Monday, July 19, 2010

With Its Creation Of Operation Mockingbird, The CIA Quietly Took Over The American Media System While The FBI Attempted To Infiltrate Hollywood

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    In the late 1940's the CIA infiltrated the U.S. Media System with its Operation Mockingbird. The CIA's objective was to utilize American journalists in which to promulgate the CIA's own propaganda.

    Not to be outdone by his arch rival, the FBI's chief megalomaniac, John Edgar Hoover, decided to foment a campaign in which to turn Hollywood into a venue for government propaganda, including the FBI's own.

    Many of you may remember the 1960's TV Series, "The FBI," which portrayed the FBI as a group of men and women who upheld the U.S. Constitutional rule of law. In other words, the program was the antithesis of the Constitution raping, Zionist financed crime syndicate that the FBI has become. And Hoover, himself, screened several of the early episodes before he would give his imprimature to the Quinn Martin production.

    "The FBI" was just one example of Hoover's intent to quietly take control of Hollywood, and an illustration of the control freak nature of the FBI's hierarchy, who believe that they are not only above the rule of law, but as such can commit whatever crimes they want - without fear of prosecution.

    During this time Hoover also used the FBI's counterintelligence operations in which to harass a myriad of Hollywood's best known actors, including Charlie Chaplin.

    In other words, any actor whom the insufferable Hoover took a dislike to, the FBI attacked.

    It seems like throughout its history, the FBI has never worked and played well with others, but instead made enemies wherever it went.

    As for the FBI's unbridled arrogance and unwanted presence in the new millennium - some things never change.

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