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The U.S. Industrial Complexes Black Propaganda Campaign Against Medical Marijuana & Industrial Hemp Re-legalization

"Like a vampire rising from its grave each night to feed on the privacy rights of Americans, the Federal Bureau of Investigation is moving forward with programs that drain the life blood from our constitutional liberties. From the wholesale use of informants and provocateurs to stifle political dissent, to Wi-Fi hacking and viral computer spyware to follow our every move, the FBI has turned massive data-mining of personal information into a growth industry. In the process they are building the surveillance state long been dreamed of by American securocrats."

The Zionist Jews' Role In The Holocaust - How They Supported Hitler & His Murder Of Millions Of Other Jews, While Zionist Jews Would Be Given A New Home In The Middle East, Which In Reality Has Always Been Controlled By The House Of Rothschild - A Country Called Israel - Zionist Jews Have Been Exploiting The Suffering Of Millions Of Other Jews Murdered In The Holocaust To Perpetrate Their Own Criminal Agenda Under The House Of Rothschild

"SHADOW OF THE SWASTIKA: The REAL Reason the Government Won't Debate Medical Cannabis and Industrial Hemp Re-legalization"

Understanding The Hemp Plant & Its 50,000 Uses & Benefits

The Hemp Plant's More Than 50,000 Uses
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A Red Herring For U.S. Oil Companies
Written By James F. Marino

The demonization of marijuana in the United States began in the 1930's and was fomented by oil robber baron Andrew Melon, and publishing magnate William Randolph Hearst.

Their conspiracy to demonize marijuana and make it illegal, was done, not because marijuana is dangerous (something which has never really been proved), but because the hemp from which it's derived, offers a viable alternative for producing fuel and petrochemical products such as plastics, which the oil companies have greatly profited by as a result of the industrial age.

As a co-conspirator in the smear campaign against hemp, Andrew Melon eventually managed to get himself appointed as Secretary Of The U.S. Treasury. Melon's appointment also serves as an illustration of how the House of Rothschilds' own minions infiltrate government office in which to propagate their own criminal agendas.

Melon's first act as U.S. Treasury Secretary was to create the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, which he then used to illegalize marijuana.

The readers will note that the Bureau was created in 1937, the same year that the marijuana tax act of 1937 was passed. A short time later, it became a crime to grow, purchase, or even smoke marijuana.

If you are thinking that the Bureau Of Narcotics was created for the express purpose of making marijuana illegal, so that Melon could have American citizens who'd been using it in the past prosecuted, you are absolutely right. Andrew Melon's creation of the Bureau was nothing more than a political move in which to remove hemp from society before it could be used to erode the U.S. oil cartel's massive profits.

At the same time that this was happening, Melon managed to convince William Randolph Hearst that hemp could be used to produce paper, and thus damage the value of the thousands of acres of trees which Hearst owned and used in the manufacture of paper for his publishing empire.

Hearst's response was to utilize his chain of newspapers in which to demonize hemp and marijuana, while creating the film "Reefer Madness" in which to further smear marijuana with the public.

Ironically enough, this corny movie would later become a cult classic with the marijuana lobby.

In reality, medical marijuana has proven to be very helpful in relieving the nausea experienced by cancer patients, whose immune systems are damaged by the American Medical Association's atrocious cut, poison and burn protocol (i.e. surgery, chemotherapy & radiation treatments) , while stimulating their appetites.

This is why a number of U.S. States have now passed laws which legalize the use of medical marijuana.

*Note that the allopathic community stresses the importance of reducing the size of a cancerous tumor, which may be important if the tumor is adversely affecting a portion of the brain which can impair movement or normal cognitive function.

However, what is most important in curing the cancer patient, is removing the cancer from a tumor, since once this has been done, the tumor itself becomes benign. And this is why Vitamin B17 becomes far superior to either chemotherapy or radiation, since B17 destroys the cancer from within the tumor itself.

This point was stressed in the book "World Without Cancer," written by G. Edward Griffin, in regard to the American Medical Association's demonization of Vitamin B17 therapy, because this protocol is far more successful in curing cancer than the AMA's expensive and oftentimes deadly radiation and chemotherapy treatments are.

Which is why the AMA used the FDA to ban Vitamin B17 from the United States, as well as Laetrile therapy (a refined version of B17).

Like the House of Rothschilds' use of *FDR's Presidential Administration in which to make using gold and silver coins (real money) a crime, as well as the Rothschilds' use of Andrew Melon and the Bureau Of Narcotics in which to make the use of marijuana a crime, the Rothschilds used the AMA and FDA to make the use of Vitamin B17 a crime. This perversion of government is how the Rothschilds have always eliminated their competition. They are the consumate criminals, because throughout history they have always gotten away with their crimes.


  • FDR's Gold Confiscation Order Of 1933 - One Of The Greatest Crimes The House Of Rothschild Ever Perpetrated Against The American People - How The Rothschilds Got One Of Their Own Lackies Elected As President Of The United States, Then Used Him In Which To Steal The American People's Gold Bullion While Using Americans In Which To Launder The Rothschilds' Worthless Counterfeited Federal Reserve Notes

  • As for the Rothschilds' control over the drug trust in the United States, it was also behind *Memorial Sloan Kettering's burying of its own research into Laetrile therapy back in the early 1970's, when Sloan Kettering's board of directors also found that Laetrile is far more effective in curing cancer in its early stages, and putting it into remission in its later stages, than the drug trust's chemotherapy and radiation protocols are.

    * Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital continues to be wrongfully and criminally promoted as one of the best cancer treatment facilities in the world - it's not.

    So now you're thinking: why didn't Sloan Kettering simply start using Laetrile therapy, since it's far superior to its chemotherapy and radiation protocols?

    And that's a very good question. Unfortunately, the answer is not nearly as good.

    The reason that Sloan Kettering and the rest of its cut, poison and burn school of medicine cronies refuse to adopt the Laetrile protocol is one of pure economics.

    Laetrile is a natural substance, and you can't patent a natural substance; only a man-made one.

    So the AMA and Sloan Kettering group continue to this very day propagating their deadly and profitable quack medicine, knowing that they are murdering and bankrupting millions of people who could be saved if treated with Laetrile early on in their cancer; while these monsters continue to rake in enormous profits each year.

    Of course, you're not supposed to know about this though. No one is, since the AMA has lied to all of us, and in the process propagated a form of mass genocide regarding the millions of cancer patients who've died, when they could have been cured of cancer, if the AMA had only told the public the truth regarding Vitamin B17.

    That is, instead of lying so that the AMA and its minions could continue to profit to the point of abject piggishness, from their dangerous and oftentimes deadly chemotherapy and radiation protocols. The type of medical quackery that the crime syndicate behind the AMA is constantly and wrongfully accusing alternative practioners of.

  • See: "World Without Cancer" By G. Edward Griffin
  • As for marijuana, in all probability it's far less dangerous (provided that it's not laced with a hallucinogenic drug like PCP or pesticides) than tobacco or alcohol.

    In reality, the fear of marijuana as a harmful drug has far more to do with the public's being brainwashed through the propaganda campaign promulgated by Melon and Hearst in the 1930's, than it ever has with the cannabis itself.

    Moreover, not only is hemp a viable alternative to petroleum based products, it is a far more ecologically friendly one, and as such, a practical replacement for fossil fuel. Thus, it's no wonder why hemp and marijuana continue to be attacked so viciously since they threaten the House of Rothschilds' perverse status quo in the United States.

    Such smear campaigns have been used in order to demonize any person, group, ideology or inanimate object which threatens the House of Rothschilds' criminal status quo in this country, given that it's the Rothschilds who've secretly controlled America through their Federal Reserve System Communist central bank since 1913.

    Prior to this the Rothschilds' briefly maintained control of this country in the late 1700's and the early part of the 19Th Century, under their first central bank, disguised as the First Bank of The United States; as well as their second central bank - also disguised as the Second Bank of The United States.

    Yet it was not until the Rothchilds managed to get their third central bank established in the United States, the privately held * Federal Reserve System, that the Rothschilds managed to take control of our three branches of government, our monetary and media systems, and the status quo in the United States.

    * The Federal Reserve System is yet another of the Rothschilds' counterfeiting and money laundering operations cleverly disguised as a bank. And operating in America with the blessing of the U.S. Congress. This is why the Federal Reserve System has been able to maintain this treasonous fraud for nearly a century without being abolished as it should have been long ago.

    However, thanks to the Internet and the works of legitimate promulgators of U.S. History, such as Eustace Mullins and G. Edward Griffin, the Federal Reserve System and its Rothschild minions' days of *counterfeiting and laundering bogus currency in this country, are gradually coming to an end.

    *As is using this treasonous fraud in which to impose an illegal tax on the wages of the American middle class which continues to be used as a covert form of class warfare - The Rothschilds' enslavement of America's middle class - is now becoming understood by an infuriated American citizenry who will eventually take their revenge against the House of Rothschild, for this outrageous betrayal.

    This is why the American people must now find a way in which to drive the House of Rothschilds' Zionist-interloping-parasites, out of the United States for once and for all.

    And this will begin with the repeal of the 16Th Amendment - which as many Americans now realize, was never ratified in 1913 as our American ancestors had been told (just one of myriad lies we've all been told by the Rothschilds and their minions); as well as the inevitable collapse of the two private corporations which the Rothschilds have secretly used for nearly a century, in which to destroy our government, economy and media system, while conducting a secret form of class warfare on America's middle class - the diabolical behemoths known to us as the Federal Reserve System and Internal Revenue Service.

    - James F. Marino

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    Bill Benson Censured For Publishing A Compendium Entitled "The Law That Never Was" Which Contains A Myriad Of Documents That Prove That The 16Th Amendment Was Never Ratified & That The IRS Has Been Operating Illegally For The Past Century - Can You Imagine The Millions Of Lawsuits Which Would Be Filed Against The IRS & The U.S. Federal Government If They Ever Admitted To This High Crime Of Treason? It's No Wonder Why They Continue To Lie To The American People

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    "SHADOW OF THE SWASTIKA: The REAL Reason the Government Won't Debate Medical Cannabis and Industrial Hemp Re-legalization"

    Understanding The Hemp Plant & Its 50,000 Uses & Benefits

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