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The House Of Rothschilds' Concern That The United States Of America Would Furnish Its Own Currency And Be Without Debt

  • How The Zionist Shadow Government In The United States Reads Your Mind Via Satellite While Using You As A Target Of Non Consensual Human Experimentation - Who's Responsible For Electronically Branding You Like A Head Of Cattle? - The House Of Rothschild Through Its Use Of The National Security Agency's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network - A Treasonous Covert Program That's Been Used To Destroy Your Constitutional Right To Privacy & Due Process Of Law - What Kind Of Government Would Secretly Electronically Brain Fingerprint Its Own Citizens? A Military-Intelligence Dictatorship - Which Is Exactly What The House Of Rothschild Has Created & Cleverly Hidden In The United States Under The Guise Of A Democracy Which Has Totally Disregarded The United States Constitutional Rule Of Law

  • A Message From The Editor Of This Website To My Readership

    The Need To Rewrite American History

    While Establishing Peaceful Civil Disobedience In America

    This author regularly references the following 1862 quote from The Times Of London daily paper, because it shows that even more than than a century ago the Rothschild family feared the United States of America and how their concerns affected the general demeanor of the European people.

    Given such fears, the Rothschilds were forced to find a creative way in which to drive the American middle class into debt, so that the House of Rothschild could gradually erode the American economy and impoverish America's middle class.

    This has now happened under the Rothschilds' private central bank - the Federal Reserve System - after nearly a century of its circulation of counterfeited and worthless currency, covert sabotage of the U.S. economy, and theft of the American people's gold bullion from the U.S. Treasury.

    The American middle class has been unwittingly brainwashed into giving away what little they have left under the pretext of paying a treasonous federal income tax on their wages, while the Federal Reserve System continues to steal from the American middle class while plundering our once great nation.

    As such, this author implores the millions of readers who visit this blog regularly, to read Eustace Mullins' "Secrets of The Federal Reserve," so that you can gain a better understanding of why the present downturn in the U.S. economy is taking place, why it is only going to grow worse in the years to come, and how the House of Rothschild is using the Federal Reserve System in which to perpetrate this act of class warfare against us.

    If you have studied the untainted record of American and European History over the past few centuries, as it's been documented by great historians like the late Eustace Mullins, the Rothschilds' pernicious intent to destroy the United States of America and her middle class, becomes frighteningly clear.

    As does the brainwashing which the Rothschilds have perpetrated against the American people, through the very media system which we have unwittingly allowed the Rothschilds to pervert for their own criminal agenda.

    An abjectly dangerous media system which we have been tricked into paying for, and allowing into our own domiciles. And one which has been so effective in perpetrating such national brainwashing, that many Americans still refuse to hear the truth about the Rothschilds' furtive plot in which to destroy the United States.

    Thus, education and peaceful civil disobedience are the only means by which the American people can overcome this covert subversion of our country and government, while avoiding the bloodshed which usually accompanies such drastic national change.

    A country which is truly on the threshold of being economically devastated, and a people who are completely ill equipped to confront such devastation. The Rothschilds have used the Federal Reserve System to destroy our monetary system, our government, and now they are set to destroy us.

    The Quote Which This Author References

    "That same year (1862) The Times of London publishes a story containing the following statement, 'If that mischievous financial policy, which had its origin in the North American Republic, should become indurated down to a fixture, then that government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off debts and be without a debt. It will have all the money necessary to carry on its commerce. It will become prosperous beyond precedent in the history of civilized governments of the world. The brains and the wealth of all countries will go to North America. That government must be destroyed or it will destroy every monarchy on the globe.'”


    - Eustace Mullins' "Secrets Of The Federal Reserve"

    The House of Rothschild has been out to destroy the United States of America from the moment that we became a Constitutional Republic in 1787. However, it was not until their second Communist central bank in the United States failed in 1821 (The Second Bank Of The United States), and President Abraham Lincoln decided to finance the U.S. Civil War through the issuance of government bonds (instead of borrowing the Rothschilds' counterfeited money), that the Rothschilds became obsessed with destroying America; and hell bent on establishing another of their central banks in which to do so - as they did with the Federal Reserve Bank in 1913.

    Since that time it's been all downhill for the American middle class, who've been subjugated to the loss of their government, as well as monetary and media systems.

    Thus, Americans now find themselves at a most critical juncture in their history, and as such must be educated in regard to the real history of the United States (not the Rothschilds' poisoned version), while adopting a policy of peaceful civil disobedience in which to drive the House of Rothschild out of the United States, as Mohandas Gandhi and his people drove the British Empire out of India in the 20Th Century.

    This must take place if Americans are to restore our Constitutional Republic, and to rid ourselves of that cancerous ideology known as Zionism, propagated by the House of Rothschild.
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