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The Real Criminals Behind The Bernard Madoff Ponzi Scheme Continue To Tie Up Loose Ends In Efforts To Protect Themselves From Prosecution

Bernie Madoff - The Fall Guy

In every major white collar criminal scheme some faction of the Illuminati operate, there's always at least one fall guy who is positioned (wittingly or unwittingly) to take the fall for the rest of those who are in the commission of such criminal schemes.

It would seem that those who are the "real brains" behind the Madoff swindle are still tying up loose ends with the "sudden" death by *"heart attack" of Madoff associate, Jeffry Picower. In recent months, many of the financial holdings of the late Picower have been tied to the Madoff financial debacle. Then there's the recent deaths of Lazard CEO & mergers & acquisitions power broker, Bruce Wasserstein at 61 (after suffering an abnormal heart beat), and the mysterious death of Danny Pang at 42, after Pang was alleged to have been involved in a number of fraudulent financial deals.

One must ponder, given the prominence of these men, if they too were not in some way involved in an offshoot of the Madoff scandal, and electronically "disposed of" in a plausibly deniable way?

*Given the fact that Picower and Wasserstein died recently and quite suddenly of heart attacks, one must wonder if both were murdered by way of directed energy weaponry; technology that is deployed (oftentimes via satellite) through the electromagnetic spectrum, which can be used to cause a myriad of conditions including a fatal heart arrhythmia in the persons being targeted for such clandestine attacks.

The Russian FSB intelligence agency (former KGB) has stated that they maintain physical proof that the late pop star Michael Jackson was murdered by way of such electronic warfare technology; in the case of Jackson, FSB has stated that the CIA was responsible for the late pop star's murder.

Once one begins to understand how those ruthless criminals within the Intelligence community can torture and murder anyone by way of such electronic warfare programs, the convenient timing in such deaths as Jackson, Picower and a myriad of others becomes far more suspect.

The Illuminati are "smart criminals" since they are able to maintain their criminal operations from right under the noses of those whom they routinely fleece. And are thus able to use pawns like Madoff and Picower as lightening rods who take the proverbial hit for the real Zionist criminals who control these operations from behind the scenes. These are the same people who control the military industrial intelligence complex in the United States.

The same Zionists who control the global media system.

The privately held and Zionist controlled Federal Reserve Communist central bank is perhaps the most obvious example of such schemes. The Zionist banking cartel operating out of London under the House Of Rothschild is the financial arm of the Illuminati. And beneficiary of much of the theft of the global middle class. One of the best examples of this is the privately held Federal Reserve System's theft of American gold from the United States Treasury shortly after the Federal Reserve Act was illegally ratified, allowing for the creation of the Federal Reserve System. It was this Act which would ultimately give the House Of Rothschild control over the U.S. Federal Government and the American people.

The Federal Reserve has been looting the Treasury ever since.

As a result of this looting, it has been reported by former U.S. Treasury employees, that there is no longer any gold contained within the United States Treasury, because the Federal Reserve System has *stolen all of this gold. The Fed's claim is that it's holding it as collateral for the money which the Federal Reserve states the U.S. Federal Government owes it in interest on the money this well protected counterfeiter prints out of thin air.

*This allegation seems perfectly plausible since in 1971, the U.S. Federal Government was taken off the gold standard by the Nixon Administration, because there was no longer enough gold within Fort Knox to enable the federal government to make purchases. It appears that by 1971 the Federal Reserve had stolen virtually all of the gold contained within the U.S. Treasury, forcing then President Nixon to take the United States off the gold standard for good.

The real question here is how can the U.S. Federal Government run up a debt to an organization which does not lend real money (gold or silver coins), but instead fake debtor notes that it prints out of thin air?

An organization that prints fake money and then absconds with the American people's real money (gold and silver) under the pretense of taking this real money as collateral for the interest the Federal Reserve System charges the U.S. Federal Government on the "fake money" it creates out of thin air - and then lends this Government!

Moreover, the Federal Reserve System claims that its Federal Reserve Notes are backed by gold certificates. However, if there is no gold left in Fort Knox, exactly what are these gold certificates based on? Once again, they are based on nothing but thin air. Moreover, since the Federal Reserve System has made it illegal to use gold as legal tender, what intrinsic worth do gold certificates have? It is clear that these gold certificates are as fraudulent as the the reserve notes which the Federal Reserve System continues to counterfeit and launder through the global economy.


Think of it this way. Imagine that you have a printing press in your garage with plenty of paper and ink which allows you to print all of the money you need in which to operate your household, pay your bills, and make whatever purchases you deem necessary.

Whatever money you need you simply print.

Except that this fiat (fake) money isn't based on anything of intrinsic value, so you must be able to convince those whom you are going to transact business with, that this paper currency has value (even when you know that it does not).

That is exactly what the Federal Reserve System has managed to con the American public into believing since it illegally and treasonously took over the United States Treasury's responsibility for coining and regulating U.S. currency in the early part of the Twentieth Century.

When you begin to understand the magnitude of this treasonous and criminal fraud, it becomes apparent that the Federal Reserve System is nothing but a government sanctioned counterfeiting operation which has been used to covertly subvert our government and economy for its own means.

And at the direction of the Zionist banking cartel in London; a cartel which does not create real money, but instead debt that the citizens of the respective countries which its central banks operate in, must pay for via illegal and Communistic systems of taxation.

Such systems of illegal taxation are the very cornerstone of the Illuminati's enslavement of what were once nations of free citizens, but who've since become enslaved to these central banks by such pernicious and deceptive control of their own governments. Citizens who will be subjected to attacks by such organizations as the FBI or IRS, when they realize that the federal taxation of their earnings is a criminal fraud and refuse to pay this "extortion racket" known as the IRS.

The Internal Revenue Service is not part of the United States Treasury and functions as nothing but a collection agency for the Federal Reserve System's counterfeiting operations. What is frightening is how two criminal entities like the Federal Reserve System and Internal Revenue Service have become as abjectly powerful as they have - especially when both are anathema to the Constitutional rule of law in the United States. These organizations are being protected by our own elected officials, and to the detriment of the American middle class.

The sheer gaul of these Zionist bankers is absolutely unbelievable since through such central banks, they have committed the most successful acts of counterfeiting in human history, while creating unprecedented poverty and suffering throughout the rest of the world!

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