Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Junk Mail & Your Mailbox -- Another Venue For Intel's Psychological Operations

"When it comes to its criminal COINTELPRO operations the FBI has more angles than Paris' Louvre museum."

-- FBI COINTELPRO Target James F. Marino

Your Mailbox - Just The Place For An Intel Psyop

Based on this author's experiences as a decades' long target of an FBI COINTELPRO Sting, there is no venue in which these criminal interlopers will not establish some type of psychological operation, including one's own snailmail and E-mail.

* As more people arrive at the realization that the FBI does not have a charter in which to operate in the United States, they too, will likely write to their local representatives to inquire as to why the FBI is allowed to operate without being chartered like every legitimate organization - government or private - must be. Especially as the FBI continues to become more abusive of the average citizen and their protections under the Bill of Rights.

The typical junk mail that always accompanies one's regular mail also serves the Intel community's machination for adversely affecting the mind of a person being targeted for a COINTELPRO operation. All of this "junk" can be custom made to send to a target of such despicable operations, offering the Intel community the ability to commit such sadistic crimes while being able to deny that they had anything to do with them. God forbid that any of these treasonous cowards would ever admit to the outrageous crimes which they commit under the color and cover of law!

"Psyop mail" is always used as a psychological trigger in order to adversely affect the minds of those being targeted. The mail can originate from virtually any place, however, will usually be instantly identifiable to a person targeted for such crimes as a piece of psychological warfare. This author has received 100's of such pieces of snailmail over the past decade, and has oftentimes had to deliver the mail of other neighbors which was deliberately placed (by our postal carrier) in our mailbox as psychological triggers, to the mailboxes of these neighbors .

I am not being paid to deliver mail. Our postal carrier is. And it is also quite clear that this postal carrier is taking part in the FBI's criminal psyop campaign against this author.

As for those taking part in these types of depraved psychological operations or any other conspiratorial acts in which to deny a citizen their inherent rights under the U.S. Constitution, what these unindicted felons have failed to realize (especially those who participate in organized stalking crimes) is that when a person targeted for such vicious operations does in fact commit a terrible crime as the direct result of the stress that they are forced to endure (which they would not have otherwise committed), it is these Intel controlled and brainwashed groups of organized stalking vigilantes who are responsible for turning this person into a criminal.

And any person harmed or killed as a result of the targeted person's loss of self control due to such extended and vicious psychological abuse, is a direct victim of those taking part in these "vigilante hate crimes."

Perhaps Kathleen Prisco, the North Port, Long Island woman recently charged in the stabbing death of her husband was a victim of those who may have been targeting Kathleen for organized stalking before she mentally snapped and murdered him?

If so, then both Kathleen and her husband are victims of organized stalking vigilantes. Both Priscos, tragic victims of a psychological warfare operation that turned deadly. And if this is the case then it is those who took part in the organized stalking of Kathleen Prisco who should be on trial for the murder of her husband.

Is Kathleen Prisco A Target Of Organized Stalking?

*Editor's Note: Earlier today (Thursday, November 5TH, 2009) the NSA's criminal operatives were busy electronically targeting a motion sensitive spotlight on the side of this author's home, turning it on and off for several hours. Any damage to the sensor which operates this light will be as the result of such electronic tampering. Such electronic tamperings of this author's home have become common since Intel's electronic warfare campaign against my person became aggressive in the summer of 2003. Their intent is quite obvious - to murder me in any plausible way.

Moreover, the FBI/NSA campaign in which to murder this target is not only pregnant with outrageous lies, but becomes more outrageous by the day. These agents operate not as legitimate law enforcement, but with the mind set of criminals whose antics are oftentimes akin to juvenile delinquents. Furthermore, the fact that the FBI must rely on the coercion of Family members to maintain their silence so that the Bureau can furtively commit these crimes serves as further evidence of the FBI's own terrible criminality, and attempts in which to cover up such crimes. The collective mindset of these agents is beastial by nature, and indicative of the hidden evil which can be found in the global intelligentsia.
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