer Without Your Knowledge Or Consent - If You're Getting The Feeling That The U.S. Federal Government Is Intent On Destroying Your Constitutional Rights, That's Because It Is - The Only Question Left Is Are You As An American Citizen Going To Let Anyone Get Away With Denying You Your Constitutional Rights?

  • NSA Threatened Qwest CEO To Spy On Qwest Customers - Another Example Of The Covert Military Intelligence Dictatorship Which Presently Exists In The United States
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