Thursday, July 01, 2010

Your Home Computer, Email Account, Cell Phone, Car's Computer & Now Your Body's Own Unique EMF Frequency - What Else Is The NSA Tracking?

  • Your Bank Account, Medical Records, Home Computer, Cable TV Box, Email Account, Cell Phone, Car's Computer & Now Your Body's Own Unique EMF Frequency - Is There Anyone Or Anything That The NSA's Not Tracking Through Its Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network?

  • "FBI-Grown Terrorists: The Feds’ Chosen Islamic Extremists" -- Another Propaganda Campaign COINTELPRO-Style

  • "The FBI's crime syndicate - San Francisco lawyer charges feds with 'outrageous misconduct' - By A.C. Thompson - 'For seven months the Federal Bureau of Investigation effectively masterminded the illegal activities of a heavily armed northern California crime syndicate, according to a motion filed Sept. 30 in federal court.'" This is quite appropriate given that since its inception the FBI has always been nothing but a House of Rothschild financed upper echelon crime syndicate which was created to destroy the United States Constitution

  • Further Proof That The FBI Supports The Rothschild's Criminal Status Quo In The United States By Making A Medical Marijuana Arrest - Medical Marijuana Is So Useful In Helping To Aid The Nausea Experienced By Cancer Patients, That Several States Have Legalized It - However, The FBI Has No Intention Of Helping Cancer Patients, But Instead Helping To Propagate The Drug Trust's Slash, Poison & Burn Protocol (Surgery, Chemotherapy & Radiation) Which Has Killed Millions Of People

  • Illegal Satellite Surveillance & Non Consensual Human Experimentation - A Growing Problem Under The House of Rothschild's Zionist Global Dictatorship & Its Intent To Destroy The Fundamental Rights Of The Global Working Class

  • American Civil Liberties Union Objects To Reported Partnership Between Google & The National Security Agency - The ACLU Has Good Reason To Be Concerned Given That The NSA Will Take Google Over And Use It As Yet Another Front For This Agency's Global Spy Operations

  • A Thought Regarding Your Civil Liberties


    The Rothschild's Control Of Our "3" Branches Of Government

    "How does the Executive Branch of the U.S. Federal Government interfere with the Judicial Branch? Such a perversion of government occurs when U.S. President's appoint judges whom they choose to sit on the Supreme Court - A Conflict Of Interest - Especially when one considers how the House of Rothschild has been secretly controlling the White House since their takeover of the U.S. Federal Government in 1913, with the passage of the Federal Reserve Act and creation of the private Zionist corporation known as the Federal Reserve System.

    Neither the President of the United States nor the House of Rothschild have any business deciding who serves as a Federal Supreme Court Judge in America - Such a manipulation of our Judicial System and blatant disregard by the Supreme Court regarding its earlier precedent setting decisions, such as the unconstitutionality of a direct income tax in Pollock v. Farmers' Loan Trust Company, is but one illustration of just how dangerous the House of Rothschild's furtive control over the U.S. Federal Supreme Court is. And moreover, why Supreme Court Justices must be chosen by the American people themselves; since it's their inherent rights as American citizens that the Supreme Court is charged with protecting."

    -- Alternative Journalist

    James F. Marino

  • How The U.S. Intelligence Community Uses The Electromagnetic Spectrum In Which To Illegally Enter Your Mind

  • Meet Seymour Cray The Father Of The Types Of Artificial Intelligence Computers That The NSA Now Uses To Track Americans By Way Of Their Own EMF Bioelectromagnetic Fields

  • Was Seymour Cray Murdered For His Intimate Knowledge Of The Super Computers He Designed For The U.S. Military-Intelligence Complex, Over Concerns That Cray Might Blow The Whistle On This Complexes Abuses Of His Technological Breakthroughs? Both Of Cray's Parents Were Nonagenarians, And Perhaps The Intel Community Was Afraid That Cray Might Live Well Into His 90's And Promulgate Information That Might Expose The Capabilities Of His Computers; So The Military Intelligence Complex Found A Plausible Way To Murder Him At The Age Of 71

  • NSA Fort Meade, Maryland

    One Of The NSA's Cray Super Computers
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